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  1. Got good goalie play tonight, just need more of it. Fred made some key saves early. He also seems to play better when he’s more involved early.
  2. I really think the key is to just play smart, sound hockey during the first couple of periods and maybe we get a couple of bounces. It’s hard to keep leads and the last thing we need to do is expend a bunch of energy to only be up by one. The Rangers spent a lot of energy early to only be up by one and the Canes conserved a bunch of energy then annihilated New York in the third. This is very similar to how Florida plays.
  3. PNC is going to be rocking on Thursday. This is going 7 where all pressure will be on NY to not blow a 3-0 lead.
  4. You can’t play the entire game the way we played the third, just not humanly possible, the guys don’t have that kind of energy. What I do think is important is staying in these games by just playing smart hockey in the first couple periods and going ballistic in the third.
  5. Kill this and suck all the energy out of that barn.
  6. Jordan Gretzky Martinook has entered the chat.
  7. Dear God, make me a bird so I can fly far… far, far, away!
  8. We are seeing the decline of Burns in real time.
  9. Hopefully the rest of this game is 5v5. Should be able to get one.
  10. Not great. Lost all momentum from our own PP.
  11. Yep, kill these five seconds, get momentum then go put one in the net.
  12. Good kill, good period. Like where we are.
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