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  1. Doubt it, but if I did, I'll happily take a pay cut from my Huddle salary.
  2. Nah For one, I find it hilarious that you still get set off remembering that whole All 22 fiasco. Plus I think it's pretty well known that you make statements you have no backup for (like claiming to analyze games it's pretty obvious you didn't watch). But like I said, keep trying. It's at least amusing
  3. Plus the signings are fewer and further between because everybody's concentrating on the draft.
  4. Update: Multiple teams interested in Bridgewater as a backup; Bridgewater may help facilitate trade by reworking his salary Also of note, Rapoport indicates Bridgewater was given permission to seek a trade before the deal for Sam Darnold actually went through.
  5. I remember thinking Rivera might have finally turned the corner that year. Then the Super Bowl, and the seasons that followed, and the return of Marty... That season feels like a lifetime ago.
  6. Cincinnati has indicated that they're not trading down. If he got past Cincinnati though, I'd definitely consider it.
  7. Brees in San Diego... Favre in Atlanta... Tannehill in Miami... etc etc
  8. I'm in deep negotiations with a lady right now. She just agreed to no mushrooms on the pizza, so I think I'm winning.
  9. You realize that if he throws a bad pass in his very first series with us in the preseason, people will be declaring that he's a bust and they knew it and they don't need to see anymore, right?
  10. Yet somehow there are numerous analysts saying they believe Darnold can revolve his career here. Also, quick tip: the least effective way to convince anyone that you're smart, you're winning, you're cool, etc is to tell them that you are.
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