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  1. No way duder! He took a physical. Unless they wheelchaired his ass through the airport.
  2. Trying to rape a masseuse isn't hurting the integrity of the game. But gambling is the worst. See Pete Rose. Sports Logic.
  3. My sister's girlfriend, she has a cousin who works at a McDonald's at the airport. She said she saw a guy. I think it was Baker. It's happening bros!
  4. Over/under on how many faps before something is said?
  5. Imma a little drunk too. It's ok dude, go to sleep.
  6. Who da faq is Bellinchek? Can he play OT?
  7. It's an email bruh. Why would you give your legit one?
  8. I do this every season in franchise. I also have no loyalty. Since I play all my games, I will trade a mfer so fast. For pics. I've also sabotaged a whole nother franchise just to get their pics.
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