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  1. Hubby is back doing his annoying shtick.. So is big cat. This place has fallen off bad
  2. Remember when he was on here asking for love advice about dealing with his gold digger? Good times
  3. What's weird is that there are viable options out there and they keep making these weird ass signings instead
  4. I doubt it. He wasn't a rhule guy and he wasn't very good
  5. You're freaking out over a cough. So much so that you time stamped them . That's why I responded
  6. Who needs fields when you can sign perennial pro bowlers each year like teddy and darnold
  7. Yep. Watson is a creep but he could also win us a lot of games. I hope we get him
  8. Were they in shells? I know the CBA says they can't be in full pads until the 6th or 7th practice. Can't remember when exactly
  9. Must be the vue. I've seen a lot of panthers players there
  10. 5 doesn't make sense. Unless they're keeping the tag year and extending the 4 years after that
  11. OP has literally never said anything on here that people agree with. I don't know why everyone feeds into his bs
  12. But you can live in a constant state of being over critical, undermining, and corrective of others.
  13. Who cares. It's a 6th round compensatory pick
  14. Pretty much how I feel. But I had gotten so excited about deshaun before all the allegations, I knew a letdown was coming
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