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  1. Can we get an APB put out for Brian Burns???
  2. we are playing around and the Eagles are going to beat us
  3. 3rd and long 3rd and long 3rd and long 3rd and long 3rd and long
  4. Chuba doesn't have break away speed...can't get outside
  5. something is off with Carolina's offense....it's putrid
  6. Someone needs to light into the offensive line and also Darnold.....this is poo
  7. So 4 offensive linemen, a kicker, and a punter........ FFS
  8. Fug this offensive line....for the love of Zod
  9. All our wins have been closer than they should have been. Our faltering offense and soft zone defense....
  10. Miller is worthless along with Paradis
  11. We may sneak into the playoffs due to our schedule and defense, but unless something miraculous happens with this offense we are one and done *if* we even can get there.
  12. Joe Buck gonna have to hop on the Geno Smith train if he calls any Seattle games this season.
  13. Has to be tough covering the Charlotte Panthers.
  14. True, but do you want to piss him off more in-season? Say goodbye to this season IMO. He is half engaged at this point at least.
  15. Bakhtiari is Rodgers favorite O-lineman, you think the Packers are going to do anything to piss him off more? Not that any sane team would trade a legit starting or even good backup O-lineman during the season.
  16. The team looked a little off in general with their passing, but I chalk it up to them still being in preseason mode. Jarvis and Drury both look to be on an upwards trend. I don't think they spend one of Jarvis's ELC years this year, but I think he'll see 9-10 games. Drury might make the big club. I noticed Bear really trying to force some passes that weren't there, we need to calm him down and let him know he doesn't have to try to do too much. I think Svech also needs to relax and just play his game, it's like he's gripping his stick a little too tight since he signed that extension.
  17. It's all about being able to go man to man and let our defensive front get after the QB. Of course we need to make sure we stop the run as well which I hope Snow addresses as this season goes on. Dallas has a great o-line and they gashed us (and held us) so teams will try to run.
  18. Seems like conditioning and learning the position for Brown. Christensen I believe we'll see more of and hopefully Erving won't step on his foot. I think it is evident the Panthers see him as a guard and probably at LG. Again, he's probably learning the position as a pro and his assignments...interior rookie linemen have to make sure they know the playbook and any protection audibles the QB calls. The tackles need to as well, but it's a little bit easier as much of the time they are taking care of the DE or blitz coming from a CB if it's a stunt or the DE drops back in coverage.
  19. The vast majority of college teams don't run a pro style offense. They run read option, run and shoot, versions of Air Coryell, spread, and pistol formations where the offensive lineman don't really learn to block in a traditional way. The o-linemen coming in from these college programs don't really know how to hold blocks for more than 2-3 seconds. Even teams that run a modified West Coast offense don't have o-linemen holding blocks and providing "traditional" pass protection. Some college teams do run more of a pro type offense, especially when they have an elite passing QB. Stanford for example ran a pro style offense when Luck was there....they also ran a smash mouth running game too. Wisconsin is also a team that used to run a smash mouth type of offense, but more and more college teams just don't play offenses that develop "old school" hog mollies. Alabama seems to have produced some recently....I think we have one of their O-lineman that has been inactive I guess because he's a rookie?? Anyways that's why you don't see as many hog mollies these days.
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