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  1. this dude will defend unc and sam howell to the death lmao. wake up,
  2. why the fug are tda and orlov still on a pair together. rod can be dense as fug at times.
  3. i'll be watching live tonight. buzzing from the app state game still
  4. Nice to see reality has set in for unc “fans”. These threads were getting obnoxious early in the year with LG and his gang of dwarves. I’ll say it again and I know it’ll piss LGs delusional ass off. UNC has the ability to be a national power in football (this is a compliment) but it’ll come at the cost of their basketball program. They’ll have to pick one in this day and age of NIL and conference expansion. They have the resources to decide. Football is king and I can stomach a UNC football power as they recruit the state well.
  5. Idk, Hayward should be one of the most tradeable assets in the league imo. A contender should be very interested in him.
  6. Bryce was a phenomenal college qb. There is no denying that or that him and Williams was pretty much it for the Alabama offense. Why that hasn’t translated to the NFL so far is what’s currently being debated.
  7. Most of the Dallas fans there will be changing out of their Tony Romo jersey into their Tyler Hansbrough jerseys shortly after the game and heading to Chili’s for post game beers and the trek west back to Gastonia.
  8. I said it once and if you look at my post history, you would see the decrease in activity. Glad you’re following me around though.
  9. Well, you have poo worthy opinions and temp-ban people based off of emotions. This will be the last time I respond to you. So either temp-ban me for the 9th time or keep it moving.
  10. Looks like we have an opportunity to go on a little run in the coming weeks. Five game stretch of home games and then an away @ Philly. Getting 8-10 points here would be big.
  11. It’s going to be remembered longer than that.
  12. Hurricanes shut out Tampa 4-0 last night. Then again, Raleigh is a superior city so I wouldn’t expect the wannabe wall street bros in Charlotte to know what a winning franchise is supposed to look like.
  13. Yeah just finished the game. The effort isn’t there. Burns looks slow and old. Orlov has a long ways to go. Thought he was responsible for 2 of those goals. Guys just standing around. Doesn’t look like a Canes team at all.
  14. That’s nice but our all star coaching staff and front office still had “conviction” for Bryce. Their inability to develop Bryce may not be a direct indictment on them but their decision to draft him certainly is.They collectively set the franchise back years. I’d honestly fire everyone and give the job to McCown. All this just continues to prove that these “experts” with decades of experience don’t necessarily know how to evaluate the qb position. What a blunder.
  15. it's really only one mod. every-time he bans me, i know that i've won lol.
  16. Burn the entire thing down. I mean everything. The Teppers need to remove themselves from any football decision. Period. Stop mixing family with business and hire someone to make these decisions. Start from scratch. Treat it as an expansion franchise and maybe five years from now, we see some semblance of a functional organisation.
  17. It’s just laughable at this point. I’m not going to defend anyone anymore. This is approaching Bobcats w/ Bob Johnson levels of bad. We are a dysfunctional franchise and the rot is rooted at all levels. It will take 5 years to recover from this and that relies on the right decisions being made simultaneously. We’re fuged for a very long time.
  18. Move them to Raleigh. Pipe dream but those folks in Charlotte don’t know how to be fans.
  19. Watch the Hurricanes play tonight and see how an organisation that’s constructed and ran by professionals from the top-down operates. I don’t blame anyone who believes hockey is trash. I used to be that person. However, there isn’t a better sports atmosphere than a live NHL playoff game.
  20. Except pull for a winning professional franchise, not be surrounded by wanna be wall-street bros, and watch duke slowly eclipse UNC as the best basketball program in the state.
  21. Just an observation but might want to dig into why there’s another mod who’s active in this thread that consistently turns a blind eye to this poster in questions antics. Hmm, I wonder what that reason could be.
  22. We have been laughing at you for a long time. You’re famous on discord.
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