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  1. I think we should use huddle poll options as GM, like Samir do the contracts.
  2. RPO is not the QB running, that is read option. RPO is handoff to the back or a quick throw.
  3. The long play has always been to suck for Arch Manning, then we are guaranteed to be gifted a SB by the league.
  4. I dont know if you realize it or not, but Tepper said Young didnt need a ton of help and a big part of him being drafted was his improv. In case you havent noticed Bryce doesnt have the agility to improv very successfully at the NFL level. He gets chased down by DTs. We have a QB with a weak arm who is short and can only really be a pocket QB because he is lacking in speed and agility. The problem is he doesnt have the height to be a traditional pocket QB. I dont know who can unlock the special sauce to cure Bryces ailment or if it is even possible. IT is looking more and more like we drafted small Mac Jones/Teddy B at #1 overall after trading up for him.
  5. Ron and Hurney should have left together, instead he held over Hurdog. Rhule and Fitt should have left together, instead he kept Fitt. Now he got rid of Dinosaur Train, but seems like he is going to keep Fitt again because he will bow to his, Nicole's, and whoever else's bidding.
  6. That Alabama offense is working wonders up in NE right?
  7. Fitt dosent have any control, had none with Rhule and has none now with Tepp. He does what he is told, Nicole and Dave are the co-gms.
  8. A few compared to the hundreds of bust who started off poo and stayed that way. Nothing about his game has translated, its over. It is a waste of time to continue building around him past next season unless he shows drastic improvements, which I dont see happening. No arm, slow, short. His brain isnt overcoming all of that, when it doesnt seem that great to begin with. You do you though.
  9. You and the cope brigade are the ones that sound ridiculous. Thinking Bryce is anything other than a bust. You can't surround him with enough talent for him to be effective with the salary cap in place.
  10. It would be pretty fuging terrible given that mighty mouse struggles to pass for 200 yards on 40 attempts He fuging sucks, I'm so ready for his time to be over, we have at least 4 wins if Dalton starts all season.
  11. It's what big tepp wants more bubble screens, it's Youngs signature play
  12. Most sane people would take almost any other QB over Bryce. I think we have all seen enough of 31/46 165 yards to last us a lifetime.
  13. Because the Teppers loved him. IF we hadnt invested so much in him he would be on the bench already. I am already looking forward to our next QB, this is not the guy you build around. His physical limitations are too much for him to overcome in the NFL.
  14. The better question at this point is which QB would you not take over Bryce Young, the picks + DJ are just adding insult to injury. No one told them to go out and draft the smallest QB in NFL history who isnt fast and has a average arm.
  15. So we basically could have used a huddle poll option for each move and fielded a better team.
  16. Well we have only gone over 20 passing TDS by a QB in a season 8 times in the teams history.......5 Cam, 2 Jake, 1 Steve....which really is a damn shame in todays NFL.......
  17. All he is missing is the four or five rushing TDs and he is a Bridgewater clone.
  18. You mean the one he and Thomas built from the ground up? Lol
  19. Well we picked the one QB of the top 3 that did not fit our team. Now it is going to take time to get the team built around him if he even lasts that long. Richardson or Stroud could have plugged into last years system.
  20. IF we had a QB playing like a top 5 guy it wouldnt be so bad, instead we got one that plays likes a bottom 3 QB.
  21. The bigger problem is not having a core at all after drafting like garbage for several years in a row.
  22. Cowboy fans don't have to travel, I run into way more Dallas fans than I do Panther fans in NC.
  23. Yes it did. We ran man on man, power last season under Wilks.
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