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  1. Just some truth for you. He’s a nut job. His opinion shouldn’t mean anything.
  2. Who cares what this psycho thinks? He needs a therapist.
  3. Whichever one we draft, most likely.
  4. So, it's official that Fitterer is either a willing participant in this poo show or is essentially a figurehead with a GM title?
  5. I think we might have a situation of Fitterer and Morgan vs. Tepper and Rhule. We all know how that will go, if so.
  6. Do it and then tell them it was Falcons fans just visiting.
  7. Nothing but a PR stunt from the beginning.
  8. Morris has been begging for it for years. He earned it.
  9. He’s a piece of poo which is why he no longer owns the franchise, the reason why we had Marty Hurney as a GM (twice) and the reason we had Ron Rivera posing as an NFL head coach for 9 seasons. Spare me.
  10. Ron Rivera is a born loser and, outside of Richardson and Hurney, the absolute worst thing that ever happened to this franchise. I couldn’t despise him more.
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