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  1. He’s definitely better as a SS but I still feel better having him back there. At least we know he won’t miss too many tackles
  2. Reminded me a lot darnolds time there: bad turnovers, being “tough”, flash plays with the game out of hand. Kid does have a cannon though
  3. I like how they keep showing highlights of Micah not making the play
  4. Well he had first hand experience starting late round rookies on defense last year and we all saw how that worked out, so I don’t really blame him
  5. The fletcher situation is hilarious, I love it
  6. Bills fans on Twitter really liked him. Led their team in special teams tackles and is huge. Said he was let go as a result of the numbers
  7. At least Santoso kicks the ball straight
  8. Itll be cheap cause they’re gonna probably cut him at the 53 man roster
  9. Paradis was more of the problem last night. I was getting flash backs to the Atlanta rain game last year. hopefully with proper game planning the o-line will be better
  10. Encouraged. But that “incomplete pass” cannot happen
  11. Smitty basically shitting on Joe Brady since the second play lol
  12. Anyone can look good with a Rodgers/Manning at qb. can you do it with a tannehill or Winston
  13. If he can’t put it together with this group then he ain’t got it.
  14. I guess robinsons making the 53 then. Personally I’m happy with that
  15. Play the starters in preseason they said
  16. Might’ve been preseason but the ravens were not what I would call vanilla with their schemes
  17. Also crying about one fullback on a boarderline meaningless play, just cause some guy on Twitter mentioned it, is insane.
  18. 17 game season bud. 3 preseason games in 12 days with two separate joint practices in the middle. They ran out of their base set at the goaline i think the health of the players is more important to the coaches than, “biggest home crowd in two years” also that goal sequence was all out of base, if anyone needed further proof about how much they didn’t give af about that drive.
  19. A lot of y’all do not want to hear this but Erving played well last night
  20. Grier was throwing dots and CJ last week with the seconds was erratic with his accuracy
  21. I gotta say, griers looked sharper than pj
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