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  1. If we go in boxed in at wr for 33 and 39 we will reach and lose out on 1st round talent. What if JPJ is there and McConkey is off the board? We gonna go XL, Coleman, or Franklin over JPJ?
  2. It actually makes good business sense. People will buy because it's their team and it's a new uni, then when the team is good they will by the good players. If they wait till they're good you don't get the double dip
  3. Honestly everyone stuck on wr. The draft could very well fall where we don't get a wr at all because it would be a reach and better players at other positions are on the board.
  4. I would do it for a 2nd this year and 1st next, but that won't happen so stay at 33
  5. There's a good chance someone drops from the 1st that can help this team. I'm fine with the draft even if we don't choose a wr
  6. There's going to be a player at 33 that can help us. Don't fug it up, just take the BPA. Don't reach for nothing, not even WR
  7. I hate the idea of trading down. Just keep the picks and pick the best three on day 3
  8. Why do ppl who get banned come back? Id just move on
  9. Always wondered if his stats were ever inflated by the stats guy getting them confused
  10. I wouldn't mind drafting a RB on day 3, but I want to see what Sanders can do behind a better line
  11. Pretty sure Canales is running the offense. I see you're already working the excuse, give Bryce a chance
  12. I don't like the trade and would rather keep 33 unless we get crazy compensation
  13. Realists are just pessimists most the tine.
  14. I think some of these "professional" mock drafters use panthers draft picks to keep players on the board for their teams to pick
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