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  1. Which is why Curtis is playing for the WFT now. Donte is pretty much in the same position, we will retain him if he will take what we offer, if not he will be elsewhere getting overpaid.
  2. Nostalgia always wins out but this D has a chance to be the best we have ever had and we should be able to keep it together for a few years if we can extend Reddick. We have given up 135 rushing yards and 438 passing yards through 3 games. 4 tds. All the D really needs to do is create more turnovers as we are currently only +1.
  3. You have to pair a QBs talent with a great coach that can get the most out of him unless that QB is a true generational talent like Cam and even he would have been better with coaches that knew what they were doing. We have seen that first hand with Darnold. I dont remember many QBs looking that bad in their first start and go on to be a true franchise guy though.
  4. Lets wait until Teddy plays a real football team. Their opponents combined record is 0-9. Jets, Jags, and Giants. Talk about running the gauntlet sheesh.
  5. Sam completed that pass for a 3rd down conversion.
  6. I dont know why you got poo'd on so much for this post, it actually makes a lot of sense. If injuries were not a part of the game feed him the ball 40 times a game no problem. We have to find ways to move the ball which do not involve CMC and maybe this will help us out in the long run.
  7. Not everyone works the same shift, but you do you. Imagine wanting to watch ESPN at all.
  8. This. I am glad Sam has accountability, Teddy had absolutely none of it. The best thing about Sam so far is his willingness to take the blame and get better.
  9. We are not losing any of those guys because of Robbys contract. IF we do not resign them its because we dont want them.
  10. If he keeps scoring rushing TDs like this we will have to change his name to Cam Darnold.
  11. vipboxtv.se for all sports, even has a chat that is moderated with mostly good people. make sure you have an adblocker
  12. Im still trying to figure out who the other teams have beaten that makes them so great. Its really nothing new even in 2015 we were the worst undefeated team until there were no more undefeated teams except for us. It does not matter who we beat we will not get credit. Even if we mop the floor with Dallas in week 4 they will have a ton of excuses.
  13. At one point during the game it looked like he was crying while talking to Payton on the sidelines.
  14. Armah could pick up a 190 pound CB for sure. I dont really understand the point of Freeman.
  15. What I have seen of Chuba has been promising, he has had a couple of decent runs behind a bad run blocking line. I would rather he get the snaps than Freeman when CMC is off the field. Of course Chuba needs time to learn pass blocking, but I would rather he be learning than a 4th year player who probably is not in our long term plans.
  16. I guess the coaches were trying to get a feel for what he can do.
  17. I hope they are, right now they are the weakest unit by far.
  18. Not miserable at all, just wondering since according to the huddle RBs are so easy to plug and play. We don't need to pay top dollar for one was most peoples sentiment.
  19. We have had the easiest schedule but most places had their darling Saints ranked in the Top 10 before we dominated them from start to finish. Who else dominated a top 10 team like that so far? Oh, thats right the same Saints when they beat the snot out of their darling Packers. The Broncos have beaten the Jags and the Giants, gtfoh.
  20. So Chuba should be out there to try and learn to pass block since we had the lead and were trying to rest CMC? Royce is in his 4th season, I doubt he is going to get it if he does not have it now. I guess the coaches thought he could handle the pass blocking better than a rookie, but that was not the case.
  21. If that's all the one that just got here has to offer, he does not need to be here. Let Chuba get out there and learn.
  22. Maybe if our OL ever gets sorted out it will not be as bad. Then we may not need TEs and RBs to help block as much.
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