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  1. Yeah that is an unpopular opinion
  2. I just realizes we have to talk about the fuging Cowboys for a week and half
  3. I for one love our abominations of every culture's food
  4. That's a lot to ask from the people in the Carolinas. Most of these are standard needs of a typical Carolinian
  5. I think he "owned" them more a couple weeks ago when they wouldn't stop asking if it was a revenge game. It's good to know he is smart enough not to get baited into saying something detrimental to himself or the team.
  6. Like Stepping on the gas in the second half. 7-6 was a scary moment where it all felt like it was going the Texans way. We made halftime adjustments and had a great 2nd half. Dislike The injuries. I get it injuries happen in the NFL, but it felt like a pile on tonight
  7. He settled down towards the end, but he needs to work on those hands.
  8. Survived the refs. Nothing can stop us
  9. I like how we fought in the second half, even with the blatant screw job from the refs
  10. It's actually against the law for nfl to play on saturday
  11. I think he was trying to get back out there and coaches told him no
  12. They had virtual bulls burn the entire stadium down.
  13. Steve Smith "Darnold played for a High School team with the Jets, and now he comes to a real organization."
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