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  1. That part. But isn't it better to think we're are sport analytical geniuses and will finally make it to the promise land??
  2. I was making a mockery of your first post. By your response, It would appear you understand how fallacious your reasoning is (in terms of my response to you). Combine weight and playing weight are separate entities. Some sites list Philly Brown's weight as 190 and as high as 200. Sites have CMC at around 200 to 205. Either way I was poking fun at your Bryce Young to Philly Brown analogy (or at least alluded to it).
  3. Georgia alum? Would've never guessed it by your economy of words. Very eleoquent poster. I only thought university of Georgia was known for making people like Herschel Walker believe he graduated in the top 1% of his class when he indeed did not graduate.
  4. Facts. Philly brown is the same size as Cmc. Cmc touched the ball a lot more in is playing career ( and still flourishing in his career) that Philly brown
  5. So we know he loves Stroud, Levis, and now Young? Sounds about right.
  6. Will levis at the dinner date with the Carolina Panthers: "Do you still think I'm pretty?"
  7. I also saw that he got a 99 in short route running.
  8. Like..... everything equal but height????
  9. Lobster and Wagyu beef? Bryce maybe a vegan... Heard Panther brass wont draft vegan qb's (per my sources ofc) My money is on... that all of Panther nation (and the huddle) will find out on April 27th.
  10. don't really understand the whole "he's a cocky a hole" thing that some have alluded to on this forum. He's very likable, very poised, and can definitely turn a franchise around. Would love to see him in a Panther uniform for years to come.
  11. Can anyone post the video of his Pro day? I cant find it anywhere. nevermind. After extensive research (by way of one goolgle search) Alas!
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