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  1. That's, uh, not exactly a rousing endorsement.
  2. He has the potential to be one of the best QB's in the NFL. He's gonna throw a LOT of picks his rookie year, though.
  3. Yes. But as they have a long and storied career of success I don't have to root for every single player that comes out of the program.
  4. Just leaving this here: https://twitter.com/gregauman/status/628289533906432000
  5. Everywhere else people are celebrating this great and historic win. Meanwhile here we have troglodytes complaining that soccer is stupid and that the women aren't hot enough. I always enjoy the time travel that is the Huddle.
  6. Know who else was an embarrassment, Bobby? Jeff Bowden.
  7. Anyone that wouldn't take that deal is insane.
  8. 19 Fresh Prince GIF's That Explain Why Jameis Winston is Not Ready For The NFL
  9. Ellipsis: Indentifying half thought out threads on the Huddle since 2003.
  10. Once Luke signs his second 4 year, $12 million contract, I'm sure we'll just go crazy.
  11. His size is a concern but he plays faster than he times. I'd say he's a good NFL slot receiver, but I'd hesitate to call him a #2. Still, he makes plays when he has too. People remember KB having the NC winning catch, but it was Greene breaking a short route into a 49 yard gain that set it up.
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