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  1. Metrics dont mean anything when teams can just put a jumbo set on the field and run all over our D. We seen it against the cowboys and the WFT.
  2. We are so worried about an OC, what are we doing to fix the defense? The D is supposed to be our calling card but teams routinely ran all over us. A new OC is not going to fix the problems with this team.
  3. Fields remains to be seen, Mac Jones was not the right choice. If anything we should have taken Slater, the QBs from this class look very underwhelming. You dont draft a 1st round QB just for the sake of drafting a 1st round QB.
  4. The bears are sitting at home and Mac Jones is ass and probably already at his ceiling or close to it. Our current coaching staff would not correctly develop either one of those guys and they would have looked worse than our QBs this year did. The signing of Darnold and Teddy were mistakes, but what hasnt been when it comes to this staff? They have been here 2 years and made maybe 3 or 4 good moves. As it stands right now we have one great player under contract from this Era in Chinn the rest are holdovers or they are FAs this year. We have spent 2 years to add Chinn to our roster.
  5. Who knows if Mitch wanted to come here to totally end his career? He was in a better position with the bears, why would he downgrade to a worse predicament? I think he made the right choice in being a backup in Buffalo.
  6. Bills, Bengals, Cards, or Titans. fug the rest of these teams they already have rings.
  7. It does not matter when Rhule has the final say over all things football related.
  8. Yea since it is our number one priority look for them to fill the OL up in FA with some bums. That way we can select the best defensive player at 6.
  9. We will grab the best tackling LB at 6. Rhule and Fitt think our biggest problem was stopping the run last season.
  10. Tepper is probably just as racist as JR was. Rich white guys are almost always racist.
  11. What player has ever spoken out about their head coach? Thats not how this league works. We dont want any Antonio Browns running around here, but thanks.
  12. Good luck landing any of these guys who has name recognition. No one wants to board a sinking ship. Tepper is going to have to pay them an absurd amount of money or we will get the OC from northwest Harris Teeter community college.
  13. I really dont like one year wonder QBs. IF Rhule is still here it wont matter who we draft anyway.
  14. I wish we would have lost by more, but a loss is a loss, fug rhule.
  15. We have gotten blown out by multiple teams this year, some of them being bottom dwellers, what the fug else could happen? Im not watching next year or any year until that Fat Fhule is gone.
  16. It does not have to be predicted. Trotting out Sam Darnold over Cam Newton.
  17. So you would rather hear a bunch of coach/player media talk that means nothing over actual responses. Its hard to assign your name to it when Rhule has full control of the team.
  18. No reason other than money, We have progressed in owing Rhule less than we did before.
  19. We had a chance to rebuild and we blew it. We have basically picked up 2 players over the past 2 years that have any real impact on the field. Chinn and Reddick. I guess we can add Gilmore to make it 3, but no idea if he or Reddick will even be back. The rest of the guys are replacement level players and the guys we already had.
  20. I would rather the saints blow us out with a bunch of backups. Rhule has to go
  21. IS going to suck hard either way. #1 we beat the saints and Ian Book and fug up our draft position. #2 We lose to fuging Ian Book.
  22. Maybe the upcoming game will change his mind when we get roflstomped by the Bucs. They will shut down any kind of run game we have and we will more than likely commit multiple turnovers. Tom Brady is coming off of getting shut out and will be pissed off, I expect us to get blown out.
  23. Probably so, but beating a team early in the season that is ranked is a lot different than beating a ranked team late in the season. plenty of pretenders in an early season ranking.
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