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  1. so far so good. and fug Suh. he has no right to complain about anyone doing anything to him.
  2. agreed, that is essentially my point. as for who gave the cowboys the americas team banner, that’s irrelevant, they have been riding that horse to the bank ever since.
  3. to be more specific, the Boooiieeez are by far the most valuable NFL franchise at 6.5B. Number 2 is the Pats at 5B. it’s clear you can argue the Pats jumped up to #2 from their recent success, but the cowboys haven’t won dick in 30 years. their initial value may have jumped up from success in the early 90s, but there are entire generations of people who never saw those teams. their continued valuation is due to exposure and marketing. the giants are #3 at 4.85B, and the Jets are #8 at 4B. clearly the Jets have nothing to do with success, and are because of exposure due to location. Dallas is big, but nothing compared to NYC and LA, yet their value is still larger than any team in those cities. The Texas rangers are in the middle of the MLB pack, Mavs are about 1/3 down the list, Stars are right in the middle. NYC grabs the top spots of all…except the cowboys. yes Dallas won, but so did the Marlins, who have the lowest value of any MLB franchise. Tampa won more recently than Dallas, even if you don’t count last year, yet are bottom 1/3 in value. Chiefs have had great success recently, but are even below Tampa. Winning <> value. Winning <> business success. Business success is due to exposure and marketing. Winning provides exposure, but it does not provide good marketing. Dallas is king because of good marketing. they positioned themselves as americas team, and have been sucking on that marketing tit for 30 years.
  4. lol…you clearly know fug all about how to and the importance of building a brand
  5. wildcard weekend turning into as big a joke as the NCAA play-in games.
  6. another lopsided game. i hope the last one is at least decent.
  7. so glad they expanded the playoffs so we can have some unwatchable mismatches to kickoff the post season
  8. he needs a break after his long season of chewing sunflower seeds on the sideline
  9. it is my rather unprofessional opinion that our offense performed better against the bucs than the eagles’s’s’ offense is performing.
  10. the man who spearheaded PSLs and the lockout only cares about winning…
  11. apparently not. it would seem real fan behavior is to constantly bitch about everything
  12. when are we going to get a new turnovers coach?
  13. both D lines applying a lot of pressure
  14. at the time i said that, he had 2TD passes, no turnovers and was well over 100 rating. so, he was, in fact, having a pretty good game. keep on hatin
  15. i never said i was good with them. you channeled your hate for them onto me. again, hate is internal.
  16. dolphins with an amazing turn around this season. good on them
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