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  1. @Fittsmagic trade for Deejay Dallas. Chuba is trash
  2. I don’t understand why we didn’t go after the Ravens guy or Jose Borregales. Borregales has ice in his veins and has no problem with 50 yarders
  3. Not surprised. Loved Slater and he already whooped that WFT guy in college. If he struggles it will be with the Burns type
  4. Surprised it wasn’t called roughing. Brown’s weight was fully on him. Shouldn’t be a penalty, but I know y’all remember McCoy vs Rodgers
  5. Wtf y’all talking about grounding. Learn the fuging game
  6. If someone runs up on you in the cut, what teammate would you want to have with you?
  7. Thought about this too. Seems to be plugged in with the players
  8. He’d be an upgrade for Houston and Philly. Vikings, WFT, Saints, Bears placeholder all of those could use a Cam Newton.
  9. I think he could make a great Center. Pick up this guy, Armah, and C1M and our offense is fixed
  10. We can covert him to a Schlott receiver
  11. Well at least Paradis can snap
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