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  1. They need to change the NFL OT rules.
  2. I love the way Allen plays. Dude is just a baller.
  3. Rams just giving this game away anyway they can.
  4. JFC dude. Lucky as hell that's a deadball foul.
  5. That's the main reason the guy has been able to play as long as he has.
  6. Nothing going right for the Bucs so far.....giggity
  7. Please LA, retire Brady's ass.
  8. Damn, that was a beast mode type of run.
  9. Love that the Mannings had "The Rock" on the telecast.
  10. That wasn't a smart decision Kyler lol
  11. Definitely think the Rams take this one. I think it could wind up in a shoot-out though if Arizona's line can get to Stafford and then Murray has a helluva game.
  12. Lol game gets ended bc of a dumbass Dallas penalty.
  13. Fuuuuuuuuck Edit: NM incomplete
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