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  1. My guess is that Zeller will sign elsewhere pretty early in free agency for a team friendly deal. He just wants to be valued from a basketball stance. Money isn't the highest thing on his priority list and I imagine several teams view him as a good reserve center and one will scoop him up while Charlotte deals with Graham/Monk and whoever they want to be their starting center next year. Everyone will hate me for this, but if Charlotte doesn't draft a big at 11 and can only land one of their main center targets in free agency, Biz is going to be sitting there still. I can easily see Charlotte grabbing him in early to mid September and letting him be the Vet guy again for close to the minimum. Just stating for the record that I do NOT want Biz back. Biz won't be a priority for anyone else and he's likely going to be the 10th option for Charlotte, but if they miss on some of their bigger targets and Zeller signs somewhere else early on, then I can see this happening again.
  2. Yea - no thanks on Garza for any of our picks. Want him on the summer league team as an undrafted? Cool, but that's it.
  3. YIKES -- lol Turner is the only mildly reasonable name on the list. Contract isn't the best but it's probably palatable since you'd only have it for two more seasons. You'd have to trade Terry most likely to match the salary and I'm guessing that Indiana will want an additional asset (PJ or a pick). Not sure that's worth it. John Collins is awesome, but he's going to want the bag and he just adds to our logjam at PF. Would need to trade out some other pieces for this to make sense. Porzingis shouldn't be on your list. Dude is making $30+ for the next 3 years and isn't worth half of that.
  4. Not a big fan of trading down in the NBA draft especially if it means leaving the lottery. The long term benefit is worse if you trade back. Let's say we traded pick 11 to OKC for picks 16 & 18. Statistically speaking, based on Historical data: You have a 51% chance of a guy you pick between 6-14 becoming a productive starter for you You have a 49% chance of a guy you pick between 15-30 becoming a productive rotation player (not starter) for you Conversely the odds of the guy you pick between 6-14 becoming a productive rotation player is 85%. Much higher chance of hitting. If you take two guys between 15-30, the odds of both guys becoming productive rotation players is 25% So basically - don't trade pick 11 to move back in the draft unless a proven player is part of the return package. With the NBA, it makes way more sense to take the best chance at a sure thing. It's just different from the NFL that way. I'd stay put at 11 if I were Mitch.
  5. I wouldn't take Jalen Johnson at pick 60. Out on him.
  6. Gelo is a Two-Way guy at best, maybe a Swarm regular. Would be absolutely shocked if he got one of the 15 roster spots.
  7. Thoughts on Isaiah Jackson from Kentucky? Doesn't have the offensive floor that Jones or Sengun have, but I think his ceiling is higher than most think. Defensively, he's already way ahead of the other two. He led the SEC in block and rebound rate last year and as he gets stronger, the high floor for those skillsets should get even higher. Not only can he rim protect, he's really mobile and can switch on the perimeter. Really good court runner and playmaker on break/in post. Plus, he's played with LaMelo before. He's my favorite big prospect after Mobley - but totally understand why 11 is too high for him.
  8. The good news is, that whoever we get at center is an upgrade to Biz/Zeller. The bar is super low. I think Vernon Carey can be that dump truck you're looking for. Plus, he's got higher upside than Garza imo. The argument for a wing like Wagner, Moody, Bouknight, etc at 11 is that we saw how much this team struggled when all those guards/wings got hurt last year. No offense to Caleb Martin, but playing him heavy minutes for a team aspiring to make the playoffs isn't a winning recipe. I think the wings have higher upside than the bigs at 11.
  9. This thread is off the rails lol - I keep reading about how we need to take Luke Garza at 11 when he will likely be there at pick 56. In the NBA lottery you draft for talent over need. Higher upside wings will be there at 11 than big men imo. If you go big at 11, I really like Isaiah Jackson. If you don't get a big at 11, there will be plenty of opportunity to address in trade or FA.
  10. The salary gymnastics to get him though aren't worth it. He's got like 3 years left on his deal at $31M, $33M & $36M each of those years. Hayward can be moved as a salary match, but Hayward is a better fit and player. Pass on Porzingis imo.
  11. I'm open to trading the pick. But my guess is that we'd rather use FA or Trade to address the starting center spot anyways. If we keep the pick, there could be some intriguing wing options there to replace Monk in the event we don't re-sign him. Kispert is a guy I really like among others.
  12. Terry being an expiring contract at an $18M is probably the main trade chip we have at facilitating a trade for a starting center since there is a level of salary matching you have to do. I'd be interested in knowing how Mitch feels about a Terry extension given the other contracts that are both on the books and coming up. Trading Terry may make the most sense....
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