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  1. Thielen is a solid #3 receiver at this stage of his career, but nothing more than that. Mingo is a rookie and a complete unknown who is obviously still adjusting to the pro game. Chark is the only somewhat proven NFL receiver who isn't well past his prime we have on the roster, but he's far from a #1 and is injury prone. TMJ is the biggest mystery of them all; this is year 3 and we know as much about the rookie Mingo as we do about Marshall. He's looked decent at times in the past, but has also had injuries and hasn't looked any better this year than Mingo has. Hayden Hurst is a solid player, but again, nothing more than that. Our other TEs are practice squad level players. We literally have NO ONE who scares the defense. Add to that boring vanilla playcalling from Reich and an OL that's down two starters on the interior and has basically zero depth and is it any wonder that our rookie QB has struggled so far? I don't care how fast Bryce can process, he can't 'process' the receivers open or the anticipate better playcalling. That's not to say that he hasn't left plenty of plays on the field because he has, but for a rookie to come in and be expected to overcome all of this and play like a seasoned veteran just isn't realistic.
  2. My God, the amount and level of hatred some folks here have for Bryce Young boggles the mind. I get criticism; that comes with the territory. But some of the comments I'm seeing... it's like some people want him to fail.
  3. I love how Andy Dalton has suddenly become the second coming of Tom Brady in the eyes of half the board. The assumption that he's going to "light it up" is laughable. He may have a good game, but even if he does he's still not the future of the franchise.
  4. If you watched this team in the preseason and still went into week 1 thinking we had playoff potential you really were wearing rose-tinted glasses.
  5. It's not out of pride. If anything it's out of a sense of self preservation. What I'm saying is that Tepper values Bryce's development ahead of a playoff berth this year. Reich surely knows that; Fitterer damn sure knows that. Reich benching Bryce would only serve as a signal to Tepper that either he's incapable of doing his job or that Bryce is a bust. In either case, it wouldn't be to Reich's benefit.
  6. Early returns are promising, but a long way to go.
  7. No, you wouldn't. Andy Dalton isn't the future of poo. The problem here is some of you, for some reason, expected this to be a playoff team despite all evidence to the contrary and now you're suddenly realizing that you were wrong. Starting Dalton means nothing for this staff in the long run. A win Sunday means nothing for this staff in the long run. A playoff berth with Dalton at QB means nothing for this staff in the long run. Bryce Young is either the future of this team or Tepper is going to clean house within 2 years and start over. Benching Bryce Young with a fake injury would essentially be this staff throwing in the towel and telling Tepper that they can't do what he specifically hired them to do. That would be FAR more damaging to their careers than starting him and getting poor play from a rookie QB.
  8. What look exactly? You sound like the people who bitched about Cam putting a towel over his head.
  9. And yet you continue to spend half the day on this message board talking about how bad everything is. You can do "other things" the other 6 days of the week, too.
  10. Hurney was solid during his first run; his bigger issues were generally the contracts he was giving out. The middle rounds were a weak point for him, but he still did draft guys like Ryan Kalil, Charles Johnson, Travelle Wharton, Josh Norman, Greg Hardy (off-field issues aside, the guy could play), Ricky Manning, and Geoff Hangartner. Not all Pro Bowlers or anything, but some were and others were solid players for us. Gettleman was, IMO, the worst for the simple fact that he seemed to have ZERO instincts on how to actually construct and/or maintain a winning roster. Yes, we did have more success under his tenure as G.M. but we did it largely with players drafted by Marty Hurney. Gettleman did have some early success with Star, K.K. Short, Trai Turner, and finding Andrew Norwell as a UDFA, but also drafted two of our bigger 1st round busts in Kelvin Benjamin and Vernon Butler. His entire approach to team building was schizophrenic at best; he went from signing exclusively bargain bin free agents in 2013-2015 to handing out a massive deal to Matt Kalil and this was after completely botching the Josh Norman situation in 2016. His tenure as the Giants G.M. saw more of this type of team-building and their lack of success during that time I think shows what we would have dealt with had he not inherited a very talented roster from Marty Hurney. Scott Fitterer... well, it's too soon to say. Certainly the results haven't been great in terms of our record, but we really don't know how many of the mistakes of the past few years were his decisions and how many were Matt Rhule's. I do like his approach to filling holes on the roster better than Gettleman's (full bargain bin) or Hurney (big spending on mid-tier players). Long-term I think his legacy will be all about how successful Bryce Young is and how good a team he can assemble around him long-term. Obviously it's not looking real promising at the moment, but it is important to note that it IS still early and that this is really only his second year without Rhule having full roster control.
  11. This graph tells me they're trying to do too much with what we have. Just because Bryce can run the full offense doesn't mean we have the personnel to run it successfully.
  12. Jeremy Chinn is terrible in coverage. He's the most overrated player on the roster. I, for one, would not consider extending him. He's been living off his draft status and name recognition for 2 years now.
  13. You're clearly missing Frank's grand and insidious plan to secretly bench Brady Christensen so he can ride Calvin Throckmorton to the Super Bowl and get a lifetime contract from David Tepper.
  14. You think Reich's plan is to ride Andy Dalton to the promised land? Come on. If this was his plan he wouldn't have named Bryce the starter before training camp and let the competition play out. Tepper isn't going to want his #1 pick who we traded a ton for riding the bench so Reich can take us to the playoffs at 8-9 and get blown out in the wild card round. That's not going to save his job. Tepper didn't pay this "all-star" coaching staff to not be able to develop our #1 overall pick QB. If Reich benches Bryce Young, he's admitting that he either a) made a huge mistake drafting him, and/or b) is unable to develop him. Which is EXACTLY what he was brought in to do! Regardless of what you think of Bryce (it's pretty clear you've never been a fan of the pick; probably a Levis guy) the notion that Reich would have him fake an injury in order to have an excuse to bench him just doesn't make sense. Young fails, Reich fails. It's as simple as that. Frank knows this, so why would he NOT want him on the field, even if it means going through some growing pains? He's not going to fool Tepper by continually finding a new excuse to keep our #1 overall QB on the bench.
  15. Like most conspiracy theories, this one makes little to no sense. You don't think Frank Reich realizes that if Bryce fails his career as a head coach is over? What would be the point of trying to hide him like this when even a playoff berth with Andy Dalton at QB wouldn't save Reich in the long run if Bryce ends up being a bust.
  16. Can't be too serious. He didn't seem to be limping at all on Monday night, even late in the game. Probably just a precaution.
  17. A pointless segment. They're just arguing the same stuff from pre-draft about his size. I maintain that we did not make a mistake drafting Bryce, but we may have made a HUGE one by hiring Frank Reich.
  18. Burns and Zavala are disappointing. I was really encouraged by Zavala last week. Burns has to be better if he wants to be paid. If he can't consistently make an impact in this defense he's not worth his asking price.
  19. You really think Bryce doesn't know that he's not supposed to line up under the right guard? Come on.
  20. He's a former Heisman winner; I think he knows not to line up over the right guard.
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