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  1. trade him while his value is high!
  2. fast and twitchy aren’t the landmark traits of a HoF QB. if he’s tall, accurate, and can read a D, sign me up.
  3. did you read that in your 2022 corp handbook?
  4. who have the broncos been playing to be the #3 ranked defense. if we can put 20+ up on them, anyone can.
  5. “it’s a two score game, but the bronco offense doesn’t look capable of two scores.”
  6. UM 28-3 in the second half. complete dominance in coaching.
  7. brilliant coaching by Harbaugh this game, and really all year. he’s made great in-game adjustments in several games to take advantage of the other team. he may be a douche, but damn does he know how to play this game.
  8. missed an open man in the end zone, then throws an INT. meh
  9. McCarthy and Maye are going to battle in the NFL for many years
  10. he’s not even the best QB in this game, and the UM QB is 19yo
  11. Cam jumps up off of the couch in his atlanta cigar palace. He runs to Baltimore, stopping only to help a woman and her baby cross a busy street in Dupont circle. he leaps onto the field in the last minute if the 4th quarter, and with one pass scores 5 TDs to win the game.
  12. only if we also bring back Peppers, Luke, Jenkins, Smitty, Gross, and the good Kalil.
  13. we should use our #1 pick on the UM kicker.
  14. when Horn gets a pick 6 off Fields to win the NFCC in a couple of years, we’ll know we made the right choice
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