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  1. This x 1,000. Too many cooks in the kitchen. There's nothing wrong with wanting to run a quick passing game; most of today's top offenses are running something similar (KC, Miami, 49ers) but we simply don't have the personnel to run it correctly. You need quick, agile receivers and RBs to run that kind of offense. We have an aging slot receiver who wasn't particularly fast in his prime, one straight-line speed guy in Chark, and a big possession guy in Mingo. Not to mention our OL is being forced into a zone blocking scheme that doesn't suit them either. If the coaching staff is too many cooks in the kitchen, the personnel on offense is that x 100.
  2. Dallas against our OL... he might end up with more than a sprained ankle. I don't see anything good coming from this game.
  3. Man, I actually feel bad for the Giants. And that's saying something coming from a Panthers fan right now.
  4. No, because I know 'what if?' He'd look like ass here just the same as any QB would.
  5. George Washington Abraham Lincoln Alexander Hamilton Andrew Jackson Ulysses S. Grant Benjamin Franklin
  6. Those aren't God awful stats under the circumstances, but you'd certainly like to see more from the #1 overall pick, especially with C.J. Stroud playing out of his mind in Houston. The problem going forward in terms of giving him a better supporting cast is the regression we've seen from the OL. If they were playing like last year we could focus on adding receiving targets and maybe a talented young RB in the draft and be in pretty good shape. However, we MUST get the OL to a point where it's able to protect Bryce at an average level at least. Whether that's switching to a new blocking scheme or adding talent or both. My ideal scenario would be to switch back to a scheme that better fits our talent up front, make Brady Christensen the "6th man" so to speak, who will be our key depth player who is able to play either guard or tackle spot, and sign the best free agent guard available to start. But that depends on Ickey being the answer at LT and on the scheme change benefiting both him and Bozeman. Plus, the list of free agent guards for next year isn't especially impressive. I also think we should seriously entertain offers for Brian Burns, both to recoup draft picks but also so we can use that cap space to address the offense. Either way, hopefully it won't be Scott Fitterer making these decisions.
  7. I guarantee you Tepper isn't making decisions on who we draft in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th rounds. That's on Fitterer.
  8. I can't fathom why they're trying to force this OL into a zone blocking unit.
  9. I agree. Reich should be fired tomorrow. Fitterer, too. Hell, Fitterer should be gone regardless of what happens to Reich.
  10. I'm not sure we do. Cade Mays? A lateral move at best. That said, there are surely better options we could sign off the street.
  11. Because we have nobody else. As bad as he is, I'll take him over Chandler Zavala any day.
  12. The problem is with how bad literally EVERYTHING is around him it does become very hard to pick apart his struggles individually from the team's struggles; that's just the nature of the game. Is Bryce struggling or is the team struggling around him? The fact is both things can be true at the same time, which makes it extremely hard to pick out the plays where Bryce is at fault, the ones where the talent around him lets him down, and the ones where both are at fault. It could be that Bryce will be a bust. It could also be that he will continue to get better and eventually reach his potential. My biggest fear is that we'll never be good enough around him to allow for that and we'll either ruin him before he has a chance to grow or move on from him and watch him reach his potential elsewhere. Regardless of where you stand on Bryce, I think we can ALL agree that we need to do a lot more to surround him with better talent.
  13. You're an idiot. Don't you know footballs are heavier in the NFL and it takes a cyborg arm to throw past 10 yards? I thought everyone knew this. It's common knowledge, like how REAL franchise QBs like our lord and savior C.J. Stroud can block for themselves, too. Duh.
  14. My lord, after watching that it's just embarrassing. Take Bryce out of the equation completely and some of the playcalls and play designs are just baffling. What the hell kind of offense are we even trying to run here?
  15. I never understood why we drafted Mingo when we needed speed so badly.
  16. My point exactly. You think Morgan didn't have input on those decisions?
  17. The bottom line is the bad situation around him makes it impossible to judge exactly what we have with Bryce. I know a lot of people seem to think every #1 pick should be able to single-handedly carry a team on his back from day one, but that's not the case with the vast majority of rookies or vets. I'm not even saying Bryce hasn't had his struggles outside of the team around him, but he's a rookie and still developing. That's going to happen even when they have good team around them at times, but it obviously will with a rookie.
  18. Morgan has had too much of a role for me to trust him with the job. We need to start fresh.
  19. Sounds like it won't matter what happens on Thursday. Good.
  20. We have an elite coaching staff... for the year 2012. We're behind current trends offensively, though Evero deserves a ton of credit for keeping the defense solid despite all the injuries.
  21. Honestly, Nicole can't be worse than her husband.
  22. You're not wrong, but the way I view it if you're picking top-5 it really doesn't matter if it's #1 or #5 if you've traded the pick.
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