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  1. Not really big news, but thought I’d share among my fellow believers.
  2. Didn't catch much of the senior bowl but Werner is far from unathletic. He's an above average pass defender and moves well. He's not the type of linebacker who just gets caught looking at a play. Maybe just not his best day, it happens.
  3. Not so sure Shaq is actually leaving... But with that said, I wasn't very impressed with what i saw from Browning on tape. Now Pete Werner on the other hand, that dude is a STUD. Always near the ball. Go back and watch that OSU vs. Clemson game, he was everywhere.
  4. That dude gives me some serious Will Grier vibes. Looking strictly at college tape of course. Both have/had a gorgeous deep ball. They’re play styles look extremely similar to me. Could be wrong though.
  5. Credit that super bowl appearance to a stellar defense.
  6. My fear is that we swap QB’s and settle for Jimmy G.
  7. Not sure how reliable of a source this guy is, but this is the second time I’ve heard rumblings of the 49ers looking into Teddy. Huge if true! That means we will be the most attractive NFC team to land Deshaun! Would be huge for us.
  8. And the gap of about 10 months of no tweeting lol
  9. Grant does look good, but give me Jevon Holland. I want a BALLHAWK.
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