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  1. quoting this so i can give it a second boneplant
  2. probably because he’s an incredible QB. just a thought
  3. i don’t think they showed every pass, only what they were given.
  4. parents behaviors are 100% learned by their children.
  5. someone must need some more clicks
  6. anyone want to give a summary for those of us who don’t want to listen to an hour of coach speak?
  7. 3000 to win the conference is not so juicy
  8. +3000 to win the division is juicy
  9. the only size related thing about Bryce that anyone should gaf about is the size of his eventual HOF jacket.
  10. how many of those 28 years were under the charge of this coaching staff?
  11. things they have in common: * Named Michael Jordan * 6’6” * Not very good at the foosballs
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