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  1. When this mf said we weren’t a Power Run team I knew it was over. Maybe he didn’t want to be that, but a good coach would’ve saw that was our only way to victory.
  2. That Montez Sweat reel shows me we have a schematic issue with the TE position. What in the fug are they doing?
  3. Short of the first. Like always, throwing poo out of bounds. “Point guard” should be the kiss of death for a QB eval going forward. You don’t need a distributor. You need a playmaker.
  4. I think our last run was a 6 yard loss. We can just call the patented Bryce throw away a run play.
  5. Bryce look like he’s crying. Is he crying? Not like upset crying, but like a 5 year old that pissed down his leg embarrassed crying
  6. We had a first down right down Main st. This mf Bryce “seeing ghosts”
  7. Is it just me or had Mingo lost 2-3 inches in height since pre season? Is this mf back broken? He looks shorter and slower.
  8. He’s getting David Carr’d isn’t he? We’ve David Carr’d Bryce Young.
  9. I been thinking maybe that’s why it took so long for him to play, maybe he was out of shape? His body looks like dogshit. I’m 280 and look like a fuging Greek God compared to that mf.
  10. Bradley Bozeman is a soft, fatass little boy. I would whoop his fuging ass 1 on 1. Goddamn boy do something with all that gut
  11. Who whiffed that tackle? All I can see is a goddamn Eagle, a douche, and an old man on the screen
  12. I’d take a first for Burns. Would not trade Horn. Take anything for Chinn or TMJ. Keep Jackson. Offensively it’s still not THAT bad. You move Icky to LG. Get Brady to play LT next year or find a serviceable FA. The big swing is a big, fast, WR, got to have it. RB should be easy, there better ones on their couches on Sundays. Bozeman started the season out of shape. That motherfuger needs to host conditioning parties not Halloween parties. He’s got to put in the work or he’ll be out the door
  13. Multiple short options to get the first on the 2nd down. Had all day. Throw away didn’t make sense there.
  14. If mf pull receipts in other threads ima get cooked
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