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  1. I will look for it, if you have a link to it can you dm it to me? Would love to see it. Thanks
  2. No. Why? Impacts the criminal more than civil side........
  3. Pure comparative. But @pantherclawcan answer that, right...?
  4. I am a licensed attorney and not in the habit of making ignorant statements, unlike you. So where did you go to law school? Answer quickly or go to the back of the line and I will waste more time embarrassing you later.
  5. @VergeDo you have any opinions on which QB outside of King Trevor would best fit our offense as it was last season under Brady?
  6. I defend large companies all the time in court so I can assure you based on doing this for over 20 years this is hardly a "closed case". To your points - 1. That is irrelevant because it is not a theory they can or would pursue against KC. They would sue the insurer of the car Reid was driving (and get the policy limits undoubtedly). 2. - that is dram shop act vs a bar if he was overserved, so agreed there. 3. - Incorrect. If they called him to come in to work or he was drinking with other coaches while discussing work, yes they can be held liable under multiple theor
  7. Maybe, maybe not. We dont know all the facts. If they arent dismissed on summary judgment, there is a significant chance a jury could hit them bc of deep pockets and a VERY sympathetic plaintiff. People sue companies all the time and companies pay a lot of money to keep things quiet and out of court. Like it or not, that is our civil justice system.
  8. Not true at all. They can sue whomever they want....it may just not be sustainable. In this case they may very well have a legitimate cause of action. If KC knew he had an issue with substance abuse and hired him anyway, especially if he was known to do it and drive, it could be negligent hiring. If he was on his way to work or was called in while drinking, it could be respondeat superior. It depends on CO law. But nonetheless, I wouldn't be surprised if the family sues KC as they have deep pockets, and this child will have significant medical needs for a long time due to this accide
  9. If he has a criminal attorney that attorney would not let him offer anything. Not to mention this little girl is facing tens of millions of dollars in medical costs over her lifetime, I highly doubt he has the assets to make her that kind of offer. If the family has an attorney representing them my bet is they try to sue KC and force them to settle it out of court. They have several theories they could file under. The only way to sue KC though is to keep Reid as a defendant for now.
  10. The DA is waiting on the tox results, then he will (I am sure) be charged. The DA made some comments that were somewhat ill-advised about this being a "likely" DUI (ill-advised because that can in some jurisdictions be seen as tainting the jury pool). The civil suit will undoubtedly be significant. I hope he has some really big insurance policies.
  11. Which in many states means a second DUI becomes a felony.
  12. Verge are you hearing that Tepper is really pushing hard to get Watson?
  13. Yeah, he seems like one of those small school guys who tantalizes with his physical abilities but the lack of quality competition or coaching may translate to him not transitioning to the NFL well if at all.
  14. I think your last sentence is a big part of this, we have to hedge our bets without a clear plan at QB for now. pParadis was mostly serviceable last season - not to say he is worth what we are paying, but, we dont have a replacement for him on the roster. Why not keep him and if we come up with a better plan B then we will make him a post June 1 and get more money off the books.
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