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  1. Fellas, I came across PanthersFan69 on Reddit trying to reach you guys. He says he’s unable to get into his account. Those are all the details I have, but he did request to see if @Stumpy could reach out to the mods on his behalf to help him regain access.
  2. Kobe. Other than that, Glen Rice (3 years), PJ Brown (2 years), Elden Campbell (~3.5 years), Robert Parrish (2 years), Kendall Gill (4 years), Matt Geiger (3 years), Jamaal Magloire (2 years - left with the franchise for NO). I'm sure there are more I'm forgetting.
  3. I’m guessing we’ve all seen enough of Baker.
  4. Nearly all of our problems as a franchise are self inflicted.
  5. Must be another long snapper we’ve got our eye on.
  6. Thank god Ian Thomas will be back. We’d certainly miss him running around looking lost out there.
  7. It was Matt rhule’s wet dream the entire time.
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