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  1. Good luck convincing these dudes who literally spend their life here of that. I was here before the sever reset as well ( didn't post much ) and lost one of my other accounts as well after about a year or two of not visiting the board. I recently made this account a few seasons ago and decided it was time I at the very least participate to some extent. According to them I only became a fan when I signed up for this account but would be happy to talk about previous seasons where I watched every single game since 2002 ( when I started watching football ). Only the true fans of this team have 80,000 posts and have been here for the past 15+ seasons on the same account. Yes, my eyes have rolled to the back of my skull.
  2. I do not try to change anyones mind anymore. I will say my take and be done with it. If anything this past four years has taught me is that no matter what you say, facts or otherwise, you're not going to be able to change someones mind...especially in America. People will double down on their positions, even when presented with empirical evidence that says to the contrary. No matter, I have went far too deep on the subject of Cam and this thread has nothing to do with him so i'll leave it here for now. I get what you're saying and completely agree with you.
  3. Not really talking about the huddle but other social media outlets. The hate Cam gets from this general fan base is almost disgusting levels. I am still a firm believer in Cam getting hatred for reason way beyond his times of bad QB play but I am 100% not opening that can of worms again. I am not talking about the broken down Cam from the past few years but before that. Even in 2015 people weren't giving the man his dues. I saw a guy just the other day saying that our 2015 was a complete credit to the defense ( they deserve recognition too for sure but Cam had nothing to do with our success? ). I stand by my original statement but I agree, the very small percentage of Panther fans on this site are more level headed football fans.
  4. I have really thought about the Watson situation and some dudes just aren't satisfied enough with getting it that easy. Not saying this is what Watson did because no one knows that but him and the woman charging him with crimes but its the chase, flexing his stardom to see how far he could push things and thats what got him off. People are weird my dude and when it comes to sexual desires / experiences they can go beyond not only the realm of weird but full out violating others and being downright immoral. Sex is a powerful drive in humans and people with money / power think they can abuse others at will ( of course I am not talking about everyone in that situation ). Its way more complex than a guy with millions of dollars just paying for sex anytime he wants, its's about their ultimate desires no matter how evil those desires may be.
  5. Yup and this fan base still to this day talks about Cam as if he was the absolute worse QB ever drafted in the NFL. He had his faults, no doubt about that but Ron and his incompetent staff of goons leaned on that man to do everything on offense.
  6. Ron...continuing to fug us over even when he isn't the coach anymore.
  7. pretty sure we were all well aware what these picks were going to be. Now....WHO knows
  8. I can see this tread turning pretty political pretty fast just reading over the last few pages. Good luck to you all....I will remain uninvolved on this thread that should be squarely about the Carolina Panthers.
  9. This is the way I see it as well. I doubt it will every get to what I consider "True" Martial law. I think the National Guard will be active in large cities to keep order, make sure people are staying in their homes. Who knows, the attitude i'd say at least a 10th of the people have that I spoken to is that "I am not going to follow the rules". On the news this morning they were showing state parks, areas by the coast...etc....were just packed with people. People are treating this as some sort of vacation and that is going to be our downfall. Instead of just getting this done and out of the way, people are not following the rules and will make this much worse / last much longer than it had to. It may get to a point that you can literally not be out of your home for any reason if people do not follow the rules. So far in Washington, the Governor has pleaded with people to just follow the rules but I can all but promise you they won't. I haven't left my home for 3 days now, work is closed for 2 weeks ( possibly much longer ) and the only time I plan to leave is if I need food. At the moment we have about 2 months worth stocked up in the pantry, just not fresh goods like fruit and veggies. We had an extremely rainy winter this year and this spring is supposed to be sunny, dry and beautiful. Since people weren't getting out and doing stuff for 3 months, they all have cabin fever already before any of this started. Its a recipe for disaster.
  10. Im not ordering anything right now that isn't a necessity item. Probably all of nothing that comes from Best Buy is a necessity.
  11. We should have shut down weeks ago. We have allowed things to continue for far too long...most people not giving a crap about getting others sick / they refuse to follow rules is going to be our downfall. Until people are forced to do this stuff in America, they just won't. My company just shut down for 2 weeks or until further notice. I am not leaving my house unless I absolutely have to.
  12. Up around Seattle, we honestly think this think has been floating around since December, though in very low numbers. That FLU study they did before the outbreak, they went back and tested swabs and found some were positive for COVID19 and this was before the first case was "confirmed" in Washington state but per usual, the Government forced the DR to stop what he was doing. It makes sense since cases are now just popping up everywhere and they have no clue how it happened. It happened because people were spreading this around before we even really knew what it was.
  13. I honestly thought the idea of the Basketball players playing as theirselves on video games would be pretty damn entertaining if they were all mic'ed up...etc. I also was talking about the NFL Draft where they could have the potential people being drafted in front of their computers on webcam and you could watch their reactions...etc...when the name is called out. There is ways to keep some stuff going but of course extremely different than we are used to
  14. yup, not at all. And no one seems to really care. Everything is fake news, blown out of proportion, "just another Flu"...i've heard it all. Our governer, while he has tried somewhat I guess, is still just twiddling his thumbs in terms of keeping people home. They need to shut it down here....cases continue to spread, people keep dying and hospitals are already getting overwhelmed. I feel we are too late at this point now but doing nothing is going to make it a hell of a lot worse. The only way to stop this is for people to put their lives on hold for a while but Americans are gonna American and no one will tell them otherwise.
  15. I live in Tacoma Washington...I know all too well about this getting out of hand now.
  16. Cam didn't look like a thug for that interview.....WTF.
  17. I almost feel bad for Palmer right now ........but fuggg it.
  18. Talk about keeping our foot down on offense. LMFAOOOOOOO
  20. Love watching that clock just tiiiiiickkkkkk away.
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