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  1. So I’m 99% sure half the posters with a negative reaction didn’t actually watch the clip......ignorance at it’s finest on display in here
  2. The entire breakdown is cringe, he references a clean pocket throw from cam years ago to a throw where there’s a defender coming straight down the barrel at him, while completing the pass, bad argument all around
  3. You highlight a completed pass as evidence of shoulder deterioration? I have still yet to get an answer on why bill would let a qb with a shot arm still start ?
  4. Yeah I’d say there’s some truth to it, I mean we went and signed teddy to a deal that shouldn’t have even been offered at the time. Now we are trying to move the same qb that was signed to replaced cam while eating more dead cap if a trade goes through, while not even winning more games that a severely talent depleted pats roster..... Cam Can’t carry a bunch if udfa’s to a playoff berth anymore and that’s fine, he finished health and the shoulder looked fine he’s in a good place.
  5. Yeah start and end point, they can get two first and a couple of mid rounders at the most, love Russ but this ain’t the same as trading for Watson
  6. Handled it like a grown man, kid got his 5 mins of fame better hope his mouth has enough juice to talk him into the nfl cause he’s already off to a horrible start
  7. Eh I’m not a fan of cutting players before they’re replaced, we are talking about trading the farm for Watson but gonna have holes like mlb and s to fill, not to mention being paper thin at o linemen with or without moton returning
  8. Ok judge jury and executioner, and the millions to charity ? The turkey drives ? Yeah, speaking on someone’s character you never been in the same room with ever, you lose all credibility
  9. Doesn’t matter, he was attempting to deem someone he’s never met a horrible human being, I'm sure Smith refusing to sign an autograph elevates him to hitler status
  10. Yes please tell me how some random on the internet knows smith so intimately he was able to come to the conclusion he’s a trash human being, don’t forget to cite the numerous charity events and donations champ
  11. Yea because 2 football incidents defines someone’s life lol, go sit down somewhere with that
  12. I’m at the point I just want to pull a Seattle and just stock up on picks, every decent player that is available is either going to cost too much in draft compensation or a trade for them is more of a win/now move. we(Panthers) need to make up there mind on whether we are commit to a rebuild or are we just going to be frantic and make a move that’s going to set us back even further. bottom line if it’s not for a 3rd or later pick than it’s not worth it
  13. Here we go, I know you get your rocks off shitting on former players here
  14. First ballot, his late career persona and the nfl network job will help distract from smiths two fights with teammates. all that aside, his numbers warrant 1st ballot
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