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  1. If only the season ended today. What, it's not started? SMH
  2. I don't believe any coach is afraid of admitting a mistake, cutting bait, and moving on. That is a fan's perspective, not a professional.
  3. I didn't say it would happen. Just that the team is highly motivated to make it happen. I don't blame them. Plus it would be a great benefit to the team.
  4. The team has more invested with Sam. Getting him to develop would be a hug win for the team.
  5. I am sure it was the HC. Certainly wouldn't have happened without the HC wanting him here.
  6. Many WCO offenses have been run heavy. They don't tend to use the TEs as much, yet we're told there needs to be focus there too. Either way, we have the talent to spread defenses out, forcing them to defend the whole field, which should open up some room to make plays with.
  7. Or call him an idiot. In fact, who did you hand your pitch fork to?
  8. Can ya not worry before ya seen them play? Reddick benefited from a good dline. He wasn't the line.
  9. You perspective, he ducks the question. I listened to it, and heard Fitterer respond in a may that Rhule has his complete confidence.
  10. It's threads like these that remind me just how amazing this franchise has been BLESSED with RICHES at the linebacker department. Really, an embarrassment of riches. So much so, that our fan base doesn't know how to react with were not representing the best in the league. The reality is we are good at linebacker. We won't be like what we're use to, but we have a good, talented group that can play, and make plays. And to think most of you didn't even want Shaq on the team.
  11. What I don't get is why anyone would assume any Panther fan is against baker. But somehow you guys figure it out all on your own!! Congrats
  12. We shall see where he is at. I wish him all the success in the world, just like I do our coaching staff. I want to win. I don't give a damn how training camp and preseason is handled.
  13. So he should have no problem. Let the competition run it's course.
  14. Besides, why should Mayfield just be handed the job? He's not elite.
  15. Look at you making excuses, while Rhule isn't looking for such bullshit that you would blame him for later, he just uses the moment to teach the guys to be a better team.
  16. Tepper has pride, but i believe he wants to build a winner. I also believe HE believes in Rhule. I'm sure I know how much most of you hate that he does, but that doesn't matter in the fact that Tepper hired Rhule, and gave him the time to build up a winner. You may think you've seen enough, but at this point I feel Y'all should enjoy this season as it's going to happen, and I bet not like.many of you predict. I pray our line, and our guys remain relatively healthy this year, I'd be nice to not lose such major pieces, and truly see what this team can do.
  17. QFT. He has been on record.more.times than I can count that he let's his coordinators and coaches coach. Never once has there been any other report. They just blame enjoy blaming anything negative on Rhule, while.ignoring the struggles this team.has had to deal with and overcome.
  18. 6th round pick. Not sure why you feel the need to attack it, for anybody to have to defend it. Do what ya do little one.
  19. Never in my life would i have expected fans to be upset about making guys earn it. Yall just have to bitch about everything.
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