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  1. I'd just assume pass on him. At his age I don't think giving him a big contract is the best idea. I'd rather save the cap space for free agency next season or for a possible trade for a big-time WR.
  2. I see a relatively slow start before picking it up mid-season and then going .500 during the last month of the season. Whether that'll get us into the playoffs likely depends on how well the Saints and Falcons are doing at that point. Not sure I see us getting in as a wild card. Regardless, the most important thing is how Bryce performs. Playoffs would be nice, but I'd rather win 6-7 games with Bryce showing that he's a true franchise QB than win 9-10 games and come out of the season with questions about Bryce Young being the guy.
  3. Best seat: my living room. Only ever been to one game (2005 opener vs. the Saints) and it was a miserable experience. Heat, sunburn from hell, overpriced food/drinks, and almost got in a fight with some drunk guy over a misunderstanding about tipping one of the stadium vendors. Nevermind that we lost the game and that the tiny stadium seats are a (literal) pain in the ass for larger folks like myself. Ever since then the appeal of the in-person "gameday experience" has been lost on me. Probably doesn't help that I came home to the coast to a hurricane warning with 24 hours to prepare. What a time
  4. TMJ I think is a legit breakout candidate this year. You look at his production once Rhule was fired and he actually saw the field - and especially given the poor QB play - and I think he's going to give us high-end #2 production if not low-end #1 production this year. With Bryce Young at QB and Reich/Thomas Brown running the offense I think we're in much better shape at WR than a lot of people think. It would not surprise me a bit to see TMJ + Mingo + Thielen emerge as a very viable starting WR trio by the end of the season. And that's not even factoring in Chark, Shenault, Byrd, etc. If we can utilize Miles Sanders' skills as a receiver out of the backfield better than the Eagles did the last few years that will add a whole different dimension to our offense as well. Maybe not quite CMC-level, but Sanders does have the ability to come pretty close as a receiver. Why the Eagles didn't take advantage of it more after his rookie season I'll never know.
  5. I feel a lot better about TMJ than Tremble. I think Tremble may be better suited to play fullback. Whether that's even a position we'll use much in this new offense I don't know. One thing's for sure; Tremble isn't likely to develop much more with Hayden Hurst in place as TE #1.
  6. Some years getting mixed up here... 1995-2004: Julius Peppers, Sam Mills, Muhsin Muhammad, Kris Jenkins, Mike Minter 2005-2014: Steve Smith, Cam Newton, Jordan Gross, Thomas Davis, Ryan Kalil 2015-2022: Luke Kuechly, Greg Olsen, Christian McCaffrey, Brian Burns, Taylor Moton
  7. I hate stadium naming rights deals. Kills a good amount of the individuality of all stadiums.
  8. 66% completions, 3700 yards, 26 TDs, 9 INTs + 375 rushing yards, 4 TDs. OROY.
  9. NFC Championship is a pipe dream, but there's no reason we can't make the playoffs in this division.
  10. I'd prefer Clowney, but we just need something opposite Burns at this point.
  11. 01. Luke Kuechly 02. Steve Smith 03. Cam Newton 04. Julius Peppers 05. Thomas Davis
  12. I recall Dwayne Jarrett being high as a kite during an interview on ESPN after we drafted him.
  13. Yannick Ngakoue should have happened a month ago.
  14. And yet you could easily make the argument that the 2011 draft was Hurney's biggest contribution to the franchise considering the impact the one pick he nailed had.
  15. I'm not a huge fan of the trade-up, but this guy really does have some legit potential. There's nothing at all wrong with taking a high-potential athletic freak (even if he is raw) late in the 3rd round.
  16. Redmond, Pool, Milton, and Peoples appear to have the best chance at making the roster, IMO.
  17. I do like Camerun Peoples a lot. He's a guy I'd have been happy with drafting in the 6th or 7th round had we had anymore picks. UDFA or not, he has a legit shot to make the team.
  18. 1st: Bryce Young, QB, Alabama: A+ 2nd: Jonathan Mingo, WR, Ole' Miss: B+ 3rd: D.J. Johnson, EDGE, Oregon: C+ 4th: Chandler Zavala, OG, N.C. State: A- 5th: Jammie Robinson, S, Florida State: B-
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