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  1. be careful, we’re in the no fun zone here.
  2. see comment in the Saturday practice thread about the assistant…
  3. is there anything on this board we don’t try to shame? too bad he isn’t wearing crocs.
  4. i think BBs time ended when Brady left. we’ve seen which one of them is really responsible for those super bowls.
  5. i ran out of cinnamon this morning when making breakfast, and corral knocked on the door with a new package for me. he even came in a shaved it fresh from the dried sticks. helluva guy.
  6. no pads for sunshine. guess we’ll have to wait another week
  7. will be interesting to see how sunshine has grown after his freshman year
  8. the foosball gods don’t want to watch the jags vs the raiders
  9. it’s hot takes like these that make the Huddle the 5-star resource that it is.
  10. they shipped Teddy out right away and openly went shopping for a new QB this off-season. they have already shown they dgaf about pride or saving face. Sam knows the offense better than the other two. things will filter through soon enough. they may be hoping sam will be good enough to be QB2 so they can sit corral for a year to learn. that is probably the best option, if sam can do his part. if not, he’ll be shipped out too.
  11. what’s more important than Mayfield being clearly better than Sam is that he seems to actually be a good QB. The offense looks to be legit, but thin on quality backup, and the defense is also decent, though has some question marks on depth and run stopping. should be a fun season, and will continue to be fun as long as key people stay on the field.
  12. urine is sterile. it’s not unhygienic. it does smell, though.
  13. Oofos ftw https://www.oofos.com/collections/mens-ooahh-slide-sandal
  14. “I really hope a bunch of people who don’t know poo about coaching football approve of me.”
  15. considering our defense is going from good to great this year, i expect him to go to the pro bowl
  16. tepper does something, huddlez: don’t know why he did it, or anything about it, but i hate him for it!
  17. lol at the idea of a franchise intentionally making it difficult to buy their merchandise.
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