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  1. If Bryce kills a play, it's 100% a run not sure why a D can get gashed knowing that.
  2. Brown bout to get Mack money! Well if Laser eyes gets fired.
  3. 6 quarters with no points, come on boys this is our Super Bowl!!! Gonna go get a shot of Ked Woodley's finest! Rawr Rawr Rawwwr!!!!
  4. Bryce has struggled mightily but I bet the narrative would be completely different if he had CMC out there. Our slow receivers would have a much better chance if that threat was there.
  5. Maybe even my 50 yr old azz can keep u with the kids, you keep your bs rolling, we will laugh,
  6. Imagine if he were black you'd call me a racist, Yuck!
  7. Swear I love the coaches, as much as I love cute fat fitterer he has to go, all scouts go. Tabor Evero and the Brown wiill get us anywhere we want.
  8. I'm telling you, this guy is it. This team is no longer a joke, why, cause Frank is gone!
  9. Is what it is what did the other guy do rpo pads, I forgot Frank
  10. Loved this guy, he was no frills and said yes I'm pissed at those calls. imagine lazy eye and not even going to give Rhule a response ehhhhhh ehhhhhh. Dude sounds like a coach,someone link it or start that thread, never had that coach
  11. so who cares about either but bet Daisy Marie has a bigger fan base.
  12. If I said you got Daisy Married, would you know?
  13. I don't follow that kat, wasn't quite as rich as you but I bet that name isn't one I hope to know
  14. You guys are stupid, CMC for TNJ and DJ Johnson weren't worth it?
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