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  1. Sorry I don't have any divorce lawyer friends. So I'm soliciting advice from where I can get it. My ex and I have been divorced for 5 years. I've been paying her $250 a month for child support. (Not much, I know). This is to pay for half of the kids healthcare and prescription for ADHD. No big deal. I lost my job recently. She's letting the child support go until I find a new job. (No problem). But she wants the money when I start my new job. She makes considerable more money than me probably around 4 times. She has a 5 bedroom house and a house at the beach with a pool. I have a 2000 sq ft townhouse. She's been posting on social media about the renovations she's been making to her beach house. She's there every weekend even with gas at $4.00 a gallon. I told her she seems to be doing okay without the $250 and if maybe I could stop making the payments since it seems like she doesn't need it. She says she does need it, and if we went to court I would be ordered to pay a lot more. I'm wondering if I should call her bluff? We currently have 50/50 custody of the kids. I'm not sure why I should still have to pay for child support. I'd like to keep that $250 and do something fun for the kids.
  2. I love how people are say Jada "suffers" from alopecia. Okay, you're hair falls out. If you're going to get a disease this is the one to get. I don't know if you really "suffer" from alopecia
  3. He should have been escorted out of the building and the Academy should have said, "we'll mail you your Oscar."
  4. I'm only invested in Bitcoin and ETH. I'm done with shitcoins.
  5. college basketball isn't what it used to be. I haven't filled out a bracket in years.
  6. fitty76


    I'm trying. I used to work at Wells. I'm calling around to old bosses.
  7. fitty76


    I have to find something soon. Unemployment is 12 weeks at $350 a week. I can't live on that. I asked for forbearance on my mortgage. So I'll get some relief there.
  8. fitty76


    Thank you for that! I appreciate it.
  9. fitty76


    I can't leave Charlotte. I have kids here.
  10. fitty76


    yeah, I probably know him. We used to be Roundpoint. But we merged with Freedom last year. I'm sending out applications like crazy. Calling every old boss I had.
  11. fitty76


    I've work in the mortgage industry as a loan processor. I wanted to transition to an underwriter before they layoff. I live in Charlotte. I've worked remotely for 2 years.
  12. fitty76


    I'm in the mortgage industry. This is actually the first time I've ever been laid off. Still pissed about the not getting the PTO pay out.
  13. fitty76


    Dickhead company laid me off last week. No severance. Not PTO payout. 40 hours of PTO gone.
  14. You know there is going to be an annoying crawl the entire game.
  15. I guess we're not getting any Fox pregame shows today. Queen City News (whatever that is) is taking full advantage of this storm to tell us to stay inside. Duh.
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