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  1. Was he a cap casualty or did he not play well enough to get retained? I'd definitely kick the tires and see what he still has left.
  2. Sometimes I think Kiper just puts some players anywhere and tries to fit the others where he thinks they will land. This has to be the most joke of a job in America. Draft expert. Please. He's been stealing money from ESPN for 30+ years. Crazy.
  3. We got hit with the injuries down the stretch. I had my fingers crossed, but it finally bit us. I wouldn't mind us tanking on out. Right out of the play offs, right into the lottery. Keep building.
  4. No, one of these guys could end up being the best in this class. You never know.
  5. When making a big board, I would rate every player, regardless of need. Huge difference. We all know, when you draft for need, a lot of the times you run away from elite talent and reach for what you need. In the top 10, I'll stick to my board more than I would in later rounds. In the top 10, why would you trade back from/refuse elite talent? Pick the elite talent and figure it out later. You want talent on your roster I would hope.
  6. I really think a lot of you guys don't know the difference between best player available and drafting for need and it shows. Carry on.
  7. 1. Lawrence 2. Kyle Pitts 3. Ja'marr Chase 4. Penei Sewell 5. Rashwan Slater 6. Patrick Surtain II 7. Michah Parsons 8. Devonta Smith I'm not falling for the banana in the tail pipe and over rate QB's like the media does every year. My 2nd rated QB isn't in my top 10.
  8. I don't agree. Most years teams don't even have a first round grade on 32 prospects. A lot of the times end of the 1st round prospects have 2nd round grades on them. This type of thinking is what creates panic. We don't want panic.
  9. Thank you! Is Sam Darnold better than who you possibly could have drafted at 8? And he's in the last year of his deal! He's going to be playing for that 5th year option, so you may get the best out of him. Seems like a solid move to me. Now, just hang in at 8 and get elite talent to continue to build the roster.
  10. Might have been the best thing that could have happened. Especially with all of the movement at the top of the draft so far.
  11. I hope you're right, but history tells us that at least 3 will not live up to the hype.
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