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  1. Actually he's not, Detroit still owns the rights to him
  2. Love Burns and think he deserves to get paid, but atm he is at least 4th, maybe even 5th if you count Reggie White
  3. When was Shenault ever on a practice squad? No need to slam one of our players just because you are ignorant to who they are. FYI he is still considered our number 4 WR
  4. There were plenty of analysts saying Theilen wasn't a number 1 anymore and not to expect more than number 2 production from him
  5. I think our WR room improved overall. Even with the loss of Moore and no true number 1, we now have an answer at every level. What I'm worried about is depth at MLB and Corner, and a starter opposite of Burns on the edge. If they get a vet starting caliber Edge then I think we have had a phenomenal offseason.
  6. We should be ranked top 5, that's where I've seen other sights rank us
  7. Best case 20 - 0 Worst case 0 - 17 Likely 11 - 7 win division and make it to the divisional round
  8. Saw this upcoming on my feed yesterday and can't wait to get a chance to watch. I did catch the short where Steve told Moose that there would be no Steve Smith without Moose, it was pretty emotional
  9. Maybe should allow coffin kicks inside the 20
  10. There's a lot of assumptions there
  11. I don't understand how this has anything to do with Bryce's demeanor. A father's profession doesn't usually translate to the child.
  12. Only you thought anyone was talking about him being the starter.
  13. Nail in the coffin, Corral will make the 53 man roster. We would be idiots not to take advantage of the rule
  14. You can unfollow the thread its down below the reply box
  15. I prefer to be a fan of the team and not just one player, but you be you
  16. I guess you can't read. What I quoted says nothing about Darnold, just that your not worried about what ifs. You're clearly also not concerned about having the best players on the team possible. If Corral gets more reps and becomes an asset to the team, even as a third string, then it benefits the team.
  17. I guess we should only have 1 qb on the roster then, actually we don't need backups at any position
  18. Just eliminate kickers all together. No more kickoffs, no more field goals, no more punting, make teams use all 4 downs.
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