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  1. Harbaugh gets hired to the chargers. With a universally elite rate QB. In his presser, he says he wants to make things easier for his QB so he doesn't feel he has to do everything. Pretty much what every head coach is suppose to say/do when the offense is struggling. New head coach, and a QB that many hated before he was even drafted, and the head coach is planning what he's planning because of the limitations of our QB. Do you guys ever listen to the stupidity that falls out of your mouths/onto a keyboard?
  2. No one is saying give burns a blank check. Calm down. He still needs to be retained, or the Panthers should just stop trying to football.
  3. I liked verge going into my family to draft a lineman.
  4. I understand he shouldn't be paid elite currently. As much as people are going to judge Dan on this saying we can't afford to to keep him, Dan should be fired for allowing us no starting pass rushers in a passing league. The stupidity of that is beyond approach.
  5. Just ti clarify, I am not saying to over pay him to retain him. Although I do believe many of you just want Buns gone.
  6. When is the last time Brown has had an impact on the outcome of the game? Man, your arguments are weak Jon. No 1 player, regardless oh how bad ass or not he is, can win a game in football.
  7. Top pass rusher on the team. Period. 2 most important players are the quarterback, and players that get to the quarterback. There is literally no way we could replace him this year. May not be able to replace him next year either. Doesn't matter what talent we add to the team if we can't get to the quarterback. Without him we don't have 1 true starting quality pass rusher. I pray a resolution is found that includes him remaining with the team. I also pray we get him some real help.
  8. Exactly. I came straight to the huddle after reading of Wilks release. I don't care what anybody thinks of Wilks. He is great coach. I'm in agreement with you here, that Kyle should be the one that should be stepping down if ANY action is truly required, which in my opinion, wasn't needed. Especially sucks for Wilks, because of the timing. All the DC jobs have been filled. I know Wilks will land on his feet. Someone will hire him in some compasity if he wants to work this coming season. Kyle is a little bitch.
  9. I've seen enough of Purdy to know he's not a system QB and has a bright future ahead of him. The 49ers controlled the game the first half. Despite losing a very good linebacker, and one of their starting guards, they still had the lead in the 2nd half. I don't care how many touchs a RB has... the 2nd half with the lead is the time to lean on that run game. They completely abandoned the run, especially on early downs. Their offense was unable to sustain drives. Despite all the other miscues in the game, including CMC's rare fumble, the 49ers would be champions right now if they had leaned on the8r run game in the second half. That's without scoring anymore than they did. Knowing how well a good run game opens things up...they probably would have scored another touchdown....but that's a what if. Kyle outsmarted himself. Not sure why he does it, but he has a history of doing it now. Don't blame Purdy for Kyle's decisions.
  10. The offense couldn't stay on the field in the second half. They were far to reliant on passing when there best player is in the backfield.
  11. The 49ers completely failed at sticking to the run. The more involved CMC, the more efficient and productive the entire offense. A handful of good stops by The chiefs defense, and the 49ers just completely put it on the back burner. Congratulations to Kyle, he out started himself.
  12. Stephen Davis is my kind of running back. He deals out punishment rather than let others punish him. Between him and Foster, was a hell of a 1-2 punch. I know a lot of people did not care for Dan Henning, but he knew how to feed the offensives best players.
  13. Great man. Fantastic player. Great memories. Very happy for him.
  14. I'm happy for him. I don't get the jilted GF BS that so many fans seem to embrace.
  15. He was our best offensive player. The team chose to trade him. Then they traded our.next best offensive player, to pick a rookie QB. Then play rookie QB without those 2 weapons. As much as this team.gets bashed.... fug they deserve it for getting rid of our offense, and praying a rookie QB could play well enough without them. That's not how you build an offense.
  16. Congratulations # 90. You had an amazing, and long career. Well deserved. Always enjoyed watching money of the best to ever play the position.
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