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  1. i think they trade watson to Texas Roadhouse Grill for some tasty steaks and one of those onion things, and he stays there for 350 years to work off his contract
  2. dude is a top 10 QB who wants top 3 money. math doesn’t add up.
  3. oof that was painful to read. I think I lost 10 IQ points.
  4. i wants me some lance. he and our staff are a perfect match
  5. no one can honestly compare Rhule's performance last season to Fox and Rivera. He was working with a very young team, and without his best offensive weapon for most of the season. He showed the ability to make adjustments for certain opponents, as well as in-game adjustments to events as they happen. He showed that he plays to win, with ballsy 4th down play and his next level FG in the redzone before 4th down, where as Fox and Rivera played not to lose. He showed that he's willing to cut bait from players who aren't getting it done, even if it's your starting QB. He's not passive and doesn't f
  6. dude, your trying too hard to justify your own snarky answer. we won 5, but we were competitive in all but a couple. we could have easily been a 9 win team. williams named the jets specifically. we are waaaay better than the jets. you know football. you know how much we improved, how we have exciting playmakers on both sides, and how this team looks on the cusp of being a good team. we’re not “not as bad as the jets” and we are definitely not “lame.” williams is salty, and you’ve gotten pretty damn salty lately too.
  7. we’re no where near as bad as the Jets. he’s not right.
  8. this is such an obvious smoke screen. i’ll lol my face off at whoever falls for it.
  9. this 100% smoke. he’s trying to get someone else to waste a pick on him, eg us, so he can get his guy, eg Lance
  10. i would not be upset with this. nice build on the team and 2 1sts next year to really beef up, or in case we need to make a big move
  11. if we are able to sit tight at 8 and get Lance with no future 1st trade shenanigans, I'll have full chub for the rest of the off season.
  12. the draft position of one QB has zero effect on the quality of play of another QB. this is like the last numbers list on the roulette wheel. a list of things that have absolutely nothing to do with the next similar thing, but is designed to get you interested.
  13. and let’s not forget the game was scheduled just a few days before it was to take place, and BYU had to travel across the country so they basically had one day to prepare.
  14. only one extra first plus a few mid-round picks to have our choice of wilson or fields. hellz yes. totes worth it to have our guy.
  15. do we have 3 goalies? we already have two 1s, why do we need a 3rd?
  16. they can have the award. we have the better player
  17. we have 20 years to match them.
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