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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the bit on being "criminally under coached". However, if/when Sam Darnold has a career year for us, Brady is good as gone. Which worries me about any sort of consistent progression with Darnold.
  2. They say the optimist invented the airplane, and the pessimist invented the parachute. So, I honestly have a healthy dose of each. I will say... no matter what happens this draft, I hope we can all (just for a moment) step away from our secondary life of "the greatest talent evaluator that the NFL has never heard of" and realize that this organization is doing everything possible to deliver us to the promise land.
  3. Ok, this made me smile. At first I wasn't too happy about the trade, but optimism before the next season is a better perspective anyway.
  4. I find solace in this statement "well at least I'm not a Texans fan"
  5. and we have to re sign him after this season?! great.......
  6. I don't think so either. Why give a division rival a "possible" franchise QB. Denver in this situation makes the most sense to me.
  7. Trading with us would be mutually beneficial. We get Fields/Lance, and unfortunately they would get Pitts/Parsons/Surtain.
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