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  1. lol, i honestly just do not care anymore. Congrats Dave.
  2. Lamelo just sitting on the bench. Not buying that non-Covid illness. Healthy scratch? Bridges going in and making his case for MIP.
  3. So you’re telling me Tepper was lobbying for Mike Tomlin to be fired? But he’s okay Matt Rhule staying for another year on a team he completely owns and controls? How did this dude become a billionaire lmao.
  4. Josh Allen is capable is beating anyone in the league when he’s on.
  5. That was an elite play by an elite safety. Ours would have been out of position. WR should have made a play on the ball.
  6. That was a great throw by Mac. Just a ridiculous play by Hyde. Mac Jones is a franchise QB though. Hate to say it. Rich get richer.
  7. Damn when we had healthy/prime Cam and Luke I was sure we would be a perennial playoff team and the organization squandered that opportunity by piss poor management and player safety. It really sucks looking at the team now and knowing we are not even close to being a playoff team.
  8. You can tell who the UNC fans are on this board clamoring for Trubisky lmao
  9. Yeah scored free tickets through the USO. I’ll be there with my lovely wife.
  10. For a dude that supposedly loves advanced analytics, he ignores some of the most glaring ones.
  11. I am close to permanently checking out on this franchise. I know that nobody cares but I imagine many fans feel alienated right now. I cannot in good conscience support an organization that doesn’t give a fug. If they don’t, why should I? Permaban my account and finish me off. Good god what a fuging dumpster fire.
  12. We are a homeless shelter for Temple and Baylor players.
  13. Just move the franchise to St Louis and put me out of my fuging misery.
  14. Look, this is a process and you have to trust the process. It’s going to be a process until somebody tells me it isn’t a process. The process is working. You can’t see it yet but it is. It took Jay-Z 18 years to win a Super Bowl.
  15. Maybe so. I do know everyone here including myself has been expecting that to happen for the past ten years+.
  16. Yeah can’t really laugh at the saints tbh. They were one game away from making the playoffs with some terrible luck at QB. They have a core to build around a legitimate coaching staff and front office that knows how to masterfully navigate the salary cap and draft well. If anything I’m jealous.
  17. And does anyone here actually believe we have the “number 2 defense in the nfl”. There are holes everywhere on this team.
  18. Matt Rhule and co. In the locker room following the game:
  19. I would like to see a chemical breakdown of Gronkowskis blood stream. Bet it’s a mix of cocaine, peds, and powerful opiates.
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