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  1. If Monk is healthy by the 4/16 Brooklyn game, I'd still hold him out until that Knicks game on the 20th. Like you outlined, Brooklyn and Portland are likely losses so bring back a key role player for the NYK game and don't risk reinjury for those games we are outmatched regardless. If we can get Ball/Hayward back by May, that's a win imo.
  2. https://twitter.com/KeithSmithNBA/status/1375163142309838848?s=20 Not sure why the tweet won't embed. Just says Charlotte made a push for Daniel Theis, but Boston took Mo Wagner return instead. Also says Charlotte will target Theis this summer.
  3. Wannamaker is the caliber of player I assumed Mitch would acquire if he made a deal, I just thought it would be a big man though. Maybe feels Richards or Carey will be able to help lift that position group up before the end of the season.
  4. Mitch has been here 3 years now and still no in season trades. Interesting to see at what point in the future that mind set shifts.
  5. I actually feel good about this. I never wanted the team to give assets away in what's technically year two of a rebuild. LaMelo, Hayward, Terry's leap and other players improving have shown we are further along than we anticipated after last year ended, but I still think there is value to letting this thing take shape organically. Doesn't mean I'm opposed to a move. Think it would be a lower profile one though ie trading for a bench piece instead of an impact starter.
  6. I definitely had zero expectations of big names given it's year 2 of a rebuild. I like the fact that we have moved quickly on getting depth at our biggest position of need (outside of QB). I bet we slow play most other positions.
  7. I loved Cam Erving out of college! Who said the Panthers wouldn't start fast? lol
  8. Jets fans probably thought we overpaid for Robby Anderson too
  9. I know nothing about him. Where on the line does he play mostly? If Fitt signed him for 3 years, they must like him.
  10. What's worse is we HAD Christian Wood back in 2016-2017. Had him on a 2 year deal at $944K a year. The second year was a team option but we let him go because Clifford didn't think he could contribute. He could've been here and part of the young core for the past several years.
  11. I think we probably should temper expectations for Carey and Richards to make an immediate impact the second half of the season. Both guys are already at a disadvantage not having summer league, a full training camp and constant G League access. The bubble has been huge for them, but given the lack of practice time going forward and general game experience in the NBA, I don't see either supplanting Biz in the rotation. Both should be featured way more next season. The only path towards eliminating Biz's minutes is by trading for a backup center at the deadline. There are some guys out the
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