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  1. Yeah Love was definitely not having a good night. I wonder how much him rolling his ankle affected his shot. What's crazy is we still had a chance to take the lead and possibly win with just under a minute to go. But when Bacot, went down that basically sealed it.
  2. I don't think they showed a replay of the goaltend but in the moment it sure didn't look like it. Also, yes Braun should have been called on that.
  3. Oh yeah, the poo talking is fine. Winning that title would have been the perfect cherry on top of this season. Sucks, they couldn't pull it out but it happens. But I'll say ruining K's retirement party will be remembered a lot longer than a 7th title. We can always get the 7th later, but doing what we did to K and dook we can't do later.
  4. Eh, not really. This team waaaay over-achieved. To play as well as they did with such a limited roster, and with their star center playing on a bad ankle is still a huge accomplishment.
  5. Make the playoffs and show a significant improvement in coaching. But as others have stated, I just don't see it in him to really improve.
  6. Get you someone who looks at you the way Rhule is eye-fuging Pickett.
  7. Mickey Mouse does have large hands.
  8. Ouch. Yeah, there are definitely other contracts where the work hours required are fuging stupid.
  9. Lol. At times. But for real, we have requirements but it's more of a by project basis and some times we have weeks to finish. But I won't lie it is nice. I have a trip coming up soon to Sacramento for three weeks so I'll get to do some cool stuff out there.
  10. What kind of Mickey Mouse ass company do you work for?
  11. Jeezus. Round and round this fuging carousel we go.
  12. He was supposed to be the next Thomas Davis, buuut that obviously did not quite pan out.
  13. That would be fuging amazing if they could pull that off. I'd hate to lose a guy like Chinn most of all.
  14. I still don't know how I feel about us acquiring Watson. We will be giving up a LOT, but on the flip if we get a top tier QB who can come in and immediately make a difference it could well be worth it.
  15. Heading over to the wife's folks house for the game. We'll be having chicken wings among other stuff.
  16. The NFL was not going to let us ruin Manning's swan song.
  17. Tyreek Hill is a living cheat code.
  18. They need to change the NFL OT rules.
  19. I love the way Allen plays. Dude is just a baller.
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