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  1. Same. I was there for all three championships. Those were some fun years.
  2. Burns’ dismal performance thus far is intentional. He has severe limitations, but this is largely due to his own lack of effort. I knew it at the time, but we should have taken those picks. We screwed ourselves. That’s on the GM.
  3. David Tepper is a bonafide, unequivocal, absolute loser. fug this guy.
  4. Excellent. Both the Hornets and the Panthers have now been exorcised of the Michaels Jordan.
  5. I know you’re doing this for a reaction, but come on man. You really used to be better than this.
  6. I hope we get to see some football at some point. This sucks.
  7. I remember that day. I was at a wedding and came out to see we had lost. Depressing, but I still got drunk. App has historically had issues against the triple option, and I think Wofford had 4 or 5 guys that day with 10+ carries.
  8. Fellas, I came across PanthersFan69 on Reddit trying to reach you guys. He says he’s unable to get into his account. Those are all the details I have, but he did request to see if @Stumpy could reach out to the mods on his behalf to help him regain access.
  9. Kobe. Other than that, Glen Rice (3 years), PJ Brown (2 years), Elden Campbell (~3.5 years), Robert Parrish (2 years), Kendall Gill (4 years), Matt Geiger (3 years), Jamaal Magloire (2 years - left with the franchise for NO). I'm sure there are more I'm forgetting.
  10. I’m guessing we’ve all seen enough of Baker.
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