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  1. I think tre lance has potential to be the best in this class
  2. Gentlemen is an elite drafter but there is more to that for a gm
  3. Loved gentleman during the draft , hated him in free agency
  4. If we’re going to trade for a mediocre qb atleast trade for minchew
  5. Op is being bold for saying Mac jones will win 7 Super Bowls lol
  6. No to Mac jones no one wants a fat lazy qb
  7. So sir , you are telling me you are happy that our best player got hurt?
  8. Just because you don’t like a player doesn’t mean we have to stop all posts on them . I hate Mac jones too and love Watson but to be fair there is just as many Watson threads as Mac jones
  9. They drafted love for a reason, they know Rodgers is done .why aint make them an offer they cannot refuse ? I’d give 5 first rounds and McCaffrey for him
  10. Daly


    My buddy from Cali fights for them shinigami
  11. Had GameStop at. 4 and sold at 17 I wanna cry
  12. I don’t really wear masks unless I’m asked to but I’ll wear the cheap one
  13. Bought on the 23 rd sold couple days ago for 4K
  14. One scrambling Qb and one passing , lance for risk and trask
  15. Minus Mac jones I like this post
  16. Dog , you see that mans body ? I’m a shine drinking duck hunter and I have a better body than him
  17. Only decent player was amari Rodgers and the nc running back other than that I never seen a bunch of scrubs .
  18. People want Grier to be over the fire and fried like a hog here but he was a rookie and put in a fire , he’s still an unknown
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