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  1. fitty76

    Apple TV +

    Not sure you guys want to hear about another streaming channel that you need to subscribe to. But Apple TV+ is a STEAL for $5. I have been going through their shows over the last two weeks and most of them are top quality. Of course Ted Lasso is great. For All Man Kind really took my breath away with the first episode. I can't wait to start watching more of it. Dickinson is really fun. Servant is a trippy thriller. See is pretty good. If you like Jason Momoa as Kal Drogo you'll like this. The Morning Show, I'm not really into even with big stars. Also if you have a big TV and
  2. I got in, but didn't YOLO. Made a nice $500 profit so far. I'll keep checking on when to get out.
  3. It's cool I'll just hang onto it for a little while I guess.
  4. That's the last time I take stock tips from people on this message board LOL
  5. Anyone else using YouTube premium for their music? 1. No ads on YouTube videos. 2. Same music selection as Spotify.
  6. Anyone watch this guy's videos? I've made a few buck from his recommendations. His voice takes some getting used to.
  7. Got AAL for free by signing up for Webull.
  8. I've been buying and selling Ford for the last few weeks.
  9. I guess you can't fire anyone anymore? I don't even know what the big deal is.
  10. He'll be hauled into Roger's Kangaroo Court anytime soon.
  11. No more, he only beat her with a belt at a beach brawl.
  12. Don't worry he won't be on the 53 man roster next year. The coaches will see for themselves how much he sucks.
  13. I'm not a fan of the chick who plays Amanda Waller on Arrow either. Amanda Waller is fat. Not some skinny size 0.
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