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  1. Also a statistical outlier for him that year and tied for 2nd all time in a single season with like 12 other people Again the main reason for this post is to illustrate how it’s possible that a qb like baker can have success certainly more so than anything we’ve had around here for the last 7 years
  2. Bro I remember multiple game sealing interceptions from delhomme, hell I saw one in person at Miami
  3. Me too, I love bojangles
  4. Forget people needed everything spelled out for them here so good job you’re really good at reading comprehension
  5. I was trying to highlight how about team can have success without a perfect quarterback (delhomme) and how both qbs are very similar in moxy and physical talent, (baker has a bigger arm but smaller frame) so good job guys you really did something
  6. Who would you rather have throwing the football for your team
  7. Would literally rather draft a wide receiver
  8. He’s operating under the assumption that everyone can be coached some people just can’t, they’re too dumb, bad habits whatever
  9. Best case scenario is that mayfield is still available going into the draft. That would enable us to go bpa or trade back. If he’s gone we’re drafting Pickett. Also with the way this off-season is going league wide, I wouldn’t rule out us making a big move out of left field
  10. I was able to watch the whole thing, most of the intermediate and short throws were either behind the receiver, too low or too high. Without exaggerating for effect, the noticeable majority were off the money. I’m not sure who his qb coach was that was running the drill but it seemed far too casual and nowhere near locked in. Kind of childish and not sure I would trust it to lead an organization of grown men That’s just the impression I got
  11. The deep throws were amazing Besides that he was off on 8/10 of his passes. The whole thing felt way too loose and meritorious Trey Lance had a great deep ball at his pro day too
  12. Trade back, draft the best olineman available and Carson Strong
  13. Asked some people at work who they thought was a better quarterback, kapaernick or The Golden Calf of Bristol.. some of the responses were mind blowing i got a good laugh out of it
  14. Daniel Jones came back the next week and he was in a lot worse shape than sam
  15. Lol now you know how it’s been talking to you this entire time you’re special man, a special special special needs man
  16. Cooter was a choice cause it’s a funny word and it gets passed the censor i wouldn’t expect the winner of are you dumber than a 3rd grader to understand
  17. A lot better than you doubling down on the weak ass “moms basement” Not to mention this pathetic thread and your more pathetic account
  18. So you’re getting bested by a 3rd grader is what youre saying
  19. If by hot pockets you mean your moms cooter, then probably not
  20. Good one bub. You burns are as hot as your takes
  21. You live here, I’m just stopping by to tell you that you smell
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