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  1. All apologies. Make love, not war.
  2. Only when I have the time. A lot like fapping.
  3. Well, since we owe our back up 23 million dollars, we could, I dont know, maybe keep him, since he is just as good. Some ideas deserve a stick up the ass.
  4. Not impressed. My tits are way bigger!
  5. You're right bro! I think he will end up a top 10 DE.
  6. w Who fed him this crap? Sure anyone will take him for our 8! He's worth about a 6 pack of Covid after how this team tossed him under A French Double Decker Bus! Not that he is worth much more but we sure as hell didnt do ourselves any favors.
  7. What kind of idiot is this guy? How does he have a job?
  8. Back on topic, as much as I am a Sam doubter, right now I would take him any day of the week over Cam. Love him. I have his Jersey, but he is the toy that has the missing arm on your favorite one.
  9. Metallica once said, Sad but True!
  10. He should have known there was no market for him and gladly accepted the 20 million. He hadnt played well in 3 years. It's his fault that he now plays for peanuts.
  11. I actually agree with you. The problem arises when there is a regime change. If you're Rhule and this guy wants a 4 year extension, what do you do? Instead of the headache you cut his ass. Forcing him to play that last year would be bad optics from the league.
  12. Man, I was really buying in and you were making valid points until you had to bring the Cam crap up. It's almost guaranteed that he wanted an extension before stepping on the field again. He damn near said it in one of his twatters. No fool coach or GM would do that even the likes of our own.
  13. Nice piece but I'll bet 8 bit coins that this guy's full of shizz and zero chance he competes with Teddy. Teddy gone. Sam has been historically bad. Now enough of my negative Nancy. Some pundits as well as some of you fools have at least made me see the hope in this move. Joe Brady either is a head coach next year or an actual goat. If Sam is worse than Teddy the QB whisperer montage may be true. Problem being he should have spoke up. No one could hear him! Gonna give Sam a shot before talking shizz about him again because even my opinion matters somewhere in this universe or maybe a multiverse.
  14. He lost me at having an offensive line.
  15. It's cool. I'm definitely going to look into this. I'm not a troll nor an asshole. I'm that dude banging 50 that lived before and since computers. I'm good at making forts with your kids but I'd ask them for help on a computer. That's really me. Hope you can understand where I'm coming from. Loved the bet. Its probably 60 40 me. I liked that you were genuine and not name calling. You win in my book. Good talk.
  16. I am that old dude who should get it but to old to give a fugk.
  17. So they are apps? Can I direct deposit? Actually I'm about to rent my house out and would love to know how to do it. Not a jackass. It's really important to me. Dont want to give my renter my bank info. I know I seem clueless but I actually am.
  18. Just be glad you saved yourself 50 bucks n show up on draft night and own it.
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