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  1. lol at Payton getting fugged in PI again. he must hate that rule.
  2. russell wilson’s heave and pray technique strikes again
  3. yes, because the second game of one’s career defines who they will be for 10+ years
  4. lol. one game into Bryce’s career, and everyone has given up on him.
  5. Lawrence just had a pass batted down. better trade him now before he loses all value.
  6. so you want him to have kept Ron and hurney?
  7. didn’t he inherit what was already dogshit, though?
  8. what does historical data have to do with a new staff and roster?
  9. put the ball on the 1. it’s so fugging obvious.
  10. out of bounds in the end zone being a touch back is the stupidest rule in sports
  11. why would you want your team to be bad?
  12. after the fumble, the ball was right about the same place where it started
  13. Hurts threw it underneath, giving me Teddy vibes
  14. Vikings didn’t score, fire everyone, they’re terrible.
  15. Philly had to settle for a FG, they should burn it all down. you can’t win kicking FGs.
  16. refs doing their best to give us the short end of every decision
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