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  1. How can we build something if we have to trade away the next 3 drafts to get him?
  2. Honestly, given the cost, I'd rather roll the dice and draft whatever QB falls to us.
  3. While a lot is made of the Saints currently being 64 million over the cap, the Falcons are currently 11 million over the cap and only have 39 players on their roster....
  4. Hope the refs are happy. Half the country just turned the game off.
  5. Sure fire #1 draft pick at QB requires shoulder surgery? Is that the most Jaguars thing to happen so far this off-season?
  6. I am going to need you to provide more detailed instructions
  7. Wouldn't it be something to watch Watson come out every game and play horribly on purpose? Like just come out and take a knee or throw an obvious interception. What is to stop this from happening? You still have to pay the player if he shows up, correct?
  8. When does the NFL trade window open back up? I am assuming with the new league year?
  9. I said all along, he is due a 10 million dollar roster bonus 5 days into the league year. They will cut him. No need to get into a bidding war with the Lions.
  10. Stafford is due a 10 million dollar roster bonus on the 5th day of the league year. If teams were smart, they would know that he will be released before that day comes. No need to trade anything if you don't get into a bidding war.
  11. What scares me about Stafford isn't the broken back or shoulder injuries. It is the ligament damage in his throwing hand.
  12. 13 mil this year after removing signing and roster bonus. 20 mil next year. He 100% will be cut by the 5th day of the league year because he is due an additional 10 mil roster bonus.
  13. Broken back, shoulder injury, ligement damage to his throwing hand. The types of injuries he has sustained are limiting, especially for a qv of his age.
  14. Even after subtracting his signing and roster bonus, he is still due 13 mil this year and 20 mil next. Let's throw big wads of cash at an injury prone QB... Wait, where have I seen this before.....
  15. Hell no trading anything for Stafford would be rediculous. The Lions have already stated he isn't in their plans. At least wait for him to be released.
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