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  1. Well that pretty much guarantees at least 2 wins this coming season.
  2. Honestly a good move for what he cost to be a solid backup.
  3. I'm honestly just excited we have a coaching staff who, seem, to know what players they want and how to integrate those players into their system. fuging Rhule was anathema to that whole process.
  4. I'd say I'm shocked about Bama embellishing on player's attributes/tangibles buuuuuuut I'd be lying.
  5. Google is lying to me then. Say's Young is 6'0.
  6. Young is the same height as Brees and about 15 pounds lighter. He could easily add some mass once in the NFL. I would still be ok with either him or Stroud.
  7. Go ahead and strike Lamar Jackson in Atlanta off the list.
  8. I wasn't crazy about the idea of signing Carr originally. But with the staff we have now, I've warmed to the idea of having Carr as a bridge. Draft the best guy available at #9 and let them develop behind Carr.
  9. I honestly think the Eagles will give the Chiefs a run for their money.
  10. Dude's been making crazy catches like that since college.
  11. poo's too easy right now for the Bengals.
  12. Bills defense just can't stop the Bengal's offense right now.
  13. Damn, Burrow with a dime of a pass.
  14. This is my fear. Maye has the talent to be a great NFL QB, with the right development. He won't get that with Mack. Mack's a great recruiter still, but his best coaching days are long gone.
  15. It's crazy to me the turnaround he has made so far.
  16. Jaycee was mad after letting that last receiver get by him.
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