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  1. I was wondering about that. 363 pounds going into the final preseason game is heavy for a LT. I know he has always been a big guy at around 350. Even 350 is considered heavy for the most agile position on the line. Hopefully he is okay. His head injury does sound severe.
  2. I completely agree. Roster spots are valuable. While not a major factor you also have to include his lack of ability to attend any internal after hour Panther team-building events due to his vaccination stance. Whether you are for vaccinations or against it teams are at a disadvantage that have unvaccinated players.
  3. Wow thanks for sharing. That’s an easy sack for the defensive ends.
  4. Rogers will be in another city next year. He is hellbent on making a point about his treatment although I do agree with him. I have to go with Giannis.
  5. Fir the filthy rich your sarcasm holds truth in it.
  6. What year was this ? Better question when did this happen? I remember Cam sulking while losing, but celebrating a 1st down celebration while down 20 in the 4th?
  7. I hear you and agree but the disadvantages for the team having an unvaccinated quarterback. Sheesh. It’s beyond tough on the org. Putting t a multibillion dollar organization at a disadvantage over two pricks is tough to imagine.
  8. Man I agree I guess it’s that dawg in him, or Mamba mentality. Whatever you prefer to call it I love it!
  9. He has a YouTube interview with Patrick Peterson in which he makes it look like he would take Peterson’s lunch money.
  10. Me too. I’m glad he put it out there though. If anything it will ensure additional emphasis is put on those situations this year.
  11. I would think Daquan Jones ( Titans signing) would have the first shot at DT next to Derrick Brown on early downs with Fox or the rookie from Iowa coming in on passing downs .
  12. Looks good overall but Bravion Roy will be lucky to hold a roster spot considering the infusion of talent we signed and drafted on the interior D line. Justin Burris seems to be the potted plant but yeah I can’t argue the nickname.
  13. Justin Burris the team paid him a big workout bonus recently. A sign that he is important to the teams plans.
  14. Lol I agree. It’s because he doesn’t take chances. I’m going to be optimistic while he’s here and pray to our Father Almighty he worked on his strength and deep ball this offseason.
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