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  1. Let’s be honest though. Mayfield is bigger and has a better arm. It seems to me that Young’s vaunted processing speed and understanding is Young’s sole competitive advantage. I do not believe processing speed can possibly overcome Young’s historic (by weight) size limitations. Ultimately his inability to play from under center will partially erode any accuracy advantages that he has since the running game will suffer. Furthermore, Young is not even particularly athletic. He is the least athletic and has by far the weakest arm of any of the likely first round QB picks in this draft. It as if Young’s intelligence and likability of caused an outbreak of confirmation bias. Little to no real discussion has been had related to Young’s obvious limitations. Scouts just mention Young’s small stature and quote his “phony” combine weight without any real discussion of how he will overcome those limitations. There has been little to no discussion of Young’s inability to be effective from under center as evidenced by the fact that I think he only had single digit snaps taken from under center last season. There was little to no discussion of the floating nature of some of Young’s deep passes and lack of real zip on intermediate passes. Great kid. Maybe even a natural leader. Competitive. Smart. Historically small, on the weak side of average arm strength, lack of athleticism, does not thrive from under center, etc. I predict an injury plagued and shortened career. Young may well be the most NFL ready QB in this draft. However, again, that will not overcome his obvious limitations. Other QBs in this draft will have longer and better NFL careers. Young is NOT worth the overall number 1 pick much less the overall number 1 pick, multiple draft choices, and the Panther’s best wide receiver.
  2. Levis could end up being the Josh Allen of this draft. I just pray that Young is not the Baker Mayfield of this draft. I think the Panthers are on the precipice of a horrible mistake.
  3. I pray that the Panthers do not make the colossal mistake of drafting Young as the obverall # 1 pick in the draft. Processing speed is not a magic elixir that will overcome hois hitorically small frame by NFL QB standards and relative pedestrian arm talent. He is not even particularly athletic and only plays in the shotgun, which is nightmare for established and consistent running games from the RB position.
  4. This will be a disaster if true. A tiny QB with a mediocre, at best, arm. Great kid. Great attitude. Quick brain. He will have a much smaller margin of error than he had in college. The results will reflect that. His lack of athleticism, arm strength, size, and inability to play from under center will not be overcome by processing speed, brain power, and/or attitude. If drafted by the Panthers, I hope that I am wrong. I do not think I will be though. I hope that this is part of a smokescreen. It’s getting a tad bit harder to believe that though as the draft gets closer.
  5. I sure hope the Panthers do not spend multiple draft picks, their best WR, and the overall number 1 pick for the ultimate outlier. That is especially true given that other QB options are available.
  6. He was three inches taller and 10 pounds heavier and it was decades ago. The NFL has changed a lot in those decades. Players are bigger, faster, stronger, quicker etc.
  7. I hope that this is planted information designed to create a potential trade with Houston or simply to create surprise at the draft. I believe picking Young will be a colossal mistake. That combine weight was a phoney weight as evidenced by his unwillingness to be weighed at his pro day. Of the five potential fist round QB picks (I include Hooker), Young has the weakest arm and it is not even close. Start a list of modern day starting NFL QBs that weighed 185 pounds (Jim McMahon (6'1", 195 lbs) in 1982 is the last first-round quarterback over the last 40 years to weigh fewer than 200). When Young starts a game I believe that he will be the only name on that list. Stroud has a much better arm, much better size, had a better QB rating in college, was a more accurate thrower in college even though he threw deep more often, was injured less in college, I believe that Stroud won more games in college than Young, etc, I am not sure where this idea that Young was the best QB in college last year got started. I doubt the veracity of that assumption. I suppose reasonable people can differ when it comes to who was the best. What really cannot be reasonably argued is that Young does not have severe size disadvantages or that Young has a strong arm compared to other first round QB talent this year. Furthermore, I think Young had two snaps taken under center last year. I believe Stroud had about 200 snaps under center last year. As a long suffering Panthers fan, my greatest fear is that the team drafts Young who almost immediately gets pounded the culmaltive effect of which will have him sidelined and ultimately gunshy. I saw how Tua was ragdolled last season. Tua is 6'1" and 213 pounds. There are better options available. Success is not guaranteed with any of these prospects. I believe Young's inability to withstand the pounding that he will receive in the NFL is virtually guaranteed. There is reason that no QB in the modern NFL has been as small as Young.
  8. Stroud. Would be worried but intrigued if Richardson were drafted. I will be upset if Young is the choice.
  9. Try this link for the write-up: https://archive.is/ZO0Ji
  10. I think that is fair to say that all quarterbacks go through growing pains when transitioning th the NFL. The good ones learn, adapt, and thrive in time and progressively. Peyton Manning threw 28 interceptions (against 26 TDs) his rookie year. There is ALWAY major risks with these QBs and even many first round QBs fail. Sometimes they fail miserably. I would rather take that risk with Stroud and his skills, size, demeanor, arm talent etc. than Young's tools.
  11. In my opinion, it’s not even that close. You draft CJ Stroud. The popular belief is that Young has great processing speed. I believe he does. However, Stroud has quality processing speed also. He also possesses a stronger arm, has prototypical quarterback size, is accurate, can make all of the throws, and has surprising mobility and athleticism. He has a stronger arm than Young. Young’s playing weight is about 185 pounds and the fact that he did not get weighed at his pro day screams that his combine weight is nowhere near his playing weight. I think Stroud is more accurate especially when you factor in his greater willingness to throw the deep ball. I think Stroud is more athletic than Young. Young seems like a good kid. I really do wish him the best. However, I think Stroud is the better quarterback. I also think Stroud has a higher ceiling and is much more likely to have a long NFL career.
  12. Please tell me that the Panthers will not waste multiple first and second round picks on a 185 pound QB with an average, at best arm. Processing speed will mean nothing when he is consistently ragdolled and a constant visitor to the concussion protocal. Size matters!
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