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  1. We're getting Vince Wilfork too. Great day all around folks.
  2. Surely Cam though for waking the walking dead.
  3. And where the hell is PJ? Spackle yourself in a corner.
  4. You should plaster your sack for not including the Zane Gonzalez!
  5. Drunk Panther spill over. Hellz to the yeah! Man I love Bridges!
  6. Panthers to win SUPERBOWL 250 to 1. Get on my level! Lets fugging Gooooo!!!!!!!!
  7. Got my 960 on my 200 dollar bet. Eat it skeptics!
  8. Couldn't have said it better myself friend. Touche and cheers!
  9. I've been the biggest rah rah man since the signing but come on? What are you 15? He got to 1 yrd. touchdowns. The team is hitting on all cylinders because they see hope. If he crashes and burns as a starter we will get Darnold Panthers. At least keep it real. Let's just enjoy the hell out of this!
  10. Ok brah. You gave us 2 wins. One down. Think you can start munching!
  11. Seems you failed to realize the rest of the team may actually think we have a chance with our gladiator as well. Wipe your mouth with crow ass!
  12. Scotty hope your still with the miss or within shouting range when we bitch slap her Cowboys in the playoffs!
  13. Scary, #1 scoring 3rd quarter offense against the 32nd place scoring offense. Not hearing it. New team damnit.
  14. Anyone else think Kenny Albert comes to the booth drunk as hell.
  15. How low did you feel last week vs. the high of this week. It's like Blow Baby!
  16. Which one of y'all fools knew the entire team was about to transform into this power house with our juggernaut back at the Bank? Wait......
  17. Lmao! Everything, even punt blocks and 2 point conversions up 30.
  18. Looks like all 3 are losing at half. With the Falcons getting murdered 36-3 at half.
  19. All 3 division rivals losing early.
  20. Cowboys score early TD on Falcons.
  21. Bucs lose Saints lose Falcons lose That would be a great start to the 1 o'clock games. Queue up the RedZone channel.
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