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  1. Absolutley cannot allow him to Fox us. Banish him to Winnipeg or Ottawa in an off-season trade.
  2. Win deserves it’s own thread. This was a statement and I know this win did a lot for the boys confidence. They went into MSG and straight smoked them. Big 3rd period. Out-skated them all game and overcame what was a Shitsterkin standing-on-his-head-for for 2 & 1/2 periods. Do it again on Thursday and crush their fuging souls. do it for Svech. oh and we have 100 points.
  3. We’re gonna get goalied. Shitsterkin has looked like sh!t this entire calendar year.
  4. Was coming in here to post this gif. You an @therealmjl are too quick.
  5. We don’t have a WR1, but if DJC does sign we will have two WR2’s, and a WR3 who could become a WR2(tmj) this year. That opens the door to BPA in the draft as next year is the year to get your future WR1.
  6. Donte is one of the most overrated CBS in the league. Bad angles, misses tackles, can’t press at the LOS and coming of an Achilles tear. If he didn’t have elite speed to recover he would be out of the league a long time ago. He’s a CB3.
  7. It took Tampa years to win a cup with their current core. You can argue that their core was/is better than ours (it is) but they have set a pretty good blueprint. We are just now approaching the middle of our cup contending window imo. The injuries and assumed TDL failures have created a volatile friction within the fanbase. I’ve tried to take a step back in recent days and look at the situation from an objective standpoint with no emotion. Nobody wants to hear it, but next year is the year. Even without the injures to Max or Svech, it’s still really hard to win a Cup. It takes a lot of luck and elite goalie play just to make it to the final much less win. Don and company have some tough decisions to make soon, but we are set up nicely for sustained success and the contenders this year are not in position to make some of TDL moves we saw this year moving forward. We are. Don’t give up on ‘‘em just yet. TBL made the SCF without Point just last season.
  8. No thanks. A Russell Wilson in his prime is looking more and more like a byproduct of Pete Carroll’s coaching ability. Please don’t compare Bryce to Russ.
  9. So what should we have done that would have ensured we would totally win the cup this year?
  10. I’d rather have 10 consecutive opportunities of winning the cup than pushing all of our chips in for one slightly higher chance. If we paid the price for a big time trade and didn’t win the cup, and the captial it cost to make that trade cost us our playoff window, you would be screaming for Waddell and Dundon’s head. We have a good thing going. Next year, we are going to be the team with the cap space and draft picks/prospects to make the big trade. NJD/NYR/Boston/Tor are all capped out and not in a position to trade more of their future.
  11. Philly Brown, Bersin, Darvin Adams are all out there. Just have to make a call.
  12. From the information available, we tried to make a splash at the TDL. You’re also underestimating the influence Rod has on some of these decisions. I also think the value we have on some of our prospects is a little higher than other organizations around the league. The team clearly values an extended window over mortgaging the future for now. I’m inclined to agree with them.
  13. I’ve tempered my expectations. Even with Svech, it was unlikely we were going to win a cup this year. I do think we are set up nicely next year. After that, Dundon and Waddell have some big decisions to make.
  14. Anytime we give up an odd man rush it’s a goal. Every time.
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