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  1. I feel like if we’re going to be bad each year we could at least not be boring in every single way on and off the field
  2. Ready for this to be something silly
  3. I have a couple friends with blue check marks. They're some of the least important people you could ever meet. The threshold for getting one has been lowered so much in the last 5 years that its barely even a status symbol anymore
  4. I can’t watch the Darnold and Rhule clown show for another season. If we can’t get Watson can we just line up without a QB
  5. I always wish we could see a study done between the people who don’t want Watson because of potential sexual misconduct compared to people who vote for politicians with past/ open sexual misconduct cases. Since I know the latter is high, especially in North Carolina where the bulk of our fanbase is, I’d be pretty confident in assuming the vast majority of those people who pretend to not want Watson would be back relatively quickly if they “left” the fandom. edit: and no, I genuinely don’t care about your political preference. I just think the Pearl clutching is interesting given how people view similar cases in other facets of their day to day life
  6. Let Darnold get obliterated behind our line since he's being paid. Fill out the line with the rest of our draft picks this year and next then slot in a QB with hopefully a new coach
  7. I don’t care what his stats look like they need to bring our boy home
  8. Yay now back to our regularly scheduled programming of terrible quarterbacks leading us to consistently terrible seasons
  9. I’m in. When we win a Super Bowl or two in the next ten years itll be worth it
  10. If this kid works out with his physical profile and we can get Horn back to 100% next year we have the potential to have a Legion of Boom level defense for the next 4-5 years. Chinn/Horn/Henderson/Jackson in the secondary with our front 7 would be one of the most athletic defensive units in football. Pure speed at every position
  11. Mediocre QB beating out a bad QB for a starting spot isn’t surprising
  12. If you look at it a different way we’ve been to the same amount of super bowls with like 25 less attempts.
  13. Step 12: Acquaint yourself with your drink of choice, and plenty of it before kickoff to amplify volume.
  14. 20 years old and 20 years a panther fan. Would love to take my Mom to a playoff game since we both love the Panthers!
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