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  1. I’m hammered and will gladly eat crow if we drafted Russ Wilson v2.0
  2. >raw talent lol. I thought dude was a lock and a great pick. I would have rather seen edge rusher or wr with us moving out. But the current staff does love fliers at qb. This seems like a rehash of grier but with a different skill set shrug emoji.
  3. I was mostly talking about announcers and commentators… not so much about the people here. And again what I said was I though Josh’s arm was better than cams. So yeah we can call it riding. To say a qb had a better arm than cam. Not that he’s the best, not that he’s the next coming of Brady. That his arm is better than cams. That can be our measure of riding now.
  4. Nah pulling for your ex would be like rooting for Patriots Cam.
  5. Saying he has a superior arm to cam is riding then yeah I am?
  6. I’m pulling for Carolina North tbh. Lots of familiar faces.
  7. I think joshs arm is superior to cams, and I love cam unabashedly. But Allen is freakish.
  8. Bills dbs are getting hosed. Ricky tack calls. KC oline seem to be getting away with holds on just about every drop back. It’s pretty annoying tbh. I really get annoyed with the mahomes dick riding.
  9. Yeah bro you’re really smart I get it. All you said was that you weren’t driving and typing, all I said was that I thought it was weird. Nice to see the nerves getting touched though. Just don’t lie about weird things man, it makes all the rest of the points you’re trying to make less valid.
  10. I have a really hard time believing that voice to text would pick up on Breese idk why you’d lie about that it’s weird.
  11. Get off my dick that isn’t what these threads are about if they were related to the panthers I’d find em more palatable, these threads are giant circle jerks about how OMg Patriots lulz best team evar
  12. Why tf do we have 2 Patriots threads on a panthers board ffs. Y’all can fuging join bigkat I don’t want to read about the fuging Patriots gag me already wtf
  13. We would pick a sub 200 lb 6 foot linebacker to really solidify our run d
  14. We would pick a sub 200 lb 6 foot linebacker to really solidify our run d
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