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  1. New Orleans destroying New England in Foxboro should add a lot more luster to the New Orleans win. Win next week on the road in the face of adversity borne of injury and the record qualifiers should dissipate.
  2. I buy into the idea that winning next week gives proper meaning to this week's win. The Panthers have experienced their first real adversity of the season with two key players getting injured. Fortunately, they have extra time to prepare for Dallas and develop a plan to overcome this week's adversity. Also, I believe Dallas will come into next week's game after a short week. The Panthers are 3-0 and have not really put two solid scoring halves of football together in the same game. Perhaps that will come against Dallas.
  3. Beautifully done! Phil Snow has really surprised. Keep up the good work.
  4. Dallas Cowboys @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers W Philadelphia Eagles @ Atlanta Falcons W Pittsburgh Steelers @ Buffalo Bills W W Minnesota Vikings @ Cincinnati Bengals W San Francisco 49ers @ Detroit Lions Arizona Cardinals @ Tennessee Titans W W Seattle Seahawks @ Indianapolis Colts W Los Angeles Chargers @ Washington Football Team New York Jets @ Carolina Panthers W W Jacksonville Jaguars @ Houston Texans Cleveland Browns @ Kansas City Chiefs W Miami Dolphins W @ New England W Green Bay Packers @ New Orleans Saints W Denver Broncos @ New York Giants Chicago Bears @ Los Angeles Rams W Baltimore Ravens @ Las Vegas Raiders W
  5. Some people hedge their bets. I hedge my regrets.
  6. That makes it five SEC players drafted by the Carolina Panthers.
  7. I love this pick at that spot. Two Gamecocks drafted by the Panthers.
  8. I love this pick and am shocked that he fell this far.
  9. oops. Brainlock...and probably thinking of Leinart. The point is the same though.
  10. This draft will be more defined by what the Panthers did not do than what they did do. The Panthers chose not to draft Fields and effectively doubled down on Darnold. For the life of me I simply do not understand the confidence in Darnold. I understand the argument that he was playing on a bad team. However, history is replete with examples of QBs that played on bad teams but still themselves showed improvement and played well. With time Darnold regressed and played even more poorly. Do I think Darnold has a higher ceiling than Bridgewater? Yes, absolutely. However, I have seen nothing that leads me to believe that he is a Super Bowl caliber QB. Why not live what you preached? The Panthers said that signing gave the Panthers maximum flexibility come draft day. It appeared to me that was simply not the case. The Panthers passed on Fields in large part because Darnold was signed and when Sewell was drafted they were stuck. They probably tried to trade down to no avail. I am a fan of Horn. I also know that he is not a QB. Furthermore, this team is just spinning its wheels without a franchise QB. This just has the feel of the Panthers being stuck in QB purgatory. Good enough to win occasionally but not consistently. Good enough to miss out on a franchise QB in the draft. Sam (edited) Darnold now has a lot of weight on those shoulders. I hope that he carries it successfully. Fingers crossed but my eyes will be drawn to Fields......
  11. This is disappointing. Par for the course. Clearly, Panthers wanted to trade down and could not reach a deal.
  12. Where in my quoted statement do I mention eternity or anything other than a reference to this draft? These straw man arguments are absurd. Feel free to disagree with what I write. You should not feel free to criticize me for something I did not write, imply, express...
  13. Fortune favors the bold. Once again, the Panthers are NOT bold. This was so predictable. Months ago I said the Panthers will need to trade up and that the price would be steep. The price just got steeper and the chances of a move up drop precipitously. I fear it is the Panthers that will be without a chair in the game of quarterback musical chairs.
  14. I believe he has already said he would approve the trade with either team. I have a strong suspicion that each team will make a play for Watson. At a minimum, the Panthers will likely assume that each team will be interested.
  15. I started out believing he would not be traded. By a month ago I thought the odds were 50/50. I now believe a trade will happen 80/20. I hate to beat a dead horse but here goes. That WFT win just keeps taking “ a pound of flesh” from the Panthers. It is going to be rough to outbid the Jets and Dolphins. Make it happen. Liar’s poker awaits.
  16. If you do not get a potential or actual franchise QB this year then they have lost me as a suffering fan. My view would be get back to me when you happen to be in a Super Bowl conversation. I will simply not invest my resources, emotional or financial, in this team. Hope buys time. A lack of hope buys boredom, futility, and fatalism. And the whole wait until next year mantra will not work for me. Just like I knew signing Bridgewater was a mistake because is good enough to win a few games but not nearly good enough to lead a team to a Super Bowl, I feel confident that this team will have a better record next season. They will be in a worse draft position next season to get a franchise QB. Wait until next season will just lead to another wait until next season and on it goes. Next season comes and nothing really changes.
  17. Rule #1 in today’s NFL draft should be as follows: If you do not have a “franchise QB” and you are in a position to draft a “ franchise QB” you draft him. Rule #2 should be as follows: If you suspect a “franchise QB” is close to your draft position but likely not to make it to you then due diligence requires an attempt move up. The amount you are willing to pay to move up will be driven by the degree of confidence you have in that QB’s franchise abilities. I agree with the original poster that Bridgewater is clearly not a “ franchise QB”. I also agree that the Panthers are likely to be better next season. However, I think this augers in favor of drafting a franchise QB this year because the cost to move up next season will be even greater. I even agree with the proposition that the Panthers could back into the playoffs next season with a quality season offseason. However, the stated goal of David Tepper is to win championships. That certainly is my hope. I am tired of occasionally making the playoffs and losing. That will be the fate of this team until at least one or two years after drafting a franchise QB. Do not put it off would be my motto. Delayed gratification can be overrated.
  18. It is worth mentioning that Weiss thought Will Grier was a top QB in the 2019 draft. In fact, he has a history of backing horrible draftee QBs on his Sirius XM show. For me, it got to the point that if Weiss was analyzing it it must be wrong.
  19. My guess is the Eagles pick a QB if one of top 4 QBS are available. If they are really committed to Hurts, then they probably try to trade the pick to someone who wants a QB. A third alternative is that they use the added picks as part of a bounty to trade up for a QB. None of these options are favorable to the Panthers. I think we are witnessing a “Find Your QB” version of musical chairs. At this point, it is looking more and more like the Panthers may be left without a chair. I think the Panthers also see this, which means I would expect a hard and relatively expensive push up in the draft. For the proponents of “ wait until next year”, I tend to think the Panthers will be drafting lower next year. A franchise QB is not likely to be available to them without an even more expensive move up the draft board. This is the year to make the move!
  20. This increases the need for the Panthers to trade up in this year’s draft. I think Philadelphia will draft a QB. Hurts is not the answer.
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