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  1. Please tell me Watt isn't playing either. He already ruined one Quarterback of mine.......................
  2. Just giving your take the treatment you gave mine lol. But in all honesty, I think Moton is more likely to play LT than Christensen.
  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/CQzcBG3Mm_b/?utm_medium=copy_link His mirroring is good for the most part, just gets grabby at the break. Also got turned the wrong direction on the fade. Although, 1v1’s never really favor the corner.
  4. There were more videos of him going against Raiders receiver Bryan Edwards that weren’t as promising. He’s young, still a lot to work on, but my hopes are high.
  5. Can he play LT? Great move.
  6. 1) Sewell 2) Pitts 3) Slater/Darrisaw 4) Fields 5) Horn
  7. That's a hard working man. He's gonna bring the hardware to CLT before it's all said and done.
  8. @tecc86 @ImaginaryKev go watch some film boys.... its very unimpressive. Jimmy Johnson also made a great point. Surtain is already coached up by his father and the best coaches available at Bama. There's not much more coaching can do for his abilities... and he is not better than Horn. Get off the "last name" bandwagon and let your eyes show you the way.
  10. I should have been more specific, i meant for current players already rostered. But yes, these rookies are going to get first dibs!
  11. Don’t see this being a thing until 2022.
  12. There are three tackles in this draft that we could desperately use. Sewell, Slater, and Darrisaw. I'd be open to trading down, but not far enough that we wouldn't be able to get one of these guys.
  13. I don’t let the “evaluators” let me think Rashawn can’t be a stud at LT. He has great feet, strength, and is a beast in the weight room. Just because he isn’t as big as Sewell or Darrisaw they automatically deem him a guard. If Sewell is gone, I wouldn’t be mad if we too Slater or Darrisaw. I think both have the potential to be that franchise LT we so desperately need.
  14. We have a thread about what position you don’t want to see drafted, but I want to know what player would have you triggered if they were picked at 8? And why. I’ll start. I DO NOT want us to fall in the Surtain trap. Yes his numbers reflect a first round pick, but I would not touch him in the first 15 picks. He has very pedestrian ball skills and really relies on making contact at the line of scrimmage to redirect opposing receivers. His top end speed is not impressive and if he is beat off the line, he is toast. I truly think he reaped the benefits of playing with a stellar defense. In my opinion he is the 3rd-4th best CB in this class, I just don’t see the hype when I watch his film. I would much rather have Jaycee Horn or Farley. I would be pretty disappointed if we used #8 overall on Surtain. Just my opinion. Let me hear yours.
  15. Surtain is held in high regards of of his name alone. His tape does not warrant a top 10 selection nor do i believe he is the top corner. I would take Horn or Farley before i took Surtain.
  16. I'd rather draft Khalil Herbert in the later rounds.
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