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  1. Anyone else watching the rest of the season? Cam or not....I am checked out.
  2. EL OH EL...dude...stop with the crying about the refs. Yeah, it was a bad called game for us but we got DESTROYED on defense ( calls or not ), you're not giving up 8-10 yard runs every other play and expect to win a game....3rd and 21st......4th downs....Jackson getting completely BURNED every single time the ball comes his way.
  3. Gotta say, I am not impressed with Rhule anymore ( never was really ) but he lost me, just like RR lost me a few season in.
  4. maybe but good teams overcome bad calls. How it is in the NFL. This defense has gotten SMOKED all game. Blame bad officiating all you'd like but they have gotten gashed by the run and picked apart by a QB we cut a long time ago.
  5. Jackson burned again. Dude...he has been GARBAGE ALL GAME LONG
  6. When you can hardly stop a 3rd and 21...then you get burned on a 4th down. You can't win games that way in crunch time
  7. All he ever did the entire time he was here...still doing it to this day, multiple times as the coach for WFT. Dude seems like a good guy and can't fault him for that but I can't stand him as a coach in any aspect.
  8. Is there a play where they are not picking up at the very least 6-8 yards / per? I feel like every single play is a completion or decent run.
  9. Jackson getting burned over and over. I thought our defense would be stomping them in this game but they have looked pretty pedestrian all game and our defensive line is getting handled pretty good.
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