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  1. Also didn’t y’all get enough of this last year? all I heard throughout the year was his shoulder is done, he won’t make it through the season, start stidham, he won’t get signed, no team wants him yada ya ya.
  2. Yeah but it was unclear if they had fields ranked ahead of Mac, trying to trade up with us, I have to believe fields would have been in play for them.
  3. I’m sure he knew Mac Jones would be there at 15 before signing those guys
  4. I have and apparently bill has too
  5. That’s still incorrect, buf, jets, bal, hou were his most attempts during the season, and those were some of his best games......
  6. Name me the qbs throwing for 4000 yards with wrs like the great damiere byrd, jacoby Meyers, K’neal Harry and don’t get me started on the TE’s lol. if you don’t want the context behind it than just say so, but there’s a reason the pats went and grabbed the best two te’s in fa and several wrs also(hint it had nothing to do with cam’s arm strength). I still don’t understand why a coach as prestige as Bill is putting a qb who has no arm out on the field consistently.....
  7. That’s incorrect, the games where he had more passing attempts he yield a significantly better qbr than games where he attempted under 20 passes
  8. Naw, you just missed the boat, been discussed multiple times on here and debunked multiple times on here. good example is a poster brought up cams last game vs the jets and someone’s rebuttal was because it’s the jets, the jets as disfunctional and organization they are have zero to do with cams arm, he demonstrated numerous times throughout the season his arm was fine
  9. Gotta be candidate for dumbest post of the year, has got to be
  10. Damn we still on that arm narrative, that’s crazy, stay married to your opinions I guess
  11. I was told since I’m not a nfl scout my opinion on the trade backs are moot, good to see fans weren’t the only ones irritated with that 2nd round trade back, especially with who was on the board
  12. More a win now move, and we ain’t there yet lol
  13. Appears that way but if the hit on these late picks I’ll eat crow
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