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  1. I never win this type of thing so hoping for some good Luke! this time around. Ill be just as happy when he joins the HOF @jvglewis
  2. We have 37 players from last season. Upgraded the secondary in FA. Drafted a potential DROY. And we have one of the best defenders in the game today leading the pack. Throw in a healthy more seasoned Cam and even Shula and Rivera could struggle to slow this year's group down. I'm typically optimistic. 31-13 Panthers
  3. He's got my support. I'm hopefully he can play to potential. Could end up being a very productive player.
  4. Ready to see what Cam brings tonight. He has a tendency to lock in on guys and force plays to one player, but I think our passing attack can hinge on his ability to spread the ball around. With no KB Cam has to be even better.
  5. As soon as i saw Freeman in i thought to myself, we can win this.
  6. he may not be Jerry Rice but no reason to kill the kid..
  7. Did McDermott call the game from the box? D seems to play much better when he's calling from the sideline.
  8. not completely true. He calls more of a vanilla bean flavor offense in regular season.
  9. The snap diced the timing. Can't blame Shula for everything.
  10. This must be the first preseason game most of have watched this year.
  11. lets just say his film review session will be quite lengthy and tiresome
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