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  1. Its time to clean house. No way is this just Rhule. These guys can't be incharge of bringing in more oline talent, they don't know what it looks like for fug sake.
  2. We haven't won late in the year since 2017. Some of us are still living in the past. Making a late run this year would be going against the new norm.
  3. We have no idea what the new offense will look like....but I'm sure most of us suspect what it will look like. At least it is exciting again. Lol
  4. Rhule has done enough to get fired already, all that is left are some games to prove why he shouldn't be fired. If he can't do it now what could he do to do better next year? Study? Practice? Hire an experienced OC thats going to teach him how the NFL works and how to be an NFL HC? The 3rd year isn't automatic, even Ron had to rally at the end of his 2nd year. It's not just wins and loses but showing reasons why we can't do better elsewhere. So far he has failed to do that.
  5. The only HC situation is in college period. I'd be shocked to see him as an OC in the NFL next year but it's possible. How this team does could impact some of that.
  6. True. Still don't know the entire details either of what has been going on behind the scenes here completely. Brady is too way inexperienced to be hoping he becomes your next HC in the NFL tho. It will be fun to see where he goes. Does he take up the HC role in a college or does he go put in the work with some team in the NFL? I can't think of a situation where a NFL team would seriously hire him as an OC yet but who knows. Like you said, football is weird.
  7. At least he has an entire year and change of experience now. That's a lot better then when he came here. Dude is super young, he just needs to go somewhere for some more NFL experience. Still, HC? Just too funny
  8. Brady was never qualified for the job, same for Rhule. Overhyped, overpromoted and sadly not surprising given their histories.
  9. I agree 100%. When Hurney came back I knew Ron was doomed here. Their only winning season o the 2.0 was with another GMs roster.
  10. I think you nailed it. DG was like a real boss and Ron hated it, even tho he performed at his best for those years as imperfect as it was.
  11. The funny part was Ron really wanted Hurney back. Some people just don't learn how to walk away from an Ex.
  12. It was right to let Rivera go, it was time. Keeping him would have been wrong. Looking at WTF I'm not jealous. Rhule was a bad hire but Tepper also kept Hurney so no real surprise there. I'm ready for the next option, I'm not missing the past or soon to be past.
  13. So your saying a good oline and a 99% run to pass ratio protects a rookie QB? Damn, who would have thunk it...
  14. As an OC? Yes, even when we had an OC. Not close at all. As a HC? Same difference. Do not want.
  15. We should but we won't. Probably be Erving, Jordan, Elf, Daley and Moton because this staff has learned nothing and that is what doubling down looks like.
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