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  1. There's not enough vicodin in the world for him to come here
  2. I mean it's my absolute objective evaluation of him. Fug stanford
  3. Honestly, He looks like a big-dumb idiot. But that's to be expected when you get an education from Stanford. Future bust in the making.
  4. Saw him in person at the Stanford Cal game My evaluation of him.. He sucks and so does Stanford. I have never seen someone so tall with such small feet. Probably why he sucks and should switch to a different sport. Maybe pickleball or cricket? GO CAL GOLDEN BEARS!! FUG STANFORD Fun fact. Did you know stanford means garbage in Punjabi? The more you know!
  5. So I've been dipping into my gin bottle, and honestly I've accepted that my beloved Carolina Panthers probably will not win a superbowl in my lifetime. Love em to death. But fug....
  6. Still sounds like the guy who brings his stamp collection to mixers
  7. Watched him in person when he faced my Cal golden bears. And in my OBJECTIVE evaluation of him is... Fug him and the ducks! Full disclosure... CAL was destroyed that game, but honestly a real good qb would've scored like 7 touchdowns that day. He only scored 5
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