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  1. Why would they trade the rookie of the year
  2. we really do have the worst fuging fans in the league. No support whatsoever just whine whine whine. smell like bitch in here every fuging day. pussies
  3. I wish some of you so called fans would just finally leave
  4. They talked about the eagles more than the actual game. My god I do not care about the kelces.
  5. I hope this ref gets into a car accident on the way home but is completely ok but he hits jimmy graham who’s dick is cut off and it flys through the air landing in Travis kelces mouse as he kisses Taylor swift.
  6. I don’t know how strong Bryce young’s confidence is but I worry about him every Sunday
  7. you guys really don't know how hard it is to get a generational pass rusher.
  8. Bryce had always been better than stroud and he showed everyone today.
  9. i'm still trying to figue out how you so called fans expected instant success with a rookie?
  10. That’s what happens when you play it safe
  11. Bryce isn’t old enough to get that flag yet
  12. Miles injured his way out of a job
  13. Bryce is finally looking for nfl open receivers and not Alabama open receievers
  14. Dolphins playing down to competition
  15. yall really be getting hooked on names huh? lets just forget that NuK is 30 and hasnt had a 1000 yeard season in 3 years.
  16. Young is going to straight ball. The opposite always happens with this type of negative. It's the universe and poo.
  17. The bust potential on AR is just too high to take at #1
  18. Apart from the atlanta debacle Eddy Solid AF
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