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  1. Steve Smith liked Niko Bolden, in between his ramblings he said something about him. “Steve, tell us about this guy” Steve- “Well y’all know I’m from Santa Monica right….this is the NFL, but he’s a big guy and Charles Godfrey that was a guy”
  2. Yep. I have to keep reminding myself that this mf played OLB for a single season. Biggest detail for me. It also shows me that Mario Cristobal is an idiot.
  3. I don’t wish we had kept him. You can’t bookend a defensive front 7 with Burns and Reddick. Didn’t work, won’t work, can’t work. He was going to get starter money…you only have so much money.
  4. Didn’t care for it. Steve’s analysis is always all over the place.
  5. I initially told my wife that it was a “Bryce Cream Bar” and she immediately referenced a different type of nut. But I’m going to buy some Snickers Ice Cream bars now, so it was good marketing
  6. Your list is probably right. But my god Thomas Davis was a gifted individual.
  7. The level of Luvu disrespect is unreal. The guy should’ve been selected to the Pro Bowl last year
  8. Hey Jackie were you find that stat? Curious about the same for Floyd, Quinn, and Ingram assuming they all played LB last year.
  9. So are all others ya jabroni. Specifically the QB sneak, but I don’t feel size is a factor there.More about the motion of the ocean.
  10. I felt the #18 poo was irrelevant as well and it’s cornball. DJ Johnson could easily bust, easily. The Ojulari argument is baffling whether he wore 18 or 69 or played at LSU or UNC. 6 sacks in power 5 is 6 sacks in power 5 to me. Ojulari….the better prospect heads up. But this weird argument that he was worthy of 39 and we should have went there, but Johnson is an F minus pick at 80 is absurd when you compare both production in 2022 and testing numbers.
  11. Third year at OLB vs first year. Stats don’t lie. I get the age knock and still don’t like the pick. But BJ Ojulari is a poor argument. I don’t give a fug about #18, it’s irrelevant.Brian Kelly is a murderer, don’t tell me anything about character and reference a school that hired a murderer.
  12. The BJ Ojulari argument is one of the worst that I can remember. His stats matched Johnson’s last year despite it being the first year Johnson has played the position. Yep the huddles draft crush got matched by a first year 25 year old with zero pass rushing technique. Woof. What an indictment on Ojulari
  13. Pick is still a head scratcher but every time I look at the picks it makes me feel better. Around pick 60 the suck really entered this draft. Covid super seniors really changed the landscape of this draft. There are guys who are better than those who were drafted who haven’t started a game yet in CFB. It’s just weird.
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