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  1. And by the way, I do not think that will happen. I am talking about BEST case but if I am being real with my pessimistic self, I say 10-15 years.
  2. 3+ years. Get rid of this staff after another losing season....get another coach and completely new staff in, probably take a few years after that.
  3. He should have without question IMHO....even Brady got robbed over Rodgers. Made absolutely no sense at all that Rodgers won the MVP for the season.
  4. Just for the record, I wanted RR gone way before others did. Saw the writing on the wall in his second year but for most it took a year or two after the SB.
  5. Maybe its because RR had some success at a point in his coaching career. I attribute that to him getting Cam Newton and him being the complete yin to his yang conservative crap coaching style....also getting one of the best middle linebackers of all time who basically was like a secondary coach on the field doesn't hurt either. Not only that, RR seemed to have way more respect from players because he was a player himself for many years. Rhule is essentially the drunk uncle you can't stand to be around on holidays who is always right under any and all circumstances.
  6. From what I have seen this season ( which ill admit is not much ), we are by far the worst team in the NFL. Not sure its even debatably anymore.
  7. Who really cares at this point. This team is absolute garbage from top to bottom. It's like asking why the OL is even out there trying to block when they are literal revolving doors.
  8. Didn't watch the first half of this game...frankly I stopped caring weeks ago about this team. Decided to switch it on a little while ago and all I have to say is L O L
  9. I mean there are probably a few stragglers left who actually are so unrealistic with their optimism that they actually thought we could look good today but at this rate, I feel those are few and far between at this point. I have not seen many fans on here or other social media platforms saying that Rhule shouldn't be fired.
  10. As much as Ron drove me nuts the entire time he was here...at this rate, I would rather have him and his clown show crew back. Anything is better than this absolute dumpster fire. With that said, no....hell no I don't want Ron back either.
  11. Not sure why but I am crying laughing at this comment. What an absolute joke of a team.
  12. Nahh, fairly certain after reading this guys comments that he truly hates Darnold. He is a very angry person and it shows but cool, stick up for the moron all you wish.
  13. You're {What I am assuming} a grown ass man and you hate people based on a game....a MF'n game. Comment must have hit close to home for you. Cry some more though and act like you're laughing through the pain. You're tears are absolutely hilarious to me
  14. "Show your support for his sorry ass" Thats the thing, I hardly even support this whole team anymore. I moved away from upstate SC almost 5 years ago now...frankly I can hardly stand anything about the whole Carolina area and this team is slowly being added to that list. With that said, I don't hate Darnold because "He NoT PlAy FooZbAlL GooD On MY TEaM" Seriously dude, grow TF up.
  15. You hate a guy because he is bad at being an NFL QB? Gesh dude, you might need to be on xanax, smoke a little weed to calm your nerves.
  16. This. Every single time they show highlights of other teams I am like "Wow, that was awesome". Not many times have we been able to say that this season
  17. Not really a Darnold fan but he did keep the play alive and was able to find someone downfield, you can give the guy credit and not be a full blown nut-hugger.
  18. AH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA What a clown show this team is.
  19. The difference between being a HOF and being great. 10 Sacks is GREAT but he could be so much better than he is if he actually learned how to finish up on plays. Get it? good
  20. All for it, as long as fat azz "Drunk Uncle" Rhule is right there with the rest of these clowns.
  21. Burns career is turning out to be a bunch of "almost there's". Dude seems to almost always make huge plays but never gets there. The missed layup on the Allen fumble is the definition of his career so far. Maybe he makes strides to actually finish up on plays next season.....maybe not.
  22. Yup. I will never question whether or not Cam Newton actually cares about winning and this team. Dude will do just about anything to win the game ( I guess besides jump on the SB fumble, even though he was being head hunted the entire game and completely destroyed, not good enough for his haters ). My father in law was actually talking so much crap about when he resigned, I almost lost my cool. He said "Well, maybe if he is actually serious this time around". I guess he doesn't care about football because he has an entertainment persona, dances on the field or gets a little pouty on the sidelines. I know what it really is, coming from an old washed up boomer white guy but of course I can't mention that here without getting the ban hammer.
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