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  1. I'll watch Super Bowls, you bitches watch political correctness of the week tweets.
  2. My boys n I loved poon back in the day too! I have to know which ones of your douchebaggery clan actually believes these assaulted masseuses we're flying state lines to give text book massages? Dumb is real! Yes 22 women are all dumb. Just the tip? Really? Fug off pansies!
  3. I'll miss you guys! I'm gonna get booted soon. Let's help you get back to your regularly scheduled programs. Teams gonna suck giving up that much! Ohh yeah teams gonna suck without a QB. Rinse repeat. My take, let's try the QB. 25 years of shirt tells me to tell you guys who build thru the draft need cleared the f out.
  4. And you're loving it Franky! Let the Watkins haters free!
  5. Watched Kasay kick it out of bounds and sweet tits Biakatikanakazaire run the rock. Guarantee Watkins is announced by Thursday! Yahtzee. F your rebuild!
  6. Sammy Watkins, Deshaun Watson, Chris Washburn , Merle Olsen, who cares baby, let freedom ring! Rayzor eat nads!
  7. America!!! Fug yeah! Coming again to save the mutha fuggin day yeah!
  8. I'd say the Saints making an offer and jumping out as the new leaders in the club house was thread worthy. No one wants to take away any of the riveting front page content from you though. Wake up.
  9. You would know this information if you were willing to sift thru 110 pages. Thanks Rayzor.
  10. So if Brady is back and Watson ends up in New Orleans. Half the huddle can get their wish and we can get back to our 7 yr. rebuild.
  11. 3D chess brother. Give away all our draft picks for crap so we don't have any to sign!
  12. Only when I have the time. A lot like fapping.
  13. Well, since we owe our back up 23 million dollars, we could, I dont know, maybe keep him, since he is just as good. Some ideas deserve a stick up the ass.
  14. Not impressed. My tits are way bigger!
  15. You're right bro! I think he will end up a top 10 DE.
  16. w Who fed him this crap? Sure anyone will take him for our 8! He's worth about a 6 pack of Covid after how this team tossed him under A French Double Decker Bus! Not that he is worth much more but we sure as hell didnt do ourselves any favors.
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