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  1. another team held below 200 total yards. fug yeah.
  2. but the naughty bits are censored, so technically we can post pics on here
  3. lol…mahomes, best player in foosballs, makes a terrible rookie mistake. better trade him
  4. butker just hit the crossbar on a kickoff
  5. Darnold throws heat. he tends to stare down his target, and still has a lot of room to grow, but if this is his floor we should be very excited for our future. to call him a game manager is just being a grumpy hater.
  6. does Darnold get credit for the low snap that he picked up off the ground and rolled out to try to make a play, or we just going to cherry pick a couple of bad plays from a guy playing his second game in a new offense?
  7. it will be really interesting to see how we do vs the dallas oline in week 4. if we dominate that game, we’re looking at top of the top
  8. this is the answer. get youtube TV and change your geo to watch whatever game you want.
  9. if you discount all the plays where the panthers scored, you won by 7
  10. last week winston set a record for the lowest number of yards by a QB who threw for 5 TDs. lol
  11. looks like all the bs about the league feeling bad for the taints is just that, bs
  12. lol at the taints offense. 34 yards and 2 sack. Jameis is really killing us.
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