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  1. Next up, Sir Purr quits to become a Bouncer at the Paperdoll… or a mall cop.
  2. A lot of discussion on OC candidates, but this is myopic. The most important coaching hire(s) this off-season is OL coach and staff. It really doesn’t matter what offense your OC wants to run, if your OL coaching staff can’t scheme and effectively develop players for that scheme, your offense is toast. Fix the o-line, fix the offense. And thank you for listening to my Ted Talk.
  3. That was true in the past. Not clear if that is still true going forward. Tepper may put Rhule on a shorter leash, allowing Fit and Morgan to do their jobs. We’ll see soon enough…
  4. The transition from subordinate to supervisor is iffy. More fail than succeed.
  5. Well, that’s another way to get on the field, I guess…
  6. This. I'm sure others saw it during the game, as well. How can you step up into the pocket when the center and guards are being pushed back into your lap? Whether you like Darnold or not, you have to have some sympathy for whomever is the QB in this situation. Who wouldn't have happy feet?
  7. Irrespective of PFF’s grading methodology, if you step back and look at BC’s overall performance, he looked raw but credible as a starting LT, which is all you can ask from a third round draft pick in his first season.
  8. All you Chicken Little’s screaming that the sky is falling, chill. Surely you remember that our big money FA OL signings were brought aboard for their position flexibility. Problem solved. /s [Wouldn’t it be ironic if Deonte Brown sees his first regular season start against the Saints… at center?]
  9. Yes, we start Fletcher at center and manage to win against the Saints, falling further down in draft order. This would be the end of the world type outcome, dogs and cats sleeping together...
  10. None of you seem to appreciate the coaching imperative to lose conventionally…
  11. I'll take a player with T-Rex arms, if he has T-Rex aggressiveness...
  12. I think it would be more accurate to say that Nixon is the interim OC through the end of season. Anything stronger than that is speculation… but then again, this is the Huddle.
  13. Well, it actually can get worse, but I get your vibe...
  14. Okay. So, for the remainder of this year, who will you replace them with?
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