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  1. Jesus, y'all need to forget about Butker already. It sucks yes, but he's not our kicker and won't be. That said, yes, we need a kicker.
  2. The left side of the OL was so awful all game that I doubt Brady had time to give up much pressure before the left tackle beat him to it. Still, after the negative reports out of camp I was at least somewhat pleasantly surprised by him today. I still don't get why we're playing him at right tackle when we just re-signed Moton, especially when we need help at guard as well.
  3. There really is no need to have a specific video of Darnold to Anderson plays; all you have to do is find a general Sam Darnold highlight video made pre-2020. Almost every throw is to Anderson anyway.
  4. It's not that far fetched. They could have been targeting Brady at #59 and once some of the tackle-needy teams started drafting other OTs felt safe enough he would be there in the 3rd that they took TMJ. The fact that he was the only player we actually traded UP for indicates to me that he was definitely a target of ours that we wanted to ensure we got. That, and Tepper's reaction on the phone call tells me he very likely was their primary target at LT if Sewell didn't fall to them in the 1st round.
  5. Jabril Cox in the 4th would be a steal. We badly need a linebacker with his coverage ability.
  6. Did you guys hear? The NFL has teamed up with the International Charity for Disabled Floor Tile Salesmen and they have a representative to announce the next pick! After the 3-hour Kings of Leon concert, of course.
  7. Eichenberg or Moehrig, please. Teven Jenkins would work, too.
  8. My top-5 for us in the 2nd round: 1. Liam Eichenberg, OT 2. Trevonon Moehrig, S 3. Elijah Moore, WR 4. Wyatt Davis, OG 5. Jabril Cox, LB
  9. I really think Mac Jones ends up here now.
  10. Probably for Mac Jones if the 49ers pass.
  11. I like Horn fine, but we NEED a left tackle.
  12. ATL & DET picks are the wild cards of the 1st round, IMO. Both teams could literally do just about anything with those picks; take a QB, OL, WR, go defense, or trade down. It's just about impossible to predict with any certainty what the Falcons and Lions will do.
  13. So if he comes out of retirement it'll be... return of the Mack?
  14. Traded down twice in the 1st round in this scenario...
  15. This might be my favorite mock simulation I've done all offseason. Traded down in the 1st with the Pats and again in the 3rd with the Raiders.
  16. True, but teams don't necessarily need an elite CB to win a championship, just 2-3 good/solid ones.
  17. This time Slater was the obvious pick. Traded down in the 3rd with the Raiders this time.
  18. I like this one. Pitts fell in the 1st, I got Eichenberg in the 2nd and traded down with the Jets in the 3rd.
  19. The early corners in this draft scare me. I'd rather wait until the 2nd or 3rd.
  20. The driver must have been a 2nd round pick.
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