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  1. This is what happens between OTA’s and training camp. The desperation for something newsy is palpable.
  2. Just setting the record straight. Scarey image happens with nuclear weapons, not actual utility nuclear generation. I expected more push back on my claim of the superiority of Harris Teeter pizza. Go figure. Carry on.
  3. Got it. In the history of nuclear generation, including all countries globally, how many have produced a fissionable event, such as the mushroom cloud image you posted previously? I’ll give you a head start; it rhymes with ‘hero’.
  4. Right. For clarity, which commercial utility nuclear reactor is this?
  5. There are means to correct that…
  6. He has always been under appreciated…
  7. Harris Teeter has the best pizza on a price to size ratio. Western bbq slaw beats traditional mayonnaise based slaw. Tesla’s are crap compared to the new EV’s coming from Europe. Nuclear is the cleanest, most environmentally friendly technology available for reliable, economical base load generation. Change my mind.
  8. We've all been there. You're passed over for a promotion or coach benches your arse and suddenly your smokin' hot GF dumps you like you're yesterdays news... I mean, so I've heard... from others... it happens...
  9. Be a little more confident in your abilities. I know I would have fallen on my ass multiple times.
  10. Murphy's law, also known as the second law of thermodynamics, reminds us that there is no such thing as 'zero worry'. Cam's arm strength was also 'zero worry' until it wasn't.
  11. This will be a nice, real world lab experiment for how much contribution to success or failure is the coach, roster and system versus the player.
  12. Absolutely. He is the Rocky Balboa of UDFA linebackers. /s
  13. True but after Shaq renegotiated, this is the only contract that is still butt ugly and mystifying. I have no argument with your historical antecedents but, they are in the rear view mirror. This one is staring us in the face daily.
  14. Skeptic. I think he will start this year and then pro bowl every year thereafter. He will redefine the position. He is a force of nature. /s
  15. No argument from me. Someone should be pilloried, whipped, beaten and then shot… twice. And his dog.
  16. The only relief on Thomas is to trade him. We get no cap relief releasing him before or after June 1st. This contract has the stench of Rhule on it.
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