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  1. Cool but contracts are not worth much in the NFL because they can be forced to be readdressed by either party. After AB anything could happen. Long gone are the days where teams have an iron grip outside of guaranteed money on the best players. Plus the Commies are pulling a full on WTF moves still lol. Hurneymagic lol
  2. But thanks for the logo at midfield and that prctice bubble. Sounds like there was a lot more going on down in SC then just the bond issues. Whatever
  3. Yeah it's too good to be true. At this point it has smoke screen written all over it. It just won't go away. After Sam I really do get the sad attempts to build up this up to get us to bite. The Jets played us and this crew completely allowed it.
  4. I wish the Seattle thing was real thing and would happen. I am exhausted of all of Baker and we don't even have him on the roster at this time. It's like his sad and overplayed commercials last year. Just go away already.
  5. Depreciation to offset profit in an NFL owned stadium vs a non-profit with boosters and school boards in college stadiums. Just the nature of the beast where only the game on the field is similar. Green Bay makes sense because it is fan owned who would value the history of the place vs what they did in LA or Dallas. That is my guess but who knows, only Green Bay releases any financials in the NFL.
  6. True story. It's everywhere and in HD now. I just assume I am being recorded at all times now.
  7. Whoa whoa, one bad year at a time is more than enough to have to stare down. If we are still bottom dwellers then it's not tanking but just who we are.
  8. That is hilarious. Great story. Yeah that is a guy who is going to create a lot of trouble but some funny stories. Them days are over. It's the age of cameras and consequences. My dad used to tell us that we would all be arrested for the stuff they got up to and I am going to have to tell mine the same thing about the stuff I got up to when I was younger. Edit: Dad was 50's and 60's and I was 80's and 90's lol. You could see the cameras coming back then and then the images were crap lol
  9. You are right but it has been butchered so much over the years to try and up date the essay it came from because that kind of thinking got a lot of those people put to the guillotine or a constitution added to their monarchy.
  10. Yeah sounds like you would be asked into court with that kind of friend lol. Smart man
  11. Sounds like a fun relationship. To each their own. Side note, we're you his 'friend' that he used? No judgment if you weren't the one lying.
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