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  1. Or just Google. Too much info at your fingertips to twist something like that
  2. Heard my kid use "say less" about a year ago and instantly loved the phrase. Only an idiot could think it means anything other than "say no more"
  3. I know when I type WFT my autocorrect wants to type WTF
  4. I m sure you knew like I did that we would score there. He came in I was screaming "Cam"
  5. I came here expecting a meltdown. Congrats Huddle you leveled up
  6. He had drops early, probably kept him from getting many targets
  7. Wife is making shrimp fajitas for dinner, but that's really a victory dinner
  8. Blowout, fug the fuging cowboys! Panthers 31 Cowboys 9 Bold Prediction Burns and Reddick are tied in season sacks after this game.
  9. 1. I want to see Robbie get more touches, but I don't think it's a key to the game. 2.Stopping the Run is way more important. We stop the run, the defense will take care of the pass. 3. I agree on this point. Winning the turnover battle is usually a sign of success.
  10. Why you never get a woman's name as a tat. It's the kiss of death
  11. Del Rio was special, too bad we couldn't hold onto him
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