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  1. Back during the VETTING process, I liked Navarro for becoming the next owner. That isn't going to make me sit here and honestly believe it would be drastically different or not. I don't play what if games. There are to many variables, especially with a football team.
  2. Is this one of the, the grass would have been Greener had another asshole billionaire bought the Panthers? Some high quality drugs are going around out there to believe that poo.
  3. Yes, because heaven forbid that an employee get terminated for justifiable reasoning.
  4. I just don't care. Y'all need to kick Tepper out of your heads, and reclaim your minds.
  5. As someone whom has personally suffered from the loss of a family member at such a young age (one of my sisters), my hear and my prayers go out to his family and loved ones. Such a sudden, tragic, unexpected loss. I'm not going to comment on my opinion of what should happen to the driver that caused this... as I know it isn't popular.
  6. We are thin at pass rush and the secondary. We're like Florida, just asking to be hit by a hurricane. I always pray we stay healthy, but I can't remember the last time either the pass rushers or secondary starters stayed healthy.
  7. How is Bryce Young a dark horse candidate, other than a lot of fans just outright expect him to fail?
  8. If ya don't understand, just say so instead of posting crap.
  9. One could argue our RUSH defense should be much improved. An improved Rush defense combined with an improved offense, should inn theory, improve the pass rush just because of those 2 things.
  10. Ian Thomas (this is his last year with the team otherwise) Horn will remain healthy, Praise Jesus.
  11. The only thing we have to go by this time of year is roster. You're talking about potential like it's facts. It's possible the pass rush is better. On paper it isn't, I don't care how you spin it. It's also possible it gets worse.
  12. Once again, it's not improvement. Not on paper. In fact, it could end up being worse. Luckily Evro is pretty good at manufacturing a pass rush. Won't mean poo if we are playing from behind all the time.
  13. I never said he should be one of the starting 2. Nice attempt at saying our best receiver last year is washed up though.
  14. We have 1 true starter, whomnwas never thenbest on any team he's ever been on, and the rest of the guys are rotational. That's not improved.
  15. He's always had the talent to be an all around TE. Just never flourished like we expected him to. There has been a number of offensive coaching changes since he's been here. I'm not expecting him to suddenly have a breakout season, although it's not impossible.
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