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  1. They will find a way to fug it up. This is the Browns we're talking about.
  2. Losing out on Watson is bad enough, but we don't need him in the south if we don't get him.
  3. Or just Google. Too much info at your fingertips to twist something like that
  4. Heard my kid use "say less" about a year ago and instantly loved the phrase. Only an idiot could think it means anything other than "say no more"
  5. I know when I type WFT my autocorrect wants to type WTF
  6. I m sure you knew like I did that we would score there. He came in I was screaming "Cam"
  7. I came here expecting a meltdown. Congrats Huddle you leveled up
  8. He had drops early, probably kept him from getting many targets
  9. Wife is making shrimp fajitas for dinner, but that's really a victory dinner
  10. Blowout, fug the fuging cowboys! Panthers 31 Cowboys 9 Bold Prediction Burns and Reddick are tied in season sacks after this game.
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