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  1. Thanks man, yeah, there's always a silver lining
  2. poo so I got laid off last week and I am a mess... I have 3 kids and a mortgage so severance just do for so much... So I'm trying to stay positive and just look for a job like crazy. At least yesterday I a little bit of fun, one of my kids was taking some maths help classes with an online tutor (not anymore, I can't keep on paying that)... but it's as if the lord knew I needed a laugh. The class was interrupted by the teacher's son walking behind her very visible to the camera, in boxers drinking something and belching his butt off... I laughed so bad (and asked for another session please, I mean I need that money and afterwards the kid couldn't concentrate because he was laughing)... So at least I got a good laugh, but oh man... Good luck to everyone struggling here, cheers for some good days ahead!
  3. crappy guitar player here... tried to learn in high school to impress a girl... just learned the necessary... that girl and I have been married now for 18 yrs... so I might be a crappy guitar player but man, 3 kids later I think I did something well
  4. ah jeez, I have loved the Hornets since I was a little kid, but all this back and forth in performance has killed my interest lately. Although I'm gonna defend them again by saying,, life is getting brutal on my side and I am easily distracted from the things I truly used to enjoy, so I'll just always wish them well and hope to have a better head soon to just catch up games and enjoy them again.
  5. So I am an Scrabble nerd since a kid, but the kiddos (mine and my sibling's) are spending March break at my home (my brother and his wife are working, I work from home so their kiddos stay with me) and they have discovered UNO... hahaha can you believe it? my oldest found my old UNO in one of the storage boxes when we were cleaning yesterday... so it's day 2 of UNO in this house!
  6. map It totally changed from this map list not so long ago.... it appears as if the south completely dropped "home alone" to immediately replace it for "The Grinch" lol..... what a switch!
  7. Oh sweet lord! Each day we get closer to "terminator" but in real life xD
  8. such an overvalued buy from MS.....................
  9. Wait what?? this is a joke...... right?? he wasn't that old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I like Reyna a lot. Hope he can bounce back. If he can perform at around 70% when he was in Europe, I will be very happy
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