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  1. Cam has been inconsistent in my eyes. He will have a couple bad drives then a couple good ones. Need to see more consistency from him.
  2. Well our O is in a world of trouble. I dont see us winning many games this year tbh.
  3. shula is straight trash. good god ill celebrate the day his ass is not calling plays
  4. i swear offense is looking pure trash. cam making poo passes.
  5. do the bills have an awesome OL? da fug, we aint getting any pressure
  6. how is the Fisher kid from Oregon looking so far? I wanted him pretty badly.
  7. all we need is a lockdown post defender and rebounder.
  8. Most SG's can play SF and visa versa.
  9. Kemba / Lin Batum / Lamb MKG / Batum / Lamb Frank / Zeller Al / Zeller / Hawes
  10. Well thats a different topic than "he has no post moves".
  11. I cant comment for how arrayed his post game is. But he certainly has the over the shoulder hook down pretty good. The games I watched, he was doing a much better job of attacking the basket and posting up instead of taking dumb 3's and fall aways (minus the end of the game situations)
  12. You clearly dont know what a back down over the shoulder hook is. Bron was doing that with regularity in the playoffs.
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