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  1. There's nothing wrong with this. Despite his performance so far everyone SHOULD be all-in on Bryce because we're not in a position to draft anyone else until 2025.
  2. He's not wrong here, but Mike Lombardi is a joke in general. He's a Josh McDaniels/Patriots media plant.
  3. I don't care about the Bears one way or another. And we're going to have high enough picks in every other round pretty much regardless at this point so it doesn't matter all that much unless we go on a win streak or something.
  4. Honestly this probably happens a lot more often in the NFL than you might think. These billionaire egos literally think they know it all, no matter what the subject is.
  5. I like Slowik but man it'd be really weird to have our HC be a former PFF analyst.
  6. My God, Dabo Swinney coaching in the NFL would make Matt Rhule look like Don Shula.
  7. Olsen might be a good coach one day with some experience, but nobody needs to go straight from being a player to a broadcaster to an NFL head coach. Now as a GM? I do think the right person can absolutely make that transition. Not saying that's Greg Olsen, but still.
  8. Brown should be extended. Burns needs to be traded for draft capital (not to mention cap space) we can use to re-build the offense.
  9. I fully expect this, especially if any of the reporters press him even a little bit.
  10. Yeah, I don't think they can completely change schemes in late November. I'm sure they'll probably run more Rams-style concepts, but I wouldn't expect a wholesale change. That's just not really doable this late in the year.
  11. No disrespect to Brown, but if this is true then we're fuged.
  12. Fair enough, but I'm not sold on the idea that Reich was 100% on Stroud. He may have preferred him, but I don't think he was anti-Bryce by any means either.
  13. You might win some games with that, but you're not winning any championships in this day and age unless you have some kind of elite all-time defense.
  14. If he's not the guy, he's not the guy. We take another swing in 2025. It's not a good situation for sure, but it's not world-ending either. But I maintain that C.J. Stroud would also struggle in Reich's offense. Bryce may well turn out to be a bust, but that doesn't mean Reich was ever going to be the answer. Maybe Bryce is the problem; maybe Reich was. All I'm saying is both of these things can be true.
  15. lol I doubt it. Maybe not taking Stroud, but Reich was never going to be the answer.
  16. I'm not seeing your point. Are you saying that had we drafted Stroud that Reich would have worked out? I don't buy that at all. As bad as Bryce Young has been, anyone with eyes can see how terrible Reich's scheme was. The regression of the OL alone was enough of a reason to fire him.
  17. No. Hurney was involved with hiring Matt Rhule.
  18. Wilks would have been a FAR better hire than Reich, but neither of them was ever the long-term answer that was going to make us into a contender. No doubt Tepper wanted to trade up for a QB, but he's not the one who keeps missing on almost every draft pick he's made since being hired, including the mid-late round picks that Tepper has nothing to do with. By no means am I defending Tepper. He's awful. But his awfulness shouldn't take away from how bad both Reich and Fitterer were. On the contrary, the fact that he hired them both is the best example of just how bad an owner he is.
  19. I think that is being overblown. Maybe Reich did prefer Stroud, but I don't think it was a situation where he was the lone voice in the organization saying we should take him over Bryce. And I honestly don't think Stroud would look anywhere near as good as he has had we drafted him. Taking a different QB wouldn't have made Reich the answer. Maybe it would have bought him more time, but does anyone really think Frank Reich was ever going to coach this team to a Super Bowl, with Bryce Young, C.J. Stroud or anyone else?
  20. Wilks would have also been a mistake, though certainly a far better hire than Reich. Fitterer needs to go to. Let's get a GM & HC who are actually on the same page for once during Teppers time as owner.
  21. Tepper deserves plenty of criticism, but not for firing Reich. That had to be done.
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