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  1. I’m sorry? You mean the same saints that dismantled GB in week one? The ones we tossed aside? To get ready on a short week? We don’t have the best offense, sure, but I loved seeing us score without CMC. He’ll be back.
  2. Wish I could agree, but I don’t. CMC has provided a lot of bailouts so far. This game actually did make me happy, we proved we can score without CMC. Fact is though, we’re better with him in the game. But for now, Darnold is crushing it. 4-0
  3. Last year I would say let’s get ready to bury our heads in the sand. This year, we’ll, I’d keep those heads up ladies and gents. Panthers are here to play. Down our best offensive player and our best rookie we still throttle things on the defensive side. Plus we get AJ Bouye back next week. Hoping for a quick recovery for Jaycee.
  4. This. I had my doubts tonight, call it a fluke or whatever you want. But the D showed up. Not perfectly, but they held up. And that gives our QB, who is essentially recovering from a traumatic experience in NY a chance. Losing CMC hurts. Now it’s time for Joe Brady to prove his worth. My opinion, 22 is hurt, but 3-4 weeks hurt, not season ending. He’ll be back.
  5. Are there more Ravens fans than Panthers fans in there?
  6. Love seeing Paddy Fisher communicating out there. Hoping for big things from him in the future.
  7. Red Wings coming off of a strong showing against the lightning. Can’t expect easy points here. 4-3 Canes Svechnikov 1G 1A (Hes due, I’ll keep predicting this till it happens) Niederreiter 1G Necas 1G 1A Lorentz/Geekie combine for 1G/1A need top level play from our best players tonight. LETS GO CANES
  8. Wish I had known Tro was out but 2/4 so far!
  9. Tonight I think we lay the wood. 4-2 Canes Svech 1G, 1A Trochek 1G, 1A 1 Defensive Goal McGinn 1G Go home Nashville.
  10. Tonight I think we lay the wood. 4-2 Canes Svech 1G, 1A Trochek 1G, 1A 1 Defensive Goal McGinn 1G Go home Nashville.
  11. Yep, theoretically his next would be 4 games, then 7+ after a third. My understanding is that the penalty doubles, although not sure if that is the fine or the game sussy.
  12. Not me. The depth this year is what is really impressive. Staal, McGinn, Nino, Necas, Trochek, oh yeah and those guys Aho and Svechnikov, who haven’t even come close to their potential yet, and now Turbo getting back into form. Then Skjei, Pesce and Gardiner playing like world beaters, and Slavin and Dougie haven’t played to their potential yet. I mean...
  13. That was beautiful. The fact that we were behind 2-0 early makes it mean so much more.
  14. Looks like we waived Galchenyuk before he even arrived in Raleigh...
  15. Didn’t realize galchenyuk was the 3rd overall pick. Long time ago, but still.
  16. Overall an interesting but fair trade. Paquette brings an enforcer type presence which is needed on this team in my opinion. He’s no goon but he lays the wood. Galchenyuk has been an underperformer everywhere but has talent, will be interesting to see if Rod can get that to show on the ice.
  17. Correct, we’re talking about David Newton, the ESPN Panthers ‘Analyst’ who took those comments and tried to inflame them into a news story, which pissed CMC off.
  18. All games postponed through at least Saturday. League rewriting the schedule.
  19. One of the best yet. Please tell me you still plan on the coffee table book, this season deserves one.
  20. Russell looks confused. Jesus water must have frozen.
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