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  1. Doesn't matter to me because where ever they go, I will be plopping that bread down for my beloved NFL.
  2. This. I was thinking the same thing. If you're desperate enough to give up a first rounder, have at it. Definitely not worth a first round pick. But, go off ATL.
  3. This had me tripping. WTF was going on here? They lost me here.
  4. The RB coach will have to work with him and the fumbling issue.
  5. Dak also "owned up to it" and apologized 18 million times. It still made him fall. They rode Cam his entire senior year and afterwards, but he was too good for the "knocking" to work. My only gripe is this guy is getting off scott free for what normally hurts other players. I can't stand San Fran, and I hope they do select him.
  6. Let's see if the DUI actually hurts Mac Jones. My only point. He's getting help from the media and pundits totally ignoring the fact that he got one, so it probably won't.
  7. Missed the point too. The comparison was the DUI. It knocked Dak, but it's being ignored for Mac. Dak wasn't projected in the 4th round until the DUI surfaced or NFL clubs got info on it. It's been brushed under the rug with Mac. I wonder if anyone on this board mentioned it before today. Not talking about talent here, just the fact that one got burned for a DUI while another is actually rising with same DUI.
  8. My point is, why didn't the DUI knock Mac Jones? It's being totally ignored. It would absolutely crush anyone else, but he rose from no where when he really didn't have to. Based on your answers, it really doesn't matter. Even after I gave you a comparison to Dak Prescott, who just signed a franchise contract this off season. Let's see if he falls to the 4th round. I guess going to Alabama and being coached by the Supreme Overloard Coach, Slick Saban, DUI's don't hurt you at all when it comes to the NFL draft. But, who am I?
  9. So, you're telling me that he would actually ignore the DUI and give up all of that future draft capital for Mac Jones? Makes no sense especially if he could have gotten him in his original draft position. I wonder why it's never mentioned in the media at all. All I see/hear is the typical media hype for certain players. Dak Prescott fell to the 4th round because of a reported DUI. See my point here?
  10. What's puzzling to me is how in the world did Mac Jones actually rise from no where to #3 in the draft with a DUI? Amazing.
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