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  1. I guess I just don't see the point of going on and on like this every day. Despite my own feeling on this, I knew back in November that Teppers wasn't going to fire Rhule. Whether y'all cared to admit it back then or not, it's pretty damn obvious by now. So whether we agree with it or not, continuing to harp on what the rest of the league is doing isn't going to change anything.
  2. He can't even play as well as Sam. Only on the huddle would fans want to keep a QB that plays worse than Sam.
  3. Of course he's going to have a different perspective. He actually knows what's going on inside the building and practices. Fans will never have that perspective.
  4. Only in Carolina is this even a question.
  5. I stopped watching games back when Cam was still here on his previous contract. I simply have more important things to do than watch my team struggle. Every season starts the same, but when I check out, varies. I love football. I love my Panthers even more. But it's just a game and life is more important.
  6. Not sure a rookie QB will save his job. I don't expect any QB coming.out of this spring's draft to be able to play well enough in his rookie year to save any coach that is on a hot seat.
  7. Some men want to be a part of turning something struggling, into something great. Truly, that is the type of leader we'd want at QB anyways.
  8. Not sure why his his responsibilities would change if he is still here. Would be more shocking if he lost responsibilities and chose to remain with the team.
  9. I'll take a proven offensive coordinator, and fixing our oline. And some more talent in the QB room.
  10. Reading any thread on the huddle these days is the biggest joke of all. It's obvious that Cam is done. Any coach is this situation would try to continue to develop Sam since he is under contract, and we still have live games. After all, decisions have to be made in the off season.
  11. My dad's best friend's daughter's boyfriend's mother who is teppers Mistress, says .....
  12. Don't hate the man. People take this game way to fuging serious.
  13. Leave. Sell the PSL's. Most who go have no idea why they are there even when the team wins.
  14. Unfortunately, this is a very true statement.
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