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  1. Bro is there really Clifford stans on this board lmao. Cliff is going to limit Melo offensively and play privy to the vets. Mason Plumlee about to average 38 mpg and so will Hayward when not on the bench with a bandaid. I guarantee we take a step back next year.
  2. I said this the night he was drafted and got about 10 poop reactions from people lol. They don’t want to hear it
  3. Still not as bad as taking Reymond Felton and Sean May in the same year lmao
  4. In a couple of years our starting 5 is going to be 1: Rozier 2: Martin 3: Hayward 4: Plumlee 5: Williams with Steve Clifford as coach
  5. And this dumpster fire is going to bring back Clifford too watch. No wonder we got duped by Atkinson, Mitch and MJ probably told him what our “plan” was in the draft and moving forward.
  6. Keep Duren, and trade away 15 + Hayward for a late first/early 2nd. I would have been much better with that. Detroit fleeced us.
  7. So, Hayward is still on the roster lmao. We won’t resign Miles and Melo will bounce here in a couple of years. They’re going to have to retire Terry Roziers number because they won’t have a choice.
  8. Here come the Fox News school of molecular biology turds.
  9. Totally a click bait thread. How about no threads about baker mayfield until a move is actually made.
  10. I’ll dm our friend Gary Cobb and get the real scoop
  11. Well that’s the new generation. Listening to rush Limbaugh and the likes certainly doesn’t speak highly of the previous generation and their treatment of minorities and women.
  12. Then he needs to look the cameras in the face and call the refs/NHL out on national television and not hold back.
  13. I’m drunk spamming. I love Rod the bod but this is the rangers we’re playing. This isn’t Tampa/FLA. 1/17 on the PP and winless on the road is just inexcusable. He needs to answer some tough questions. And GM needs to make some tough moves.
  14. Need some trades this off-season and aggressive moves before the trade deadline. The roster as is even with development is not SC contenders. Weak minded.
  15. 1 for 17 on the pp in this series. That in itself is a fireable offense.
  16. Getting smacked by a team “that’s just happy to be here” and “playing with house money”. Way to lock them in Rod. PNC is a chucky cheese tonight
  17. Team ain’t helping the goalies at al either. Probably be a shutout. 2nd round is our peak.
  18. Nonexistent forecheck and a pussy ass pp. what’s new. Need some changes in the off-season
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