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  1. I generally don't give a poo about what a coach says or does, always wishing him the best. Rhule, go fug yourself.
  2. Moore had to sit for that one. But the touchdown to Moore across the back of the end zone was perfect.
  3. I'm not here to hold your hand, Sax man. So please don't ever expect me to.
  4. I saw many throws made yesterday that your post fails to support.
  5. Every great QB has to play that game. Because no QB, no matter how great he is, is going to have MANY wins based upon the running game.
  6. Nursing a knee. As long as they can spare to rest him for the playoffs, they should.
  7. He deserved a better franchise.
  8. Look, somebody who is posting out of their ass. Never Gets Old. Or does it?
  9. I remember the time when I thought i would miss playing madden, and nfl2k, but ya know, I really don't miss it. I was always a football fan before such stupidity started invading our society by the masses.
  10. Because we would be intellectual winning the draft, without winning the draft!
  11. Nope, because I have NEVER gotten but hurt over a veteran signing his second contract. Understand the game, or quit crying.
  12. He's terrible leader, and can't wait to leave Charlotte either! Oh, and I heard he only likes white girls. Racist.
  13. Remember, intrim means he gets to show case why he should be in the next head coach search. Not handed the position. Sure if extremely difficult to argue against his results after taking over.
  14. For the record, I did watch the game today. Thought breaking out the ol' Darnold jersey, but didn't want to jinx him. The weekend I bought that from BOA, was a miserable game that absolutely sucked the life out of me. I enjoyed seeing Sam find some comfort, and some rhythm. Ultimately he played well enough for us to stay undefeated at home since Wilks took over. This is what execution is suppose to look like. Good win. I hope he gets to start the rest of the season.
  15. I'll be watching. Gotta be better than last week.
  16. I wanted to add, any head coaching candidate, is going to feel that they are capable of turning a Franchise around. Honestly, it's these guys that are more highly valued by owners, because being a storied franchise, doesn't prevent that franchise from being historically bad.
  17. Storied franchises, Like the Cowboys, Packers, etc.... never have a problem attracting head coaching talent. Not saying they always select the right ones, but there is never a shortage of coaching talent for them to choose from no.matter how bad their team may actually be. The Panthers will NEVER be in that situation. To answer the OP, there is no question, getting a great HC is like being flush with trump cards. The quartback position will never be as easy as people think it should be. Getting the HC and coaching staff correct is paramount. They can build a talented team, and acquiring talented potential star QB doesn't require tanking to achieve, ever.
  18. So you're mad how Tepper handled the rock hill project? I guess it would be pretty cut and dry, if the other partners in that project upheld their end of the deal, but they did not. So now Tepper be damn for protecting his and the Carolina Panthers interest? Sounds like hypocritical bullshit to me. Not sure why the rich have to be hated so much.
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