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  1. I hope the saints trade a 1st+ for him or at least something of value. He is not winning them anything.
  2. Doing stupid poo like this is why it will cost us so much to get a real QB prospect, it is past time to bite the bullet and get a real QB prospect and not these other teams trash.
  3. Who cares? They arent doing poo in the playoffs with Carr, sure they can win a poo division and get a one and done playoff berth thats about it. We need a real plan at QB, not Derek sorry ass Carr
  4. There are already reports of him having a poor work ethic and Rappaport is saying he will take his time recovering from the injury, the cardinals are pretty much fugged. That dude is about to lay back and play video games and get paid.
  5. Carr is Baker 2.0 He has looked anywhere from great to terribad for the raiders. He was loaded on offense and put up middling numbers, im fairly certain he would suck here. I would bet something like 19 TDs 12 ints.
  6. Stroud can actually pass the ball, Fields is a glorified RB.
  7. Dont worry we have Burns and we are going to pay him more $ for less production! Oh wait thats a bad thing......carry on..
  8. Won some meaningless games against teams with bad run D. Folded when it mattered, he brought back the Panther way!
  9. They have an all world QB. We could also have an outstanding D if our O could be average or better instead of bottom of the league. We dont need to make things so hard on our D. It also doesnt mean because we have an offensive HC that our D has to suck.
  10. I guess now you are being a pedophile since what I said was racist....
  11. What good reason was there to keep Wilks? He was not the best choice or even the 2nd best choice. All he has now is I didnt get hired because im a black man bullshit which does apply in some cases, but not this one, not even a little bit.
  12. Im being racist? dude eat a dick, my wife is black, we have 4 kids.
  13. Lol wtg bro. Comparing a team that has been in the playoffs 5 out of 6 years to a team that has been once in 6 years. Wilks is ass, get over it.
  14. Thats the oldest excuse in the book.
  15. It seems like if you really wanted the guy you wouldn't add a E to his name for no reason.
  16. Should have a text bubble saying " I thought 6-6 was incredible coaching and I had the job in the bag before whitey swooped in"
  17. Maybe he can go back to being a DC for a 6-7 Missouri team... You would think such an amazing NFL HC could have a college team overachieving, not stuck on average.
  18. https://pantherswire.usatoday.com/2023/01/17/panthers-keep-dc-al-holcomb-steve-wilks-hc/ Wilks had no desire to improve his staff he was perfectly happy going 8-9,9-8 or worse until he got fired as long as he got his "fair shot"
  19. Rons ass should have been fired early on in his tenure here but he was held onto and destroyed our franchise QB, he is a poo HC.
  20. That should be Wilks in a clown suit, thats how he looks now with these idiotic comments from his lawyers. He lost the interviews fair and square and instead of congratulating Frank he throws a low-blow, kick rocks. Frank had a list of guys he is ready to interview for his staff, Wilks wanted to bring Holcomb back, its his own fault. That alone is enough to tell Wiks to kick rocks.
  21. Meanwhile Wilks will still be crying about the disadvantages he faced in the NFL because he is a black man instead of improving.
  22. Lol, you definitely have a weird definition of Wonderful . He handed the ball off 35-40 times a game, got blown out by the one true contender we had on our schedule, and poo the bed vs a terrible Tampa team. Nothing he did was wonderful, it was an average\below average job done by a guy with actual NFL coaching experience, not a guy holding up a DBO sign.
  23. Wilks is not a NFL HC, it has nothing to do with him being black, but thats what kept him in consideration. If Wilks was white he probably doesnt even get the 1st interview, for sure never gets a 2nd wanting to hold on to Holcomb as his DC.
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