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  1. Hill is one of the best Route runners in the league.....
  2. If we are dead set on taking XL with one of our 2nds we might as well trade down, he will still be there.
  3. Ron has been garbage as a HC and only had a winning record when he had both Cam and Luke. The dude is not HC material in todays NFL, maybe in the 80s he would have been a great HC. The hate is well deserved for a guy that NFL talking heads act like is an elite coach, he is far from it,
  4. Considering we sent like 75 guys to his pro day, it must be in this regimes wheelhouse as well.
  5. Not firing Moron and letting him luck into a COTY award really fuged us. We could have been in the mix for the super bowl on a yearly basis with good coaching instead of whatever the hell Ron and Shula were doing.
  6. Sorry if we are all not falling for the Bryce bullshit again, he just had one of the worsts seasons ever by an NFL QB and from what we have seen on the NFL field with him I dont see it getting much better. Too slow to threaten with his legs, arm too weak to make the D account for the deep ball, etc, etc...
  7. Completed at 36% in college lmao that translates to like 15-20% in the NFL, even Mac Jones was completing his deep shots at 50% in college. Bryce is a bum, this season is not going to be any better, the only way we will win more games is by going run heavy and hiding Bryce.
  8. Why do we need a vertical threat? Its like you guys just dont get it. The opposing D can stop their deep zones at 25 yards and never have to worry about Bryce throwing it over their heads. Even if he does manage to get it over them, he only completes his deep passes at like 30% so nothing to even worry about. The field is condensed with Bryce at QB and there is no way to get around it.
  9. Bryce was the inferior talent at Bama, IDK what people were looking at.
  10. Blocking isnt going to change the fact that his passes beyond about 20 yards are wildly inaccurate, the same thing was true in college. https://www.rollbamaroll.com/2022/2/16/22937561/superlatives-2021-alabama-crimson-tide-football-report-card-quarterbacks-plenty-of-room-to-grow Accuracy. Bryce Young was easily the least accurate starter Alabama has had since Jalen Hurts. Last season, he completed just 2/3rds of his passes (66.9%) — the lowest for a ‘Bama starter since 2017, when Jalen Hurts completed 61% of his throws. Before that? You have to go back to 2007, when John Parker Wilson was running for his life behind a bad line and an unsteady running game (holy poo, déjà rêvé). There were many reasons for that stat. Drops by wide receivers were certainly a factor, and especially as the Tide got further into its depth chart. And so what the line. But much of Byrce’s stat line was the product of simple execution errors. Young’s early-season deep ball accuracy was especially a concern, and it took most of a season for that aspect of his game to be wrinkled out. On throws over 20 yards, Young “improved” by year’s end hit 36% of his deep shot. It was so bad early, in fact, that coming out of the LSU game, he had completed just 10 such throws all season. By contrast, Tagovailoa and Jones hit between 49% — 59% of their deep balls.
  11. The best TEs in the league were not first round guys. Those amazing first round TE prospects rarely pan out. Kelce was drafted in the 3rd and Kittle was drafted in the 5th. Elite TEs can be found later in the draft, even Gronk was a 2nd rounder.
  12. I feel like if we only get 6 wins we are still terrible and running a scheme that tries to hide the QB, fug that. 8 wins over 2 seasons is not enough to keep his job imo.
  13. If we are picking top 5 and still rolling with Bryce I will lose all hope.
  14. Gilmore is better than any CB we have on roster, Horn could pass him if he didnt get hurt just running out of the tunnel. Doesnt matter anyway, we arent competing this year with boy wonder at QB.
  15. The drafts all looked the same whether Rhule was here or not, it was Fitt and he fuging sucks, never seen a guy get so many passes.
  16. Lmao on the slight edge to Hurney, the dude has drafted All Pros/HOFs/Pro bowlers, Fitt has drafted a bunch of Jags. Huge edge to Hurney.
  17. Stop being a Homer, Horn can't even stay on the field and Surtain is an all pro. Chuba is a jag. BC is a league average OL. Icky sucked at pass pro coming out and he hasn't developed at all. Fitts drafts were piss poor at best.
  18. CMC and DJ got traded but they got paid before they did. Burns wanted way too much for what he brings to a team. Jackson was barely more than a JAG at his best. Chinn was out of place in our D and ygm....really?? We have kept plenty of guys over the years, I wouldnt really put too much into the Fitt bullshit, he was one of the worst GM the NFL has ever seen.
  19. Better player and teammate than Burns signed for less money. Giants are going to regret that contract.
  20. I think they are going to let Moton play out this year and cut him next offseason. I am pretty sure we are going to draft a T this year.
  21. Fug it , no ball. Just fist fight until one team is left standing.
  22. Thats what sells with casuals and FF lovers.
  23. Meh. Just another rule that will be called against us but rarely for us.
  24. Lots of guys are HoF college QBs and completely suck in the NFL. His NFL tape from last season is some of the worst ever.
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