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  1. Someone said it!!! Carson Palmer just throws interceptions. It's what he does. You were right!!
  2. A long post from dude without a history lesson.... Not buying it. Dude gets snaps of Cam's wife and only posts one on the board? Too moral for my blood.
  3. Talking to football fans of other teams, it's sad and annoying how they still believe Cam is dumb and continues to make stupid decisions, as if he is as bad as Manziel. When they say stuff like Cam keeps making bad decisions... I'm like one fight in camp is hella common among males in competition....but now it's so nice to see them understand how Cam, "as stupid as he is", can lead an undefeated team. They are victims of a terrible narrative that keeps NFL and ESPN making money. I read his quarterback score is horrible, with the amount of incompletions and interceptions. Clearly, they don't do their jobs of watching football because they would know that many passes have been flagrant drops and some interceptions have been the receivers' fault. Cam is so close to breaking quarterback rushing touchdowns at such a young age. Carolina is a place where fame and glamour skips over us. Why be recognized for doing what you are supposed to do? Carolina fans don't need affirmation from the media. Besides, we actually haven't won a Super Bowl yet, so we can't even demand attention tbh.
  4. Top six doesn't surprise me. Though I wanted Hill over Cotchery. If Hill can't make plays then it suits him to sit back. BB was quality on third down. Just not happy with the punt reception but that's been taken care of it seems. I like the point about the growth of a person in first couple of years in the league. Bersin seems like a player that could be one of those. Cotchery is Proehl's man crush. His words. Chemistry can make the whole corps better, so let him be in the top six.
  5. Cowboys. Emmitt Smith was the man and I collected his cards. My teacher made us make pennants for either the boys or the steelers, only person in my class to pick the right team -- cowboys won the SB. forgot my love for Smith when Panthers came. God, no offense, but how the heck can you have mass at the same time as the game. That was my hell.
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