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  1. My bad, Mike Remmers was the only one. Was he responsible for blocking the Super Bowl MVP?
  2. All true. I just can't remember the reason for 2 undrafted free agent tackles that started Super Bowl 50. That may have been the biggest reason for losing that game because their edge rushers had a field day, I think one of them may have even gotten MVP of the game. I can't seem to remember his name because I've purged that bad memory. Was it Hurney's fault or injury the reason why TWO UFA were starting that magical season? Were they rookies? Matter of fact, I think one of those UFA protected(?) Mahommes last year in his Super Bowl failure as well.
  3. Congratulations and well deserved B. Burns!! I also didn't forget you guys that down played Rashawn Slater and Kyle Pitts who a lot of us wanted the Panthers to draft. I see you. Merry Christmas.
  4. I saw Dak Prescott miss a wide open Cee Dee Lamb, twice last week against Denver. QB's miss throws. Even the great Tom Brady misses throws. It happens.
  5. His OL sux too. I hope he gets through the season healthy.
  6. So, he'll be back anywhere between now and Thanksgiving? He has 21 days to get ready, right? How many games will this guy miss before there is an uproar?
  7. The fight he had because of the nick name cracks me up still to this day! Who's played more games in the last year and a half between him and McCaffrey? Asking for a friend?
  8. Does anyone think that Cam Newton would want to come back and play here? Does anyone truly believe that the Panthers would want Cam Newton back? How about the owner? Do you think that he wants Cam Newton back here? My answer is a resounding 'NO' to all of the above. You may have to rely on your defense to be the main factor in winning this game again.
  9. I've been saying this before the draft. You focused on defense last draft, it was a prime opportunity to get a a top notch OT. But, no, they wanted even more defense in the top 10. Horn is great and all, but it would have been hard for me to pass on Slater. But, what do I know, I don't make millions to make those "tough" decisions.
  10. Time to go to the Hornets, they're talking about African royalty in Giants history.
  11. How about not picking non-NFL guys that you coached in college bro.
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