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  1. But it was only his second start? If you would have put Zach Wilson in as our QB after halftime I doubt he would have finished with a passer rating of 5.8.
  2. People have been saying for years that Cam cant throw. But his rookie season I don't think anybody would have said he couldn't throw. It would have been nice to see how his career would have played out if he had been drafted by Andy Reid.
  3. Rivera and Hurney are imo the most to blame. They didn't leave Matt Rhule with a lot of talent, its hard to build a roster in two years. But Matt Rhule did hire Joe Brady who has proved that he wasn't ready for the job. And he keeps flubbing on QBs.
  4. I would give him at least one more with an improved oline and new offensive coordinator. But he will probably keep Brady and draft a safety.
  5. I'd rather resign Gilmore for 3 years than Donte.
  6. You are in straight denial. You know he isn't the same runner he was in 2011, 2015 or even 2018. If you give him some space then yeah he can get going once he builds up some steam.
  7. Might as well keep watching. St Louis would love to have the Panthers.
  8. Saying that it might not be a good idea to give him a lot of design runs because he has lost a lot of athleticism isn't hating.
  9. Cam looks like he has arthritis when he tries to leave the pocket and run.
  10. It was gonna be a bad season regardless but Teddy would have squeezed out the most wins. Fields or Jones would have been nice to have for the long haul.
  11. You cant have a passer rating of 5 and not have some of the blame being directed at you. The situation isn't perfect, but no QB's is.
  12. Giving up a second round pick for the worst starting QB in the league the prior 3 seasons was pretty dumb yeah. I don't blame him for wanting for wanting to move on from Teddy though. Justin Fields or Mac Jones would have been my choice.
  13. I think Teddy in year 2 of the system could have gotten this team to at least 7 or 8 wins. That would have technically been considered improvement.
  14. CMC needs to be a WR. He's not gonna stay healthy taking hits from DLines all game.
  15. He's guaranteed 18M next season and seems like a good guy in the locker room. He's a terrible starter but I don't see what would be wrong with having him as a back up. Especially when he is getting that money either way.
  16. Their was reports of his shoulder weakening before that game. He was limited in practice. When we were 6-2 he wasn't completing a lot of deep throws. He was taken out whenever the team would attempt a hail mary. His shoulder wasn't gonna last that whole season even if he didn't take the hit from Watt.
  17. He could still be the starter to open up next season if Cam doesn't finish up strong this year. Or if we draft a rookie QB and they get hurt then Darnold will most likely be next man up.
  18. People always bring up this hit but I don't think it was a big deal. The Chargers game in 2016 is when he seemingly permanently injured his shoulder. Their was talk before that Watt hit that his shoulder was weakening that season. He wasn't doing much in practice. As a Cam fan I feel bad that a freak injury right after his MVP season altered his career the way it has. If Patrick Mahomes or Justin Herbert suffered the same injury they wouldn't still be the same players.
  19. Personally I would keep Matt Rhule and just let Joe Brady go.
  20. The first Panthers game I watched was SB38, when I was five years old. I've watched every season since. Cam is my favorite player ever. His first five seasons were incredible. But he is clearly not that player anymore. Even when he had time to throw and the WR was open he would miss them. The second interception was worse than any I have ever saw from him. This team is devoid of enough talent to compete with the top teams. I think the college coaching staff is lost. We've lost 2022 draft picks. I would say to blow everything up, but this team has been bad for so long I think a lot of fans are starting not to care anymore.
  21. The bye couldn't have come at a more perfect time. I needed a break from watching the Panthers hoping for some miracle turn around.
  22. I just hope we can retain everybody on defense while we get ten new faces for our oline this offseason. Run it back next year. Maybe Sam Darnold in year 2 of the system and a vastly improved oline would make us contender status. Tom Brady may retire too.
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