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  1. He’s already grimaced after giving up a couple of big plays this year. That’s his go-to. “fug i got burned again, time to grimace in pain so it looks like I am battling through an injury”
  2. So, let’s talk about the Sorum kid. He looks good. Saw him getting bullied on the boards but once he puts on a little muscle I think he will be fine. I see a little Tuevo in him.
  3. Donte has always been a liability. Great teammate and elite speed. Best suited at nickel.
  4. that rookie who just turned 18 years old is going to be a player.
  5. Don’t care about the stats. Just want to see glimpses that he can be that franchise qb.
  6. Hope someone is keeping track of all the Bryce doomers. When he proves himself, they should all be required to repent.
  7. we need to help our rookie qb out as much as possible. not having a 1st rd pick hurts. fortuantley, we have a lot of cap space opening up. unfortunately, we have a guy in charge who likes to give average rbs 30 million dollars so we're fuged.
  8. i get your point but occasionally athletes do transcend their sport despite their size or athletic ability.
  9. Haha that’s why I take 64 when I come from the west so I can avoid that place altogether
  10. I think fans are just fed up. The younger generation isn’t going to be patient and the fact is there are now many other places to discuss panthers football. Twitter, Reddit, discord, other forums. This used to be the place to be. When igo had Josh Norman on and hardy made an account, Fat Alice in the smack forum. Those were the days. Having a prime Cam Newton certainly helped. This is my second account - I’ve been here for a long time. All this to say, the glory days are over for CH. It doesn’t help that many super intelligent and long-standing posters who had polarizing opinions were either banned or run off. Now even the TB is an echo chamber for conservative talking points. SCP doesn’t make threads, Zod doesn’t do his weekly threads anymore, PhillyB, rodeo, and yes even GJBC are all gone.
  11. So now that reality is starting to set in. We have a very bad offensive line, Bozeman will help, but he isn’t going to fix it. We have no legitimate weapons on offense. Our secondary is a perpetual question mark, no contract update on Burns who disappears for long periods of times anyways. Scott Fitt said he wanted a roster “we could just drop a QB into” and hinted we had that throughout the off-season, at minimum, suggested we were close to that. We have our rookie QB, with a shitty offensive line, zero weapons, an overpaid and overrated rb, a defense that has obvious holes and looks to be declining, and a hc that has a fundamentally inept offensive scheme. We are not close to competing. fire Scott. This is honestly an atrocity.
  12. Coaches are intentionally vague about injuries and they should be lol. Frank knows exactly what’s going on.
  13. Hurts gonna break cams record all on 1 yard TDs smdh
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