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  1. I said baker starts day one but I'd rather darnold start cuz I want to see this coaching staff go down in flames... Corral can get his starts in later in the year
  2. Tepper and the coaching staff can do no wrong, amirite?
  3. These threads always go the same way.. 99 percent of the huddle hating on tepper and then the sizzle, poundaway circle jerk supporting everything he's done
  4. Hell no. Tepper is one of the worst possible owners we could have had
  5. @ickmulekunckel needs the clown face paint
  6. It's not player related.. Then who gives a fug
  7. Baker doesn't deserve an all caps GREAT
  8. The cap doesn't matter. Why do people act like it does?
  9. It's just funny that he goes on and on about negativity and people being bullies but he does the exact same poo. He can't even see it
  10. I'd advise you sell your PSLs before it's too late
  11. Hubby at his computer as soon as his 24 hours ended
  12. You get banned for a day and this is your first post back?
  13. Tepper to sizzle moron if he ever comes on this forum..
  14. Tepper is the worst and watching sizzle the moron defend everything he does is disgusting. Tepper wouldn't give two shits about your love affair for him
  15. They leave your extremely dumb poo on here.. Why would they delete this?
  16. I've always been told not to move box turtles because they have a territory. Don't know if it's true or not.. Don't feel like googling
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