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  1. Would be nice if we didn’t already blow our load on darnold cousins is a good qb but we have too many holes to obtain him and realistically have a shot at a superbowl
  2. Better safe than sorry, draft a Lt still, rather have two good Lt than potentially none
  3. Posters say darnold sucks cause we’re about to pay him 19 mil next season, we traded valuable picks for him and his decision making is horrible, all this while knowing he’s shown nothing to warrant the money nor picks and while being able to get better production from a guy off the couch. guarantee if we didn’t trade nor pick up his 5th year option people wouldn’t be as down on him. I’m definitely not sold on darnold being the answer even with a good o line but I can see that getting sacked 6-7 times in a game isn’t giving him a fair shot
  4. Idk if you understand the point being made is no qb would succeed behind this o line, roster and coaching.No one is equating cam or any qb on the roster to Mahomes…….
  5. Seeing as he fielded a 52 rating in the superbowl with better offensive talent than we have that’s an easy yes. No o line and it doesn’t matter who’s at wr or te and your argument is flaw seeing as numerous qbs have left one system and thrived in another
  6. Idk how these statistics are relevant to our specific team, you can’t just take how good a qb is doing on another team and system and assume plugging him into to ours, and expecting the same results, it doesn’t work that way and multiple posters have posted why. if the patriots felt the team they field in 2020 was only missing a qb they wouldn’t have spent a record margin in free agency. If Rhule’s system was working we wouldn’t about to be on our 5th qb in 2 years, joe Brady would still be here also, those are facts. Bringing a statistics that states playoff teams had a worst supporting cast than us is asinine, there’s literally a game we played without a fg unit and I’m supposed to believe that was a better cast than the bengals ?
  7. You can’t be serious right now ? Dallas has a worst supporting cast ? The bengals ? Steelers ? Raiders ? If anything this proves my point. Those teams have nfl coaches we currently don’t, those teams have significantly better offensive weapons than we do too. Prime Joe Montana isn’t covering the blemishes of this roster and coaching staff.
  8. Its not just one bad game, the chiefs went and spent money and assets following the loss to fix there line. Imagine Mahomes behind a line that is worst for 17 games Rodgers complaints are due to the team not making necessary steps to win a Super Bowl not just make the playoffs. Packers have one of the most talented rosters in football I can’t imagine him doing anything with this coaching and players. neither have been on a team as worst collectively as ours
  9. Mahomes look as pedestrian as ever in the super bowl when under constant duress, there’s nothing he could have done with this roster to elevate it into a playoff team rodgers is disgruntled in GB because of there personnel decisions so I’d imagine he’d really really hate ours, and would probably be on ir with a broken collar bone behind this o line. this isn’t even bringing in the fact our wrs we’re top 5 in drops. just too much for any qb to overcome
  10. Tell the full story, don’t be shy after he was cut you said he’s done, 7 weeks later he’s signed by the panthers it’s ok, say it with me slowly, I was wrong
  11. Yeah that’s why the patriots signed and resigned him, and I’ll trust actually reporters over some troll on a message board imagining how he thinks things should go
  12. It’s weird how y’all go every lengths to prove what beat writers and reporters themselves are saying you’re also leaving out the big issue which was his vaccination status, and they signed tyrod while cam had already been resigned by the patriots. idk what revisionist history you’re telling but it’s not a coincidence the offers came after he got vaccinated. and news flash there isn’t a current nfl qb that was taking this roster to the playoffs period.
  13. Keep in mind posters this is the same clown for the last 3 years who said cam would either retire, be out the league, or no one wanted him in that same time frame cam has been signed 3 times, he’ll get it right one year just keep using infinite guesses
  14. I’ve already stated a Rhule+ any qb is going to result in failure, I don’t agree with op at all but some of the things you stated rang true. When the defense actually played like the number 2 defense, Sam was holding us back with his decision making. Cam gets here and for whatever reason it’s ignored that cmc goes down the following week at Mia , multiple starters go to ir donte Jackson etc, the o coordinator is fired only 2 weeks within cam being here and fired late into the bye week. Now keep in mind this is the same things Sam had to deal with once he returned, bottom line I don’t know how any qb would have success when the above occurs, this isn’t a cam issue it’s a Rhule issue.
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