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  1. The OL gave up 2 sacks and paved the way to 34 points. Are they a great unit? No. Did it look pretty? No. Do they have big name guys (other than Moton)? No. But You do that every week and you are going deep in the playoffs
  2. When? don’t underestimate the value of knowing the system.
  3. Meh? Grier looked pretty damn good last night
  4. I think you can stash PJ on the practice squad. Don’t think you can do that with Grier. Grier has looked much better. PJ has a big arm and scrambles…..but he is more terrible than Grier (who is mildly terrible)
  5. Not even the top five worst in team history
  6. Why? Because he’s not a run-around QB? He processes faster than the other QBs and has better intangibles. He’s just not an athlete......which is the least important characteristic of a QB
  7. You don’t draft a QB top 5 to sit for 2 years behind your franchises most successful QB. Has that ever happened? A top 5 QB is drafted to be the face of the franchise. I can’t see a scenario where this happens after adding 3 years to Mattys contract pick 5 gets them their choice of the best non-qb in the draft. And QB is not one of their top needs
  8. We need to come to grips with the fact that Teddy is going to be under center in 2021. We will draft one - but they won’t be ready.
  9. That’s all I can think of off the top of my head. Also the RG3 trade was pretty bad. You have an example of one that worked out?
  10. I’m sure they do. but they just lost their negotiating leverage when Watson went public. You can’t have a disgruntled face of the franchise. So they now almost certainly must trade him.
  11. Two 1’s and Bridgewater. Anything more is just too much. I think history shows the team giving up the farm for a player loses and the team getting all the picks usually wins (Saints with Ricky, Vikings with Herschel)
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