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  1. Name 1 Panther QB that has been more accurate with his arm talent. I'll wait.
  2. I still haven't gotten use to how incredibly quick Sam's release is. The ball launches off his hand Seeing him side step traffic in the pocket, to launch the ball 20 yards on a frozen rope, and hitting a receiver in stride is a thing of beauty.
  3. That's not an opinion. That's a disaster .
  4. Life of an NFL RB. Nothing new to see here.
  5. Yes, because it was the snap count that strained his groin.
  6. That's cute. But nobody outside of a few here on the huddle will look at it that way.
  7. What does the record have to do with anything if we win it all? Stop being short sited.
  8. I don't expect an easy win, but a win is what I expect.
  9. Remember back after the draft, and the Sam 5th year option, I said this team would be exciting to watch again?? I'm not here to say I told you so...I don't care about that.... But was I wrong? It's even exceeding my own expectations.
  10. You mean we'll finally get to see some real football, pops? I'm excited!
  11. You obviously didn't finish reaching the exchange before ya responded. Plus, it was his only mistake. It didn't cost us the game, and he'll get better. Get over this perfection that y'all are holding Sam to. If it was any other QB, he'll, if it was Cam, y'all wouldn't even be talking about it.
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