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  1. Wilson was a douche who wants 50m per season that he is not worth. He was begging for his OC to be fired behind closed doors but acting like they were best friends in public. I think Seattle made the right call by unloading him.
  2. What the bots posts should look like: Ian Thomas poised to spend his bag like a baller while not contributing much on the field. Full story on panthers.com
  3. All of this is fine, but we arent winning many games without competent QB play, which I did not see you mention. Sam turning the ball over more than he scores TDs is not a winning recipe.
  4. This is not news, Baker has always preferred the Seahawks over us. Who wouldnt except the biggest of homers? They have a super bowl winning coach, we have a guy with a never ending case of the meat sweats.
  5. It is the truth. Also damn he is one lil ugly dude
  6. In the future when? This should be Rhules last chance. If we are picking high next year I dont think a new coach is going to tie his success to a 3rd round unproven QB. Corral pretty much has this year to show what he has. Baker isnt saving this team or Rhule.
  7. We probably win about the same amount of games with Baker or Sam, Baker might add 1 or 2 wins, which is not worth it. No idea on Corral, never seen him play a down in the NFL. Baker is not some great QB, he might be better than Sam but it is not by much. He wasnt even top 10 in 2020, he was borderline top 15.
  8. Well Rhule is an idiot and the majority of his staff last season were his buddies who would not dare defy him. I hope with our new additions we dont see any of that nonsense.
  9. Im pretty sure I already said I want to see what Corral has before next years draft, its the only thing that makes sense. We already know what Baker, Darnold, Old Cam, Jimmy G etc. can do none of them are our franchise guy.
  10. Cousins has consistently put up better numbers than Baker, if he is above average at best, what does that make Baker? The dude is a throwaway just liked Teddy B and Darnold.
  11. Baker isnt close to a top 10 QB. You have to name off guys like Kirk Cousins and Tannehill before thinking about Baker and they are a good ways down the list.
  12. I was only comparing last years stats. They have both struggled during their careers in the NFL. Baker was in a much better position with a top 5 OL in Cleveland, his numbers would not be near as good playing in Carolina the past few seasons with us barely having an OL at all more like a speed bump in front of the QB. He has thrown a high number of INTs with great protection that number will go up in Carolina, he has thrown a mediocre number of TD passes per season by todays standards that will probably go down in Carolina if he is our QB, if we were playing 90s football 20td passes a year is great, in todays NFL it makes you a bottom tier starter. You have to look at the entire situation. We are just getting baker, not their OL/RB/WR/TE
  13. Damn what those stats say! I think Baker is better and can make us competitive even though he sucked in Cleveland with a much better roster! Yea that is sound logic.
  14. What kind of stats do you think Baker has last year in Carolina with no CMC and a bottom 3 OL, compared to a top 5 OL with 2 good RBs and decent weapons. We basically had Moore on offense and a bunch of nothing last season. I dont think his stats are much better than Sams if at all. 60% 17tds 13ints 59.9% 9tds 13ints Yea I would say Baker is pretty similar to Sam given the circumstances, they both suck. Even if you look at the advanced stats, baker had a higher % of bad throws, a lower % of on target throws than Sam, and his guys dropped less passes. Also, Sam threw away more balls than Baker did, so much for not throwing INTs on 1st and 2nd down, Baker does that too.
  15. https://larrybrownsports.com/football/report-1-team-still-showing-interest-in-baker-mayfield-trade/599097 We are the one team interested in Baker. fug the Browns, let them keep and pay his full salary, no one else wants him. Go with what we have, Baker isnt saving our season anyway.
  16. His play WAS elevated by having a top 5 OL in football and he was still only mediocre, maybe top 15 if you want to stretch things a bit, translate that to last years OL in Carolina and he would have looked as bad as Sam did.
  17. Misinformation spreading. Its the way of the internet.
  18. You say that now until he comes in and the dumbasses we have running the show hand him an extension as soon as he walks in the door and we are trying our best next year to get rid of him. Im tired of this show, this is the 3rd offseason with this Fhule and he is trying to add another washed up leftover. It has not worked out at all with the last 2, 3rd time isnt the charm.
  19. We dont need him, with him or Sammy at the QB position we still suck and are looking for a QB, dont get caught up with this bullshit.
  20. Baker is to the Browns as Teddy B was to us, they are willing to pay a team to take him off their hands. Yet people are still hoping we trade for him, I dont get it. The dude is trash and doesnt want to play here. We are his last choice, leave him in Cleveland.
  21. Nobody is buying this bullshit, as soon as Corral can run the offense Sam needs to be on the bench.
  22. And people still want to trade for him just because he is not Sam. Baker in Carolina would throw less than 20 TD passes and 10 or more ints. Lets see what the rookie has, fug these leftovers.
  23. I have not seen anyone try to break the bank to resign Cam. He can be had for cheap and is just as good of an option as Sam or Baker, they both suck. Plus our OL is built for a power running game.
  24. We may have a chance to apply next season if Fitt is dumb enough to trade for thus dud. Huddle for 2023 gm, all moves are decided by polls.
  25. You missed the major point of the post that Baker is not much better than Sam. It's not a big enough upgrade to justify trading for him. I get it you love Baker because you don't really realize that football is a team sport and Baker was in a great situation in Cleveland.
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