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  1. Lol, the only reason we are asking this question is because we won this past week. Don’t get to complain about Sam Darnold potentially remaining our QB when we are winning meaningless games.
  2. Proud of em’ - let’s make it 3 in a row on Thursday
  3. See y’all Thursday. Another OTL loss incoming
  4. Cannot find any information on his injury or timeline. Is he coming back at all?
  5. Alright I’ll be the first to co granulated the boy. PP is being productive. We need to keep this momentum going on this long road trip. Hoping to get 8 points.
  6. It’s almost like converting on the pp can be the difference in a game
  7. On a 5 game losing streak and 8th in the East. If that don’t wake em’ up I’m not sure what will.
  8. They are an average football program. They are a good team this year, but how many years are we into the Mack era. They should be competing with Clemson at this point for invitations into the playoff. With their resources, they should absolutely be meeting those expectations.
  9. Because it’s funny watching a bunch of non UNC grads whine about their average ass football program
  10. Where o’ where is 4corners. At least LG has the conjones to stick around although he is a bit of a bitch to bring peoples spouses into the banter after humble bragging about not falling for trolls.
  11. My wife is a UNC grad and I’m always happy when they lose but at least she actually attended and graduated from there.
  12. UNC football and basketball both about to lose within 5 minutes of each other.
  13. UNC fans are not rationale when it comes to draftable UNC players and the panthers.
  14. I agree. Receivers have been running wide open all game. Maye just missing a lot of throws and not making the right read
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