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  1. I hate when people make intelligent, well thought out statements that contradict my thought process. How bout you shut up.
  2. He is literally the only space eating 1 tech available in this draft and we desperately need someone to compete with Shy Tuttle (who is undersized) for the position.
  3. I would have taken Sweat at 39. The fact that he could be available at 65 is fantastic. If he slides all the way to 101 and we don't take him, shame on us.
  4. Back when I used to do cognitive assessment for the NFL Concussion Settlement, I used to hear all kinds of fun juicy tidbits from former players. Not typically draft related, but largely about players who were impressing coaches/trainers in offsite personal training sessions, or about players not so productive extracurricular activities. The thing is, people who have access to this information typically are not spreading it around on social media. Respect and trust is a two-way street.
  5. You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.
  6. His cap hit is elevated because we have restructured him previously to utilize cap space and build our illustrious roster. We are currently doing the right thing. Need to eat those elevated cap hits while we are not in contention. I could see Moton being traded for draft capital next off-season, which would save the team about 5 million on the cap for 2025.
  7. Panthers DT Derrick Brown is signing a four-year, $96 million extension that includes $63.165 million guaranteed, per source. Deal negotiated by Brown’s agents Drew Rosenhaus, Jason Rosenhaus and Robert Bailey and Panthers execs Dan Morgan and Brandt Tillis. Drew Rosenhaus confirmed the deal.
  8. Right, not my study, and in no way does correlation = causation. I just know that the team this year has a higher number of unknown variables than is typical for most teams, which, while corollary data may suggest is a negative, I believe it creates room for optimism. Which was the entire point of my post that I feel was somewhat lost.
  9. 2021 2021 Carolina Panthers Draft Round Selection Player Position College 1 8 Jaycee Horn CB South Carolina 2 59 Terrace Marshall Jr. WR LSU 3 70 Brady Christensen OT BYU 83 Tommy Tremble TE Notre Dame 4 126 Chuba Hubbard RB Oklahoma State 5 158 Daviyon Nixon DT Iowa 166 Keith Taylor CB Washington 6 193 Deonte Brown OG Alabama 204 Shi Smith WR South Carolina 222 Thomas Fletcher LS Alabama 7 232 Phil Hoskins DT Kentucky 2022 022 Carolina Panthers Draft Round Selection Player Position College Notes 1 6 Ikem Ekwonu OT NC State 2 38 Traded to the New York Jets[A] 3 70 Traded to the Jacksonville Jaguars[B] 94 Matt Corral QB Ole Miss from Chiefs via Patriots[C] 4 111 Traded to the New York Jets[A] 120 Brandon Smith LB Penn State from Saints via Commanders[D] 137 Traded to the New England Patriots[C] from Rams via Texans[E] 5 144 Traded to the Washington Commanders[D] from Jaguars[B] 149 Traded to the Washington Commanders[D] 6 185 Traded to the Buffalo Bills[F] 189 Amaré Barno LB Virginia Tech from Commanders[D] 199 Cade Mays OG Tennessee from Raiders[G] 7 227 Traded to the Las Vegas Raiders[G] 242 Kalon Barnes CB Baylor from Patriots via Dolphins[H] 2023 2023 Carolina Panthers Draft Round Selection Player Position College Notes 1 1 Bryce Young QB Alabama From Chicago 9 Traded to the Chicago Bears[A] 2 39 Jonathan Mingo WR Ole Miss 61 Traded to the Chicago Bears[A] From San Francisco[B] 3 76 Traded to the New England Patriots[C] 80 D. J. Johnson OLB Oregon From Pittsburgh 4 114 Chandler Zavala G NC State 5 145 Jammie Robinson S Florida State 6 187 Traded to the New England Patriots[C] 7 226 Traded to the Jacksonville Jaguars[D] Looks pretty damn UGLY
  10. There tends to be a strong correlation between roster retention and success in the NFL. There are many reasons for this correlation. Teams with above average players tend to hold on to those players, and consistency and familiarity go a long way towards improved performance. Most research done on roster retention/turnover look at the entire 53 man roster. Higher rates of roster retention are around 80%, while the lowest rates are around 40%. The Carolina Panthers are on their way to having one of the highest roster turnover rates in the past 5 years. Following the draft, where the Panthers have 6 picks in the top 5 rounds, it is expected that the Panthers may have an overall roster retention percentage in the 30's. On Offense, the Panthers are looking at possible new starters at 3 of 5 offensive line positions (LG, C, and RG), and 2 of 3 starting WRs. Possible additions at TE or RB in the draft may increase this turnover. This does not even account for an entirely new offensive scheme installed by a new HC and Offensive Coordinator. On Defense, the Panthers are looking at a new starters at 3 of 4 Linebacker positions, a new DE, a new FS, and at minimum one new CB starter. Again, these numbers are likely to increase following the draft. The biggest takeaway from this, IMO is that history is not on the Panthers side for a successful 2024 campaign. Bare minimum 9 out of 22 starting players will be different from the 2023 squad. However, when you win 2 games in the season, sitting back and expecting different results from the same process is lunacy. With every new player and scheme there is an inherent risk or gamble. We have rolled the dice an extremely large number of times. If by chance, these gambles pay off, we will have a chance to compete. However, there is an extremely high variability rate in our chance for success, higher than most teams in the NFL, which is, at a bare minimum, a cause for optimism.
  11. Sanders will not be on the roster next year. There is an out built into his contract after the second year. Chuba is also playing on the last year of his rookie deal. Either way, RB is going to be a need next year. We might as well bring in depth while it isn't a must instead of shopping hungry next year
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