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  1. Verge are you hearing that Tepper is really pushing hard to get Watson?
  2. Yeah, he seems like one of those small school guys who tantalizes with his physical abilities but the lack of quality competition or coaching may translate to him not transitioning to the NFL well if at all.
  3. I think your last sentence is a big part of this, we have to hedge our bets without a clear plan at QB for now. pParadis was mostly serviceable last season - not to say he is worth what we are paying, but, we dont have a replacement for him on the roster. Why not keep him and if we come up with a better plan B then we will make him a post June 1 and get more money off the books.
  4. Good write up on him here in Draft Diamonds - Division 2 wide receiver Mike Strachan has NFL size and speed (nfldraftdiamonds.com)
  5. Most tone deaf post of the year.....
  6. Kugbila Otah Taye Biddle Joe Adams (I had some hopes for him as a returner) Tony Pike Robert Lester Kris Mangum Props to OP for a good thread, BTW.
  7. Mac Jones would be good behind a good O line. He would be absolutely murdered behind the one we have on this team not unlike the way Carr got murdered in HOU when they drafted him behind that patchwork quilt the fielded in front of him. Much better fit in Indy where he can stand and throw.
  8. So why are you higher on Slater? I would be fine with either one but I am just curious as to your line of thought.
  9. Amen Jeremy. Amen. This draft was way better than any pundit will give us because we have filled out an area of strength and extinguished an area of need. Not to mention snagging two guys as UDFAs who were mid rd talents. My bet is that this draft will prove to be genius in hindsight. And we have some money to spend moving forward.....
  10. Would be happy if any of these guys made it to us in Rd 2. TN has 3 picks in the second rd now, I bet they are the most likely candidate for us to trade with depending on how the board breaks in the first rd. Shepard is the consensus safest pick among these from what I have read. The guy is just a good football player and incredibly strong for his size, I think he had like 20 reps on the bench at the Combine. Ifedi is a monster, he passes the eye test for sure - not sure if he will make it to the second rd. I watched him shove some of the AL guys around when A&M played them. If
  11. That has been my one red flag on the Hunter Henry pick as well, however they may have him in between now and the draft. I think we met with Shaq really late last yr.
  12. Purely my personal belief but I thought Fournette wasnt the same after the horrible performance he had in the AL game plus the arguments about carries for Henry can be made against him as well if he has another yr like lasy yr, but, I dont know more than a GM or scout so if we took him I am sure I would have a jersery of his the next season. Whoever Gettleman took or takes I cant argue with and wont.
  13. I ran a draft simulator 20 times using the prospects we met with and/or worked out and also combining areas of need, these guys were always available, Ogbah was the pick 65% of the time and twice DHenry fell to the second rd. I never grabbed Humter Henry as we didnt seem to show as much interest in him as the others but I can see him being the pick based on the scouting reports on him and the potential fornis tonrun a very solid 2TE set. Anyway this is a solid list and I think very spot on in terms of iur Board. Only thing I would change is to add Kevin Dodd, Incould see us grab him if he
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