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  1. I watched the segment and it was the poo. I was giving Fitterer a hard time for being uncomfortable in interviews. But man he was smooth in that draft room. Really nice collaboration and Rhule had a lot of input as well.
  2. Well his arms are nearly 35 inches. I’m told that is the key to success at Left tackle
  3. He wore 88 in high school. Maybe he’ll keep it
  4. Giants would be fitting for this Giant fat ass. Giant disappointment. Giant appetite. Giant pussy.
  5. It’s easy to get in Tamorrion Terry’s head, very talented guy though. David Moore for us, the coaches worked him at center in the Senior Bowl. I think he winds up a starting center for us down the road
  6. He should get to wear whatever number he wants. 51 and 89, bottom line should be the only off limits numbers.
  7. I can understand the slide due to weight and character concerns. But poor pass pro doesn’t really apply when you’ve given up 0 sacks in 865 pass pro chances. Other people on that line gave up sacks. It’s a lazy assumption to say fat guy=poor pass blocker
  8. Weird about being poor in pass pro considering I also read that he did not give up a sack in around 900 career pass snaps
  9. I spiraled when we traded down in the 2nd. I spiraled again (really bad) when we traded down again. The Christensen pick saved it for me a little. I thought we’d missed out on the LTs, but I’m happy with the picks. Marshall makes contested catches and he’s fast with good size. This offense a traditional TE is not a priority, so I knew we needed and Hback type. I liked Shi Smith as a late round target for us. Brown=Mauler. Wanted Nixon with our 4th pick in round 4. The only reason to hate this draft is if you really wanted Fields or Jones...that’s it.
  10. I lost all faith in Fitts when he answered questions like a fat pussy last night. He was sweating, stuttering, this your team bitch. Of course we would get fleeced, Fitts is a bottom bitch
  11. I hate trade downs. I also hate Fitts. He’s a fat boy, I’d have stolen his lunch. He’s a stain
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