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  1. Very nice! Dude is crazy talented! Bittersweet though.
  2. Sadly, this is more common than we all realize! Don’t drop the soap there, buddy.
  3. I feel you man. Not just been this past year. But it definitely has made everything exponentially more challenging. Doesn’t do well for ppl battling depression. 2021 will be better times.
  4. It is a money grab, but I’m never gonna argue with more football. Ever.
  5. Or go in right for that matter.. Throwing a hot dog down a hallway.
  6. The almighty Luke makes many a woman moist. Luke's like my work here is done. Love me some Luke keuchly. Such a pleasure to watch him play on Sundays... Surely will never take it for granted. @Ezrider1423
  7. the wait and see approach will get us nowhere.
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