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  1. That is incredible to scroll through and see those names. You put A LOT of work into those leagues and did a great job! Can't be believe looking through that list, I had my 14 year old son in that league and he is nearing 30 and has his own family now. lol....time flies! Thanks for posting those my guy and hope you are doing well!
  2. Logged on to chime in on this topic and share my thoughts. I knew Robin basically from the start of the Huddle and we became close friends. 10+ years ago I went through a really bad rough patch and there were two people that were there for me literally anytime day or night, even more so than some people I had known my whole life. Cooter (Sport) and Robin (Cosmo), both of whom we lost too soon. I will forever be thankful that they came into my life through this site. For those that remember, the Huddle was a special place back then. It really was like family and people became life long friends because of it (and still are to this day). RIP and thank you to both of them. Anyway, hope everyone here is doing well. Good luck on the upcoming season and maybe I will catch some of you at the Eagles vs. Panthers game in a couple months. Back into obscurity I go......
  3. So some nice news for this thread and an update to something I posted last week. I shared a local news clip about my ex wife's bistro that was days from closing down because of the pandemic. Since that aired she had a string of recording breaking days. People drove from more than an hour away, ordered a $10 meal to go and handed her $100, $200, (even $500 in one instance) and told her to keep the change. She spread this good fortune among her employees for sticking with her through this. I am sure that surge will die off eventually but there are still some really good people in this world. This generosity from total strangers will keep her business and her employees going for awhile longer and hopefully help sustain them until things get back to "normal", what ever that might be. If any of you were able to visit and contribute to her business, I really appreciate the support. JR
  4. Good to see here you also. Stay at home or open businesses...it’s a hard decision and a lot of people are hurting for different reasons.. I see both sides and wish everyone well. Just be kind to one another during these times. That we should all agree on.
  5. Hey everyone... I don’t post here here much anymore and not sure how to embed a YouTube video but if any of you live in Iredell County NC , specifically Statesville, I would appreciate any assistance you could give to a local business. This is my ex of 20 years and mother of my 2 kids and she is close to shutting her restaurant down and could use the help. She is a good person and many of the original members know her. No Go Fund me or anything like that. Just a news clip to show what people are going through. It’s a hard time for a lot of people. Thanks Huddle and this seemed like an appropriate place the post this. Hope you are all well and enjoy the draft. XOXO, Johnny Rockets
  6. Doubtful Alonso or Kendricks see the field this week. Alonso hasn't played a full game since week 1 and Kendricks has been out the last couple games with a hamstirng. DeMeco Ryans might be out as well with a hamstring but I think he hopes to play.
  7. The wide 9 left Philly with Jim Washburn back in 2012. It was actually gone before Andy Reid was fired.
  8. But not until he left here, so what does that say? I guess that is something I just never understood. How can everyone yell from the mountain top that the WRs sucked the last few years, never get separation, drop easy passes, etc. but at the same time they proclaim that Proehl is the best WR's coach in the league? What makes Proehl so much better than the other WR coaches in the league but none of his WRs have done anything until he got a 1st round pick with Benjamin? I honestly have no idea if Proehl is good or not but apparently many people know he is but something just doesn't add up there. I know, I know....it's Shula's fault.
  9. Oh fug that! Won't be coming back in here till it gets to a new page!
  10. I love it but avoid stores as much as possible and do 80-90% of my shopping online so the 2 day free shipping is great.
  11. I've been wanting to do the same. Not to hijack the thread, but what is the best way to get a signal outside to it if where I am putting it is no where near my cable boxes? Want to put one outside by the pool area which is off my kitchen.
  12. Well Damn - I just bought a pool booster pump last night from Amazon for about $250 and forgot to go through the Huddle. My bad.
  13. Probably because he was 3 or 4 cocktails deep out on Lake Tahoe.
  14. Good to see that this place is still full of "Huddle Weird" as ever.
  15. Same here - forgot that one. I had no idea I did that until someone pointed that out to me not to long ago. I have probably been doing it my whole life and never realized it.
  16. WTF? Why...ummm...But..ummmm....How......oh never mind.
  17. When going to a restaurant - I can't sit with my back towards people. I always need the seat that faces the most people. Think that is the only one I have.
  18. What is the deal with going to a doctor on Tuesday?
  19. ​33...that may be a bit on the old side but considering he didn't play much in his early years, he probably has more left in the tank than most his age.
  20. ​Congrats, I will definitely tune in. Always thought you had a face made for radio.
  21. I like how some people are up in arms that the NFL would consider such a thing....like Matt Prater is the NFL Competition Committee Spokesperson.
  22. ​Well I don't think it's a coincidence that I post something about Taylor and a couple of days later Dave is also a hug fan..... It's obvious he reads the Huddle in his spare time and is a big fan of me.
  23. I don't know what happened with that first post but anyway,,, those things are huge and especially in a kayak. One came out of nowhere and stole a big king mackerel that we were attempting to land on a boat down in Clearwater. Scare the sh*t out of all of us.....happened later that day again but it was a shark and not a grouper. Had he not released it, he would have been in some big time trouble. You are not allowed to restrain or attempt to take them out of the water. Very protected,
  24. ​ Uh oh Biscuit.....now even Dave Grohl is on the bandwagon....... . . "I'm officially obsessed - she might want to get a restraining order." The 46-year-old dedicated three different songs in his set to Swift, including Congregation, which was recorded in her hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. "I'm all about T-Swift. I'm going to dedicate this song to Taylor Swift, how about that?" the 46-year-old said to the cheering crowd. http://www.stuff.co.nz/entertainment/music/68874876/foo-fighters-dave-grohl-admits-obsession-with-taylor-swift
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