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  1. Less than Ramczyk. I was worried. Moton got 18 per year. Ryan Ramczyk signed a 5-year, $96 million contract extension. The deal comes with $60 million in guaranteed money with a $19.2 million yearly average
  2. S Jeremy Chinn (59.0) Yeah, ok. Sure.....
  3. How can you expect to do anything when the team is carrying 43 million in dead money. There are drawbacks to having the most dead money in the league.
  4. We don't have to trade draft capital. How about a player at a position where we have plenty of depth. Possibly drafting Terrace Marshall Jr. made Robby Anderson expendable. Lions could definitely use a WR. We could possibly even pick up draft picks with this trade and clear cap space in the process.
  5. Devil's advocate..... We are talking about the Lions after all.
  6. Smart teams trade superfluous talent on the final year of their contracts. It is how you build draft capital and manage the salary cap.
  7. When the Detroit Lions selected Penei Sewell right before the Panthers selection, a lot of us felt a little let down. He was a sure fire starting left tackle for years to come. The Lions already had a top 12 LT in Taylor Decker who remains with the team, so the pick almost didn't make sense at the time. It was announced that Sewell would be switching positions to play RT, a position the Lions already had a Oregon player in Tyrell Crosby, who performed admirably at Left Tackle when Decker was injured last year. He also played left tackle during his college career at Oregon. He is set to make 2.1 million this year on the final year of his contract. He could play opposite wherever the front office staff decides to move Moton. He is at least solid competition. For now, Crosby is slated to be the Lions 6th man on the O-line with position versatility to play either tackle or guard spot. However, he could very well be our answer at left or right tackle. The Lions stealing Sewell right before our pick, could possibly work out in our favor if we are able to make a decent trade offer.
  8. There really needs to be a viable alternative to College Football for individuals interested in playing in the NFL. Kids coming out of high school who wish to play football for a living shouldn't have to pretend to be attending a University in order to play the game. Not to mention, those individuals should be paid. If I were a decision maker in the NFL, I would be fully adopting a new league, siphoning money away from the NCAA into NFL pockets. The NCAA currently pulls in about $14 billion in annual revenue for college sports programs. While the NFL currently brings in about $12 billion.
  9. I love how the article states: "Even with the loss of Samuel, the Panthers have the pieces to be one of the better receiving units in the NFL once again." Then proceeds to rank us 20th.....
  10. With the new pay scales it just doesn’t make financial sense to resign players unless they are stars or close to it. Most players can be replaced with rookies and second year players. Anyone taken in the 4th round and on is a financial steal in comparison. The new NFL is about having stars and surrounding them with youth. You have to pay that star $10M a season, but can get away with almost league minimum for the guy next to him. Getting that second contract just isn’t as easy anymore. Every year the average length of an NFL career shrinks. The percentages of second contracts are shrinking dramatically. For example, a player drafted in the sixth round has less than 7% chance of seeing a second contract. That is only two to three players on average. So this isn't Panther specific, but more a knock on the NFL as a whole. A lot of the blame goes to the rookie pay scale and the GMs taking advantage of cheaper labor.
  11. I literally had to reset my password, so I could sign in from my work computer and pie this.
  12. Extending Moton would most likely free up cap space.
  13. Starting the season with the Jets, ending with the Texans.... Looks good so far.
  14. I would still love to see us bring in a veteran FS.
  15. I think the fact that our projected starting CB is suspended for the first two games of the season increases our chances by 1.
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